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Our dear president, happily married drunk warmonger

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posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 01:13 PM
Ok my perceptions of our drinkin in chief texan is this. Hes a self involved, capitalisticly greedy frat boy, who was indoctrinated early, and set on a course manipulated along the way. By others who likely had big plans. Now it doesnt seem problematic for gorgeous george to inflict pain on those he disagrees with, namely terrorists. Violent free radicals are insane generaly as exampled several times with religiously indoctrinated nutters and misguided on a singular goal because of again..misperception by them of the states true meaning. The state is the good people who get together and form a nation, i didnt say perfect..people. I said good generally. Meaning they would rather exchange commerce and good times rather than war over their insane personal lifestyle disagreements. If george is as many against him termed satan, then he knows how to win favor with me but if hes the devil..ill pass it off as attempt to deceive #100932.234.0343.

i want to see america in its true path of advancement and opportunity to learn something and do something cool with it, meaning that inside of me, ive had vivid nightmares and day dreams of wierd things, and it makes me see a possible future. Its not cool. In fact it sucks. And there are key people involved with a timeline progression intersecting with events and chosen potentials. all it takes is a bad decision by someone without temperance, and the world is at war. How sad a day this is that humanity, it cannot resolve to use better ways to attain the goal of peace, it first should learn to excersize that which it seeks. or claims to.

The US prison population, is the highest in centuries because of an unconstitutional policy of guised rasicm and classism. Part of the perceived 'dumbing down" of america. any president who does not offer to abolish this with a penstroke, is not worthy of my vote.

In the bible it states a day when prison doors will open and the innocent will go free, and the fathers re-united with the sons. Could it have forseen Americas deep emotional need to hurt themselves and eachother out of emotional despair for a yet unexplained equation of life and how to live it free.?

i have very basic respect for the prez, for his cavalierness in the face of total war and basicly a majority hating what hes doing. I would never side with him note you, Im just noting in a gestful tone, his cavalier attitude. Wait until Mash:Iran makes it on the WB tv channel, then youll know how tweeked out everything is.

duh nuh duh nuh, duh nuh nuh duh dah do doo do doo doo doo, da doo dado dadododo (original mash theme)

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posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 07:34 PM
Well you need to understand he is our CEO before he's our president.If you would like to see our country on it's true road to advancement have a look here and realise how hard it will be to get there with all the americans that think McCain or Obama are going to put us on that path.

posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 07:39 PM
He is a puppet. Or more accurately, a manifestation of the dark state of our collective consciousness as a nation and the grim forces that harvest its energy for their own collective needs. One may study him for clues, but never forget that to put too much emphasis on him is to put the cart before the horse.


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