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another sovereign integral here...

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posted on Mar, 15 2004 @ 10:10 AM
Glad to see folks here becoming familiar with James of Lyricus/WingMaker origin...
This is the most impoortant thing we can do in this recognise our wholeness navigator...which will connect us to the GRAND PORTAL...
Greg Bradens new "God cell" discovery is also pointing to our wholeness navigator...stay tuned as Urantia shares more of her secrets with we learn who and why we are...
I also see familiar names and "footprints" here and I say.. hola...namaste...welcome..


posted on Mar, 15 2004 @ 10:25 AM
UUUUUUUUUUmmmmmmm.. I failed to understand what the haites you were talking about. But thanks for that interesting post. I will keep my eyes out for the opening of the Grand Porthole and Godcell. Appreciate you sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. I sure hope Urantia shares things we can all understand in the future. Peace

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posted on Mar, 15 2004 @ 11:04 AM
Urantia is a word used for earth and also a book claimed to have been dictated to someone that was channeling a spirit/ET. Just the method of acquiring this book makes it highly suspect and unreliable.

Lyricus is aligned with the Central Race, or WingMakers, and the great majority of its members are from the Central Race. Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines: the fields of genetics, neo-sciences, metaphysics, sensory data streams, psycho-coherence, cultural evolution, and the Sovereign Integral...Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or Tibetan monks of the Central Race

Dave since you mention WingMakers, are you a member of this other species/race? If so I have a few questions for you.


posted on Mar, 15 2004 @ 11:51 AM
hey dave. let me greet you to this forum.

I'm a veteran of 10 days, but welcome !


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posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 05:11 AM
wishing to give everyone the benefit of doubt I`d like to invite the original poster to expand on his original post before this thread is locked or moved.

posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 06:10 AM
I don't understand a single thing about this thread. We certainly need more clarification.


posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 10:34 AM

Originally posted by leftydave
* James of Lyricus/WingMaker origin
* wholeness navigator/ GRAND PORTAL


well I'm sort of going to dive in here, and I cannot speak for Dave, except I know Dave from a previous site where we know some of the terminology beforehand. but I am definitely not a missionary or anything. (I doubt if Dave is either but hey who knows) ...

well the terminology is complex. it's really only 3 years old at the most in its exposure to this Planet, which is when the original site first went up.

so this terminology, it really (IMO) is about stuff that the human race has to learn to sensitize itself to the galactic picture.

again, I'm trying to avoid all use of new age cliches here. I'm going to post the definition given for something called "OLIN technology" since the membership of this forum would probably find this the easiest to latch onto. (the more metaphysical philosophy has less of a 3D feel to it as this does) ...

OLIN Technology

Intelligent networks are able to operate from a single language with translation interfaces that enable global intercourse. This means language is no longer a barrier to communication.

Intelligent networks will introduce a meta-language that translates both real-time written and spoken applications. It will revolutionize the genetic mind's global construct, and facilitate the digitalization of your global economy.

There will be many within the Hierarchy, who will object vehemently to the notion of a global, digital economy, but we will tell you, it will happen regardless of the complaints and registered concerns.

Your most powerful banks, computer manufacturers, and software companies will merge to create this momentous technology, and the One Language Intelligent Network (OLIN) will become the standard operating system of all the worlds computer-based systems.

This will not occur until the year 2008, so it is some time before you will encounter this globalization of your economy, but all of the systems and architecture are already being designed and conceptualized in the minds of some of your brightest engineers and scientists.

We assure you, this is not something to be feared, but rather embraced, and not because of the economic values, but because of the way the OLIN technology will facilitate the development of a global culture.

As the OLIN technology evolves, it will increasingly become subject to individual control. In other words, individuals will become inextricably linked into the network's entertainment and educational applications, which will become globalized.

No longer will global media companies publish for a geographical market. They will produce content for a global audience and each individual will define what and how it desires to be entertained or educated.

The OLIN technology will 'know' the preferences and interests of every individual linked to its network, and by the year 2016, it will be more ubiquitous than telephones in the late 20th century.

Hence, the network will be controlled by individuals, and producers of content and services will be the 'slave' or reactionary force of the individual. Thus, the individual will need to define their entertainment and educational desires carefully, or the OLIN technology will deliver content that is undesirable.

We know this sounds obvious and trite, but it is profoundly different than the way entertainment and education are delivered in your world of the pre-OLIN technology.

The time capsules that the WingMakers have left behind will act as a template to those who operate outside of the limiting force of the genetic mind, and desire to create content for the OLIN technology even before it exists.

The time capsules will show how to do this and demonstrate how to create multi-dimensional content that carries its viewer-participant into new corridors of understanding and illumination.

This is how the genetic mind will fragment and become unable to exert a unified force upon the human instruments of terra-earth.

When it is in this condition it will yield to the transformation/mastership model of existence and form a synthesis with it. It will transform itself, and the genetic mind will become the leader of transformation for entities upon terra-earth instead of its barrier force.

(I've bolded some of the more key terms they use)

and check out some of this art, it's unreal.
this is just off the header pages. doesn't include what might be on the CD, etc.

this is multi dimensional stuff folks. go ahead, stay stuck in your linear 3D realm and watch the world speed by you as you shake your fist at it.
or ... look into this stuff which is multi dimensional.
the fact that it's challenging to the senses and intellect should not equate with the fact that it's met with fear ... that's the old response - & fear is wasteful energy.

well I'm doing a topic on it myself. anyway, it ties in with ATS pretty closely. why? ATS is about the emerging paradigm (post internet) which is totally different from anything known before it. to survive that new paradigm, the old pablum just ain't going to do it anymore. I mean, Billy Graham is 50's & 60's. this stuff is 21st century. & oh yes .... [/speech]

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posted on Mar, 16 2004 @ 11:28 AM
ok, I noticed something else after logging off.
what got me going at first re- this Tributary Zone was the book.

I printed it all off on paper, it came to around 135 pages in all, 78 if using both sides, that's the standard font size, go ahead, print it in 10 point and try and read it in starbucks but don't blame me, because Schultz like his lights too low for normal reading.

the book lists tons of gadgets that are like what's on the ATS main pages.

a brief list- Fruit of the Loom, JC Penney ... OH NO !!! not THAT kind of BRIEF.

ok ok.

EITS- Eye in the Sky, ther global satellite system.

PM- the personal mole that ACIO employees were required to carry.

ZEMI- the computer designed by the Corteum whose human operator is hard wired onto by means of a neural bolometer (do a google or dictionary-com)

well, I'm going over to the book right now to refresh the memory a little ....


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