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Scream 2 A Sigh....

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 04:03 PM

...put your arms around me,
i feel so scared tonight.
Let me rest my head upon your chest
so i can listen to your heart beating,
if only for a moment...


Devils are hearts on Angels wings.
Wings of fire,Wings of love.
Love screams as loud as hate
Hate breeds like cruelty.
Cruelty has a human heart
Hearts of Devils can break.
Break just like an Angels,
Angels are the biggest whores?
Whores of 7th Heaven?
Heaven can create a Hell
Hell is the burden of God.
God betrays all His creations
Creations kill God in revenge.
Revenge attacks on screaming wings
Wings of fire Wings of love.
Love is death to the heart
Hearts are Angels on Devils wings!

If my mind is broken,
And my heart is broken,
The only thing left is my soul.
And that doesn't even belong to me!


What a heart does feel
Is so intense vivid and real
It beats with soaring delight in the sweetest rites
That it returns the soul to celestial heights
However, its clenches of waving pain
Will stop breath in the depths of bitter sorrow
Until ones soul is empty and hollow
To live is to love but not without pain
For opposition is our teacher and hope for gain
In this mortal game called pleasure and pain
To hate is to die and live in vain
So live with love intense and real
Make the heart reach and want to feel.
The Creator of all and author of this plan
Wants us to become so much better then man
So fight and hold stead fast to His Word
And know that your prayers are always heard
though, pain and sorrow may be your lot
Trust in God,who will bring it to naught
Life is intense,vivid and real
All the things the heart does feel....


If this fallen angel
Could find someone to adore,
This fallen angel
Would fall no more.
But still this angel misses
What has been and gone.
So how the hell
Can this angel carry on....


You're the deep cut in my soul that never heals
And the reason i'm dying of a life left unfulfilled.
You're the whisper the wind breathes down my spine
And the tangled vines that make my veins intertwine.
You're the wide-open eyes that x-ray my demise
And the happiness that's been hidden by this halo of cries.
You're the discovery of my undiscovered secrets and regrets
And the array of beautiful memories that i could never forget.
You're the misleading bearer of my safety and the reason i go on
The only keeper of my heart, the only thing that keeps me strong....


I stutter
I shake
I close my eyes
I witness the pain
I scream
I hope

I pray
I hurt
I hit my knees
-forgive me-
I beg
I falter
And I dwell in sin again.

They will be done.
I can no longer hide
I can no longer run,
But i can fall!


Her words made me shiver.
I felt as if some invisible hand,
Cold as ice,was crushing my soul.
The look she gave was so unbearable to me.
But i tried to pull her to me
And wrap my arms around her anyway,
To show her that she wasn't alone.
But the moment my hand touched her arm
She turned away from me.
I watched her go without saying a word.
All i could think,
"She is always at her most beautiful
When walking away from me."


From to the earth to the grave
all though my life all i had i gave
one last request, one last thing to say
for my death do not cry for my soul do not pray
I'm going to a better place and i will see you soon
far beyond the stars and moon
i am soaring to my destiny
i spread my wings and I'm free
i heard the voice of God call out my name
and for you God will do the same
when nothing in your life seems right
remember me and look to the light
your guardian angel i will always be here
so don't worry you have nothing to fear
everything will be better tomorrow and on
i will always be with you and gone
we will meet in heaven this i promise you
there is only on thing you need to do
live life and love with all your heart
be yourself and do your part
listen to the words i speak my friend
you will be given a new beginning at the end
you just have to answer a simple question
do you believe in God?

Dante sits;
ready to see paradise,
but all he gets is hell.


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