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The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment

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posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 07:31 PM
Anyone ever read the book, "The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment," by Thaddeus Golas? I first read this book maybe 20 years ago and sort of forgot about it, but I stumbled upon it yesterday and it struck me as quite interesting.

A brief snippet on Golas's general ideas from Wikipedia:


"At the core of the book is this axiom: “We are equal beings, and the universe is our relations with each other.” However, behind the apparent casual language, Golas introduced powerful and complex ideas. Thaddeus Golas' work is original, and amounts to a sort of metaphysical String Theory.

His chief interest was in mapping the mechanisms of Space, Energy, and Mass, and how they relate to the human experience of consciousness, through a process of expansion to space, or contraction from space through energy into mass.

Thaddeus Golas equated Space with Consciousness:

"Basic entities are conscious space when expanded, unconscious mass when contracted, and alternating between these states as energy," he noted.

"Space is to Energy as Energy is to Mass" is the formula at the core of Golas' ideas. "Space pushes away Energy and Mass", he said. "Space Consciousness has no interest in controlling mass interactions".

He described the entire universe as composed of an infinite number of equal entities all equipped with a simple, binary choice of options - to expand or to contract. This simple mechanism, according to him, quickly builds into a very complex system, from subatomic particles all the way to what we can experience as "a being."

He described: "There are two states of being: expanded and contracted. (It might be more precise to say standing momentum outward, and standing momentum inward, but those are awkward phrases to repeat often.) An entity must be in one state or the other at any given instant. It may sustain either state at will. Expanding consciousness is not a process of expanding like a balloon, it is a process of PROLONGING your conscious state. You must be either conscious or unconscious in any given instant".

"Energy is the rapid alternation between space and mass", he explained, "the devil, the delinquent, the messenger who delivers only half the message, the marker of time." He coined the notion that: Space propels energy, and energy compels matter -- this process which is mostly described in studies of Electromagnetism and Gravity also relates, according to Golas, to the mechanism by which consciousness becomes entangled in the physical realm.

Golas saw Enlightenment not as a benign form of therapy, but merely the way out of this reality."

Wikipedia entry on the book:

And here is a (copyrighted) online version of the entire book:

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 10:18 AM
I love it already
. Thanks for the link
. I will give it a read soon.

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