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WV UFO Images - July 4, 2008

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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 07:13 AM
Take it or leave it. Witness came to me to share materials. Long-time resident of Hancock County, WV.

All I can add is that a week or so after the incident a local Christian Church Group claimed that they released weather balloons as a deliberate hoax.

From the witness:

"---My name is XXXXX XXXXXX and I'm from a small town called Chester in Northern West Virginia. On the Fourth of July (2008) my town was having
it's usual festivities as we always do when out of nowhere three bright
red lights appeared in the sky. They appeared to be in a triangle
formation and moved together in a very slow, very creepy "floating"
motion. At my house more than thirty of my family members, anywhere
from age 5 to 83, all saw exactly what I saw. There was a concert in
town and the city was probably host to around ten-thousand people or
more, most of which saw the lights. I have attached three photos that
my aunt took from a different point in town, and I have two poor quality
videos on my cell phone that I can send once I figure out how to upload

When I saw the lights it was approximately 10:50pm. I filmed two
quick videos and took off in the direction of the lights. I eventually
lost sight of them but I have friends who were in different parts of the
town who claim two of the lights moved in very close as if they were
being sucked up into the sky, and the third followed. I originally
thought there was only one "craft" due to the steady formation but now
that I have seen many photos and talked to a lot of different
eye-witnesses I believe we saw three seperate "crafts."

No newspapers or stations have reported anything on these lights,
and I as well as many others are frustrated by this silence. We would
love to be able to shed light on this."


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posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 07:28 AM

Originally posted by djerwulfe
On the Fourth of July (2008) my town was having
it's usual festivities as we always do when out of nowhere three bright
red lights appeared in the sky.

Here is your answer!

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 08:00 AM
Duly noted. And indeed was my first thought, however the fact that none of the other witnesses described them as such, the fact that the Church group claimed to have released weather ballons and that the witness is, in my opinion, capable of distinguishing pyrotechnics from other all lead me to believe there may be something more involved.
Here's a pic from the same witness from Aug. 3, 2008. Same general vicinity.

Also, in my archives of first-hand witness accounts I've noticed some UFO sightings around the 4th of July that are hard to explain away as fireworks.

The first image is a witness sketch of a UFO seen over Younstown, Oh around 3 am on the 3rd of July, 1997. It was low and slow, then accelerated up and away at incredible speed.

The second image is an object observed in rural upstate NY on the 5th of July 2005 around 12 am. The object was static and without a halo. It "blinked" away suddenly.

Also, Hancock County, WV has a looooonnggg history of playing host to the anomalous. Weird place. Just ask a resident.

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