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Like many here, I feel I have a PHD in 911

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posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 02:35 PM
I have researched, I have dug, I have pondered ... the only thing that still puzzles me is WHY...? As near as I can tell, A international crime syndicate -- AKA The Carlyle Group overthrew America

and even if we all know the truth does that really equal Justice -- is there really such a thing as Justice for something like 911...?
and whats to stop the next asshole from pulling the same ole crap...!

We must get to the bottom of this septic tank no matter what it does for our repetation as a nation, no matter how close to a third world nation we become, we deserve what ever the rest of the world has in mind, they are watching, and wondering how long will this nightmare continue.
China, Japan, Russia are all aware and are making plans to deal with our newly discovered toys... anti armor beam weapon, Haarp ... I wonder what military response we are a people must endure because of these rogue criminals.

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