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TWA 800

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 06:48 PM

I found this whilst searching for some info for a thread to do with 9/11.

That link contains a link to a PDF document located here:

A simple ballistics analysis of hard data from multiple FAA radar sites shows that the explosion that brought down Flight 800 was a detonation that caused debris to eject from the area at speeds in excess of Mach 4. This debris traveled nearly perpendicular to the jetliner and slowed down quickly because of air resistance, but not before traveling half a mile south. TWA 800 was flying east from New York’s Kennedy Airport to Paris, France.

In August 2000, the National Transportation Safety Board reported that an electrical spark ignited fuel-air vapors in the jetliner’s central fuel tank and that the ensuing explosion in the tank caused the crash. The NTSB based their conclusion largely upon the work of two scientists they had commissioned to conduct analyses of recovered wing tank components using simulations and computer modeling.

This shows just what an investigative authority such as the NTSB can miss when investigators external to the NTSB are called in (a la the FBI with respect to 9/11).

Please see the links for more info.

EDIT to replace LiveLeak link with original source.

TWA 800 I think it was a freak accident, but for some reason they're covering it up. Was the thing that hit it a secret weapon they didn't want the existence of revealing, and the test just went horribly wrong, or was TWA 800 shot down?

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