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Fermenting Rebellion

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posted on Mar, 15 2004 @ 02:38 AM
What actions, if any, would the United States government have to take to motivate you personally to risk your life in an attempt to overthrow said government?

In this thread I would like to receive opinions with regard to what I consider a fundamental aspect of American citizenship: namely that without an assumption of personal responsibility for the state of society, or put another way, without a non-negotiable point-of-no-return, a citizen is not fulfilling his or her obligation to the state. I am very interested in receiving as broad a range of opinions as possible, and to further this interest, would request that before replying to another personís post, you provide a set of personal circumstances yourself.

I intend to cross-link this thread with another thread about what tenets of American civilization would one rewrite if one had the opportunity, and encourage you to post any follow-ups of this nature here:

As for myself, I feel there are several critical freedoms that should be maintained at all costs, which if infringed, would certainly motivate me greatly in the direction of revolt. Among them are:

The right to possess foreign currency.
The right to communicate with citizens of another nation.
The right to access independent news services.
The right to keep and carry firearms.
The right to renounce and leave the United States.
The right to possess any form of printed or digital material, including obscenity and works of a potentially hazardous nature.

Only a partial list, but food for thought, nonetheless.

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