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Race Riots in Springfield Illinois - Anniversary

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 01:14 PM
In recent threads I have seen many people make the case that riots, corruption, violence, and various other forms of social depravity are an “African American” or “minority” thing.

I was fascinated by this recent article because it documents riots that occurred 100 years ago this week that contain all the hallmarks of modern day race riots…spurred by a sense of injustice, marked by horrific violence, looting, burning etc.
BUT it was a mob of WHITE rioters taking out their rage on the BLACK minorities.

The parallels to the Rodney King Riots are stunning.

This seems to confirm my ideas that Rioting is a function of economic depression or a sense perceived injustice rather than an action resorted to only by a given ethnic group.

I’d be interested in opinions from some of the folk arguing the contrary and those who feel similiarly.

The Day Lincoln's Hometown Erupted In Racial Hate(excerpts)

century ago this week, the normally placid town of Springfield, Ill., the hometown of President Abraham Lincoln, erupted in a two-day spasm of racial violence and mayhem that still has the power to shock today.

a mob of white residents killed two black men, destroyed dozens of black-owned businesses and ran most of the city's black population out of town on Aug. 14, 1908.

As many as 1,000 people marched to the black business district and destroyed and looted virtually every black business downtown. The crowd moved to a nearby, very large, working-class and poor African-American neighborhood, where most blacks had either hidden themselves or left town.
The white mob "went from one end to the other looting homes, damaging homes and ultimately setting them on fire. By the time they were through, they'd displaced at least 40 families," Senechal de la Roche says. The state militia arrived and found the mob preparing to lynch a black barber.

On the second day of rioting, the rioters began targeting high-status African-Americans. The mob's first target was an 80-year-old retired cobbler and real estate dealer named William Donnegan. An excerpt from In Lincoln's Shadow describes the crowd's horrific actions:
The old man was dragged outside to the front yard and beaten with bricks torn up from the sidewalk. One rioter produced a razor and cut Donnegan's throat. Dragging the dying man to the street, the rioters tied a small cotton clothesline around his neck and tried to hoist him to the limb of a small maple tree in front of the school across the street. When the militia and police arrived, most of the crowd had already fled, and the authorities could do nothing but cut William Donnegan down and carry him off.

Full article….

posted on Sep, 21 2008 @ 01:40 PM
If you google "white rioters," a ton of examples will result.

Hence, based on that evidence, it appears that whites are more likely to riot if Obama wins than Blacks are if he loses.

John Lindsay
Lexington, KY

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