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Ghosts and Magnets

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posted on Jan, 9 2003 @ 04:07 PM
Don't recall where I heard this, but was wondering if it could be true?

Magnets will deter Ghosts from haunting your home. Any thoughts on this?

posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 01:27 AM
Hmmm that is a good theory i will have to look that up... i dont know which one is correct... but i think water does the same thing... or attracts them... becuase water is considered the element of life so a ghost cannot go on water... like women who kill themselves by drowning in the ocean you see them walkin along the beach but they cant go in the water... but i think water attracts them... like if a underground stream is under your house or near it your house could be attracted to hauntings... somthing like that... please tell me if i am wrong or where to find out more... i will look to

posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 01:45 AM
No no you have it all wrong.

High amounts of magnetism is what causes "Ghost" sitings.

This is a very valid proof, since where haunts normally "haunt"
is in places that have a general field of magnetism, such as a castle (Granite apparently has a good effect on this) and places with heightened view of Magnetic fields.

So I figured then, if magnetism plays an important role THEN!!!!!!! Maybe ghosts aren't Spirits of the dead, but more like the "far plane" in FFX (I love that game
) and is more really just illusions.

The Earth is very magnetic you could say
not that you could stick iron to it but it is permiated with a magnetic field.

So if someone dies a very emotional death (Thus strenous giving off energy that sorta thing) and most ghosts do, if not all ghosts do.

Then maybe they in a way scar the earths magnetic field, like marking a VCR tape, and in effect, record the last moments of their life.

And some people, some more than others, are just more tuned in, and like a television, their senses in effect play back that recording, of this "ghost's last hours".

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posted on Jan, 10 2003 @ 03:21 PM

Oh no!!!!! I better take the magnets out of my daughters room!

Here's the story...........................
Three years ago my daughter and I took care of a little old lady. She was said to have Alzheimers Disease. I had my doubts to that diagnoses or atleast to the stage. The Son and his wife didn't want to deal with her. So daily we would go to their house and feed and bathe Nita ( the old lady). She was a sweet little thing and never showed hostilities towards us. One time Nita wanted to wear a baseball cap which matched her outfit. I didn't see a problem with that so I placed the blue cap on her head. Nita was so happy. However the Sons wife didn't want her to wear it and immediately snatched it off Nitas head. Saying " That looks Stupid and you don't need to wear it!" That was the first time I seen anger in Nita she wanted to slug the daughter-n-law. Nita started crying and finally the son said to his wife, " Let her have the cap back." The daugter-n-law seemed to hate Nita. My daughter and I even took care of Nita when they went on vacation for months at a time. Nita was an angel never complained and was extremely happy. She wasn't on any medications except for vitamins. I fixed meals I knew she liked and always made a special dessert for her. She gained weight which was good for her and never gave us a problem.
To make a long story short this continued for a couple of years. Nita was like a grandmother to us. I helped her with everything. There was even a time when I suggested that she come live with us. The son wouldn't think of it even though he knew his wife despised the old woman. The Daughter-n-law would constantly make remarks like " She probably won't live much longer huh?" I said, " Nita is in good health for her age and could very well live another 20 years." They kept saying she was in stage 4 of the disease. I figured if she even had it Nita would only be in stage 1.
Well there came the time when my daughter and I could no longer take care of Nita. We heard two months later Nita died of Pancreatitic cancer. I could NOT believe that. Because when I took care of her she never showed any signs of pain. She easily stepped into the tub for a shower. She continued to gain weight and never lost control of bladder or bowels. Her vital signs never showed and indication of this disease. My gut feeling was that the daughter-n-law did something to her. I have no proof. It wasn't like they paid us a whole lot either I got a $1.45 an hour day and night. If the daughter-n-law did something it was done out of plain hate for the old woman. Not because it cost them a whole lot. Besides they were well to do. They owned several homes through-out the U.S.
Well getting back to the subject I believe Nita is our ghost who comes to visit now and than. She doesn't bother me but it scares my daughter sometimes. Recently Nita appeared in my daughters room and when my daughter turned over......... There was Nita right side her bed. That startled her because Nita looked like a regular person. When I heard about the magnets I put some in my daughters room. Nita still comes but is more ghost like. So I figured the magnets are kinda making her go away.
I believe Nita is trying to tell us something but she doesn't talk or can't. She's not smiling like she always did but looking of thought. An autopsy was never done on her and they (the son and daughter-n-law) immediately had her cremated. Even before we found out about her death. Like I said I have no proof and only hope if they did something to Nita that they will pay for it in time.

posted on Jan, 11 2003 @ 02:04 PM
i have heard of that thoery b4... FM

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