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Anyone Analyse This?

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posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 06:13 AM
I woke up this morning with a weird dream, where some of my enemies of the past were my friends, and some of my current friends were my enemies. I was exposed for being something I'm not and I couldn't do anything about it.

Here's the dream with as much detail as I can remember. I jotted it down on awakening so I could analyse the deeper meaning:

I was sent to this place where you had to discuss strategies and goals and explain why you had done what you had done, kind of like counseling. I showed what I could do in a spiritual sense of the word, with deep meaning and understanding and sat down in the line of other people. Next up was this brain dead kind of 'beat 'um up' type lad, who started punching this punch bag, then he went down the line with a stick hitting people, getting out his frustration.

He came to me and struck towards me, but I was too fast for him and deflecting the shot, and again and again. He got frustrated, so I rose out of my chair and grabbed him by the face and said "You ain't got a chance mate, so don't even try." He left it from then and went down further down the line.

He kept trying to hit me after that, but I was too fast and span around him grabbing his two arms in a arm lock, putting pressure on his joints threatening to break his arms if he kept on. People looked over so I stopped straight away and sat down. Others in the group looked on at me probably thinking "who the hell is this guy!?" That one guy I had in the arm lock came back later in the session, stating that the woman who organised the 'get together' suggested he learnt martial arts off me. I accepted.

Later on I had one guy stuck in a chair, as I showed people how to control hooligans or thugs etc. A press photographer appeared at the window and took some shots of me in the dominating position over a young lad. I saw them and immediately stuck my middle finger up at the person. They were trying to expose me as a pedophile or somebody who was totally against the law in a general sense of the word. I explained to two girls that "I bet they use that photograph in tomorrows newspapers to expose me." They said "ahh ok, we shall wait and see." in an understanding and sincere way. The two girls were from my old school, one a complete brat...two people I would have never told important things like that too, ever. Yet they seemed really close to me and understood some grief and stress I was under.

Anyway we walked outside only for my senses to increase. Pete Jones a friend of mine, now an informant it would seem, came over to the large group I was in and passed around photographs which showed me in bathing shorts in a pool with young kids. I could hear the constant murmuring of people laughing and pointing at me, discussing it amongst their friends. I had no idea what the pictures were revealing so felt really isolated, whilst everyone had their own amusement out of it. I eventually grabbed the photos and scanned through. I was much younger, no facial hair at all, but looked much older than the kids surrounding me in the pool that's for sure. I then remembered it from a holiday I had a while back. Another way of trying to expose me as a person who liked to hang around kids. I was getting more and more annoyed as it seemed time was running out and I couldn't do anything to stop my life going down the drain.

Ben my cousin sat next to me, and I looked at him with anger and frustration, but not allowing others to see my distress. I explained that right now the anger flowing inside me was immense, and that I could go absolutely bonkers if I let it. He said that "yeah that was the old me, the person on the edge who could explode at any minute. Somebody who he hadn't seen in a long time." We kind of looked at each other for a while, wondering what to do.

Then I grabbed the photos and walked over to Peter who had passed them around. I grabbed him by the neck and launched him off his feet and onto the ground, on his back. He smiled in a Judas type of way. I said "That's it mate, you can forget it. We are damn and blasting over!" A police car rolled in front of me then, and as I stood up and walked off, helicopters flew over head and loads of police cars rolled into the open part of the town centre. Cops stepped out of the cars with guns, standing behind their car style. The loud speaker announced I stop. I had already stopped and had my arms in the air, my backpack drooping down my one arm. I felt a whack into the knee joint area from behind to make me fall to my knees, then a slight knock to the back of the head to make me fall to the floor completely. Then they began to come closer.

As I on the floor being handcuffed, David my best friend appeared in front of me, and I said "Tell my mum Dai, explain everything" He said "What?!" Then I slowly lip synced it to him and he understood, replying with a simple nod.

I awoke.

Honest I remembered it so vividly. I was trying to help people in that group, showing them better ways of understanding life and how to defend themselves in certain physical battle instances. Then my life was turned upside down with spies and people trying to expose me as a pedophile. I could see it all going down the drain. Some of my mates were enemies and some old brats from school about 8-10 years ago were my friends, or people I could confide with anyway.

The whole thing was weird.

I've already told mates who joked and said it means I have homosexual tendencies lol, but I can assure you I don't.

Any views?


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