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Important Message: Alien Visitation Coming!

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posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 05:52 PM
Here's my thoughts... V2K? That's "voice to skull" for those who may not know and is a technology that allows someone to speak directly into someone's head. If this was used, as part of Project Blue Book perhaps, and then holographic projection was used... Well, gee. There we would be.

So I can hope this message is real, but I have great distrust for the simple reason that I can see how some could be unwittingly used to make the world believe this story - and then further manipulate them...oh, by saying the "aliens" say we should give up our land and move to FEMA prison camps... Or who knows.

And the poor folk who are being beamed with V2K are told they are receiving a "channeling," and to go out there and post around! So, in good faith, they do.

I mean, this is a very possible scenario.

I am, needless to say, VERY wary of the message.

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 06:01 PM
OP - Thanks for posting your information. There will be many people on here that will be disrespectful and biased. Dont allow that to upset you. There are many that read your message with an open mind and are looking forward to that date to see what will happen. I dont see why so many people are against the GLF idea, its not a cult. People need to do more research before spewing their ignorance. ATS is not what it was years ago...

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 06:24 PM
reply to post by FAMILY_OF_LIGHT

I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. I don't think any ship will show up. I think this is a publicity stunt to get your name out in the public. I think you have a good chance at succeeding in that respect. However, I think you'll be severely disappointed in the response you get.

The GFL has made many claims. Yet, no proof exists for any of them. You are asking rational people to have faith in something that hasn't even earned the right to have faith in. Whether you like it or not, we live in a world which requires proof. Most of the people on this site, if not all, are fringe thinkers. We believe in the fantastic and the extraordinary. We believe in extraterrestrials, but we don't blindly believe every single UFO/Alien story. For example, some people believe Billy Meier; however, some don't. Some believe in Roswell, some don't. Some believe we warned off the moon, some don't. Just because the majority of us are conspiracy theorists, it doesn't mean we're irrational. In fact, a lot of us are some of the most rational people you'll ever come across. If you thought that we were going to blindly accept what you and the GFL say as absolute truth, then you made a serious error in judgment. We, too, require proof. You and the GFL have offered absolutely nothing. All you have given us is your word. And the word of someone who belongs to a fringe cult isn't really credible. To blindly accept what you call the truth would be irrational.

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 06:40 PM
I just watched a video by alex collier.. who im sure is part of this galactic light federation... he has a lot of balls coming out with another tape.. after the ones he put out back in the 90s claiming that california and new york, were gonna be wiped off the map.. aliens were gonna land and make themselves known to everyone.. reincarnation was going to be proven to be a fact.. gravitational free energy was going to be in full use.. and lots more.. all by the year 2000,, all of his predictions were nonsense.. but in 1996... he was so positive these things were gonna happen.. the aliens told him so..

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 07:20 PM
dont ya just love it when someone creates a thread then completely abandons it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this only helps your case further i suppose

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 07:25 PM
Hey Scott, I was not in any way disrespectful to the op, so why does he post and abandon??? Possibly not the best candidate for the GLF to pick if wanting to get the message out there eh?? If i thought the op was genuine i would be up for learning more,

fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!!

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 08:17 PM
I am not being disrespectful and biased. In addition, our family has had many sightings since childhood and some alarming signs that point to more. We just arrived back from a month visiting relatives yesterday, the last day in my childhood town, were the stars were wonderful at my grandmother's lake front property. All our stuff was packed, she had just fell asleep and we had another sighting. It was soundless and flew slowly overhead until it disappeared behind a dark cloud and never exited. My younger kids moved the telescope without permission and it had to be put back together in the morning; my older son who has 20 20 vision said that he thought it was almost diamond shaped under the slow pulsing red light.
It could be our own secret technology, but my 6 year old wouldn't sleep next to the window and told me he thought he would be taken in the night. He thought they were following us. It took me a while to convince him he was safe.
If there are some really advanced people, who are spiritually advanced as well, and who care for us and wish to help us, I would be overjoyed. The message that was on the net earlier, "do you wish we should show up?" I shouted yes right away. But you need to watch some of the videos about the Galactic Federation, because some are lovely,and some bring in more complicated things, and I don't know where its coming from. Its a big complicated mess of stuff and some of it seems reptilian or even luciferean.
If they come, no matter who's in the ship, I'll be waving my greetings. Would be nice if something very positive comes out of this. Its not likely its even going to happen, but its not being disrespectful to acknowledge that or to remain cautiously optimistic. It was fun for the kids to have sightings in the spring of this year, but its suddenly to much for my little guy. He's getting scared.

posted on Aug, 9 2008 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by Scott
OP - Thanks for posting your information. There will be many people on here that will be disrespectful and biased. Dont allow that to upset you.

The OP opened accusing any possible naysayers as being ignorant just so he/she would not have to prove anything. Respect is earned and definently not owed to those who try manipulate people into blindly accepting bs.

[edit on 9-8-2008 by riley]

posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 01:02 PM
I never worry about shattering events that may or may not come in the future. Why? Because you can never know with 100% certainty when your moment is going to come. Each person is on a journey made up of life events. Is one of my events going to be witnessing a magical shifting upwards of dimensions or a massive invasion of dark forces from the stars? Will everyone be consumed in a holocaust and only I be saved by crawling into a refrigerator? I don't know. I don't feel like I have control over something like that. I'll tell you what I have control over: My actions and my life RIGHT NOW.

If you live your life and do your best - nothing less than your very best - to overcome the obstacles in your path, to heal past hurts, and to learn the lessons that help you break out of destructive cycles, then no matter what comes your way, you will be able to look it right in the face.

If it is the end, you will be certain you lived well.
If it is the beginning, you will be certain you deserve the chance.

Usually, it is both of these things.

posted on Aug, 30 2008 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

Whilst you mean well...there is more homework to do, and listening within to follow up on....MS. Blossom and others followers of the Galactic Feds...are being SET UP for a BIG FALL!!!!!!!

The Galactic Federation of Light is not aligned with the helpful agenda and friendlies dear, do your homework, its the Galactic Council or Galactic Confederation that is...AND its very likely these ones will be helping the dark bros on the ground carry out a false flag event before the election...similar to 911...SO!...

Try going inside to discern, and you will learn.... the truth - Light and Dark only half half the blasting with white light without compassion is no different that the blasting of darkness - both do harm...its the balancing of both lite/dark at the level of heart that will shift people and their slave predicament on Earth!!! Oh that's right many don't realize their slaves yet...

NOTE: Looks like someone entitled the video wrong...see the movie title within movie...very truthful...Spot on! George Kavassilas tells it LIKE IT IS...Accept it or Not!
For pointers watch:

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 09:37 AM
I'm not big on channeled info but if this is true could someone please find and post something like 2 channeled messages sharing similarity and consistency and maybe correctness. That is, before I even decide to take even a grain of salt with it. I have read up on Gfl when studying or searching the net and it all doesn't seem right. Especially with not even any good references. Like Billy Meier, like one of the first to report seeing a pleiadean and it happened as late as 1979? just seems strange. Next is Peggy Kane, a really nutty person who thinks she hears messages through reversed tape recordings that sound like jibberish or screeching that turns into a full paragraph of info about reptilians, pleiadeans, gfl, and people on earth living in a different dimension.

Sorry, but this pleiadean stuff just gets silly to be honest.

posted on Aug, 31 2008 @ 09:41 AM

Originally posted by FAMILY_OF_LIGHT
I am extremely disappointed to see so much negativity on this website about the Galactic Federation of Light.

Thats because we apparently get a new galactic federation of light member every week, and everyones sick of this type of crap flooding ATS

If you have a problem with the negativity towards it then leave

posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 10:15 AM
In long established religions, their official representatives will bemoan the lack of belief in their faith amongst the general populace by encouraging the study and consideration of their teachings and convictions. This will not, however, be accompanied by a whining discourse about how important their messages are when their message is either ridiculed or ignored. Whether it is a priest, rabbi or imam, they invariably speak with eloquence and intimate knowledge of their faith and all its benefits. And they will speak with a confidence that can only come with a trust in the imperceptible that is built upon a solid foundation of centuries of heartfelt devotion and genuine research into the inherent need for humans to know where we are in the grand scale of things. They all do this without any solid proof of the existence of their deity or that deity’s messengers’ words. They, and their believers, have in their possession something quite unique; an unshakeable trust in the words of man, whether those words be said to be inspired or not.

There is little to distinguish the topic of the above statement with the subject matter of this thread.
Both speak of religion.

Like it or not, and anyway you look at it, the Galactic Federation of Light, and other extraterrestrial based creeds of the same ilk, are a growing religion. This can be defined by it having a devotional following, powerful iconographic imagery and personages, and whose leaders profess revealed awareness and contact with higher intelligences who exhibit superhuman abilities and a method for personal salvation from “the Dark Side”.

But, does _FAMILY_OF_LIGHT_ demonstrate these traits so ably utilized by his/her competitors? Nearly, but not quite, and this is my continuing problem with any channeling based orthodoxy. Sweeping statements such as this:

I will say this once and for all and I feel this is IMPORTANT for people to at least be aware of, I have been channeling messages for over 18years and have confirmed that indeed there will be a visit from the Galactic Federation of Light on October 14th of this year. One might ask how many channels with specific predictions and dates have I received that actually happened? My answer is 100% of everything I have ever channeled from GFL was fulfilled and I will bet the entire farm on this one.

absolutely need to have some kind of verification to accompany them, otherwise they are just letters.
Nothing more.

To have proof that you have successfully communicated alien messages that came true should be the subject of a thread in itself. I would like to read checkable corroborative descriptions of eighteen years worth of successful predictions, as it will be the first time I would have read of any “prophet” having such an unwavering hit rate. And I’ll bet the farm that I’m not alone.

If a conventional faith had such an accomplished sibyl, then surely by now they would have managed to sweep the world of all opposition as who would argue with such an absolute mastery of the future?

Why the ignorance of writing it (the October 14th prediction) off and dis-believing it so quickly without further investigation?
(My insert in bold type.)

Ignorance does not come into the equation with regard to any reader of this thread choosing to disbelieve. How exactly does anyone engage in “further investigation”? Is this meant as a spiritual investigation, or does it infer we read other confirmatory accounts situated on related, biased websites? An open, enquiring mind will not simply give in to the constant, insistent bombardment of how right a religion is just by reading its repetitive, unoriginal doctrine. (But, and unfortunately, many people will).
Most religions have a rich literary history through which their teachings have continued protracted campaigns of influence. The GFL and the Ashtar Command etc. just come across as bandwagon hopping, industrial producers of hippy-inspired peace, love and understanding, without introducing any innovative or novel theology. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the message at all, and I’ve said that many times, but we’ve heard it all before under various guises, and with innumerable threats of damnation and suffering thrown in if they weren’t adhered to. And still the world suffers.


posted on Sep, 5 2008 @ 10:16 AM

Strong, sophisticated, cerebral argument combined with a scholarly attitude to discourse that confronts the reader with a cohesive, rational approach to something that would otherwise be regarded as fantasy (and with all religions, we are dealing with the greatest mysteries) may well sow the seeds of interest in even the most rational of minds. Constantly using arresting words and emotive phraseology, such as “love”, “evil”, and “super galactic space ship”, simply does not, and will not, influence the majority. Our innate judgment, which has developed over millions of years of trial and error, has endowed us with an ability to deduce calm, rational reasoning from uncompromising, specious persuasion. Unfortunately, it is not always used.

The GFL, in using modern memetic iconography of UFOs and our quest for life in the universe as the backdrop for a religion, is simply playing on a need and being exploitative. It is very cynical, but clever, as most of their recruiting has already been done for them. And considering that UFOs (the genuine ones) are regularly seen and photographed (even historically) they have ready-made, and completely unverifiable, visual “testimony” of their beliefs. How many churches would love to have a catalogue of photographs of angels, etc?

So, will I be watching the news on October 14th? Of course. Will I be expecting a news flash? Maybe.
This is a wonderfully diverse planet and it is subject to repeated unexplainable happenings, those and the sporadic rise of messianic personages who all seem to carry with them individual burdens of truth, in all of its forms.
They can’t all be right.
But some might be.
If _FAMILY_OF_LIGHT_ is confirmed to be right on the date in question, then I will be genuinely apologetic, but not for the sake of what may happen to me because of my reluctance to accept his/her religion’s proclamation. I will do so simply because I am polite, and if proven wrong will gladly express regret.

I will, however, maintain a healthy skepticism of a species that insinuated itself into what can only be a small fraction of a planet’s population via a repetitive, hackneyed message, the use of poor communicators and cheap video effects on Youtube. Would it be too much to expect a superior genus to relay a vigorous, electrifying and wholly convincing, unifying epistle of salvation to all humans by means of an undeniable, totally convincing and world-wide method?

If October 14th happens, I hope the phrase that keeps going through my mind is just an annoying idiosyncrasy.

The phrase is “Trojan Horse”.

[edit on 5-9-2008 by Beamish]

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 08:59 PM
As a young child I was once told from a voice within that I would one day be piloting or commanding a huge ship or something like that. I remember telling this to my younger brother shortly after and drawing him a picture of the image that was in mind at the time. To me then it seemed the size of a planet it was so big. The shape of it looked like what I related to as a Big Mac hamburger and it had many polls or arm like things sticking out in a spoke like fashion. I wonder if there is such a ship out there. Next time you channel the GFL perhaps you could mention it.

When I was younger I was really on my way to seeing things for what they really were and always bickering the teachings of religion I was raised with. I always sensed there was some truth to it all but yet there was so much wrong and false with much conflict.

Later in life as a young adult I married started a family and got caught up in trying to make a living instead of living. I started to burn out and depressed losing sight of all that was right and good. I drank hard for 17 years. I lost most of that closeness with life that I had an missed it greatly. I was always deep within my heart but the shell that hardened over it would grow back over it as soon as I could crack it. It took a while for me to figure out the more I fought against it the stronger it became. I learned not to resist it with force but to except it and all things for what they are and change myself not the conditions around me and the conditions will soon follow. The way I thought and felt about things and resisting what I did not like would only add friction keeping things the way they were longer or even make them worse off by feeding the negative energy with more negative energy. I can say now that I have come a long way back and closer to my so called true self, closer than I have been in a very long time. I have been happier and more at peace than I have been in a very long time too.

I know there is something really big going on in the whole of life and some very big part of the whole picture is coming up soon and we are all part of it. It has the spirit of all things swirling around like a whirl wind. Consciousness is rising like the tide of the sea the energies of our plain are changing and drawing us up like the moon to the waters. Soon all will be as though it were inside out and upside down. This is why it is so hard to understand so much of it. The reflection or projection of this world will invert in a sense, all will turn inward into the projector and see the source of the projection and the light that makes it happen. Well that about the easiest way I can explain what I think is happening right now.

Beings from other worlds or dimensions. I believe anything is possible, I think I may have been visited a few times in the past. Though I can not be sure if they were not dreams. In any case there were some good and some not so good. Most were when I was a young boy and a few as a young man. I dont remember anything like it after I started drinking heavily. In fact it was one of my many excuses to drink at the time. I often suffered from bad cluster and migraine headaches and would sometimes think that alien visits in my sleep were the cause since no doctors could ever figure it out. Funny but true. Though it has been quite some time since I had a bad headache attach and I am grateful for that.

I have learned a lot in my days biggest thing I learned is there is always more I do not know or understand than I do know or understand. Some how I feel the new lesson will be to lean not to understand but just to know and know that you already do understand all there is to know...

Well thank you for your time and give the GFL my best wishes and highest regard. I welcome my brothers and sisters of peace and love. I sort of have been expecting a wakened visit with such good beings, perhaps soon I too may have a chat with them. Best wishes.

posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 09:09 PM
[A visitation to the world on October 14th?]

Ok I am going to be really fair here when I say to you that just like Christians (yes I am one ) say about every couple years that the Lord is comeing (and he is )on such and such day ....they have came and went ...sure it will happen but when is the question .

Same goes for the Federation of Light and Channelors and whoever ..says about every couple years ..We will see you on Sept 2 or Oct 14 or next year And still a no show .

You would think that if Alien beings were about as big as God (Can create beings like us ) that they would sure be able to keep a date when they say they are gonna ....
(yeah I know I stole that from some of you who have said that to Christians for years lol )

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 08:39 AM
I guess I have problems with the preparation strategy being used by the supposed alien visitors. Surely they'd choose a more credible method of announcing their forthcoming visit than "channelling" to a select few.

If this is their preferred method of preparation, then how the dickens do they propose overcoming the initial shock and awe of parking their 2000 km wide ass in the atmosphere and blocking out the UV rays? It's seems a tad incongruent with their desire to spread love and good will around.

How does it go again? Use a method of communicating their arrival that is so spiritually advanced that only a select few can receive the message. Hm - doesn't bode well for the rest of us. They've already established that the burden of understanding their communication is on the rest of us. Sounds like the strategy of a conqueror to me.

Get the receiving channel to spread the good news on a forum where the OP KNOWS that they have little credibility due to previous "errors in communication" and then bludgeon the world with their arrival in a fear inspiring and decidedly threatening display of aeronautics over different parts of the globe for a couple of days.

Hmm. A little more sophistication in both preparation and arrival, please ET.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 12:00 PM
A federation is a form of government. Any aliens which needs a form of government and does not operate on the philosophy of free will is either an obvious hoax, or you are purposely covering things up with good "image" over bad things. EG: Patriot Act.

Only a society which contains evil and such needs the control of a government to hold the society down. Even the founders of the US said that government was a necessary evil. While it may serve it's purpose here on earth, it is still an evil that needs to be kept in check.

And yet these beings also operate under this?

No thanks. I'm not anti-GFL. I'm anti people spreading ignorance. And when faced with logic the entire concept of the GFL doesn't hold up beyond a movie script. Because your concept just completely ignores philosophy and logic.

And I'm not closed minded. I do believe in life out there. I even believe they visit this planet from time to time and there are actual contacts. But if yours is an actual contact, you're being lied too.

[edit on 13-9-2008 by badmedia]

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by FAMILY_OF_LIGHT

Can we expect an apology for misleading us on October 15th if it does not happen?

posted on Nov, 4 2012 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by FAMILY_OF_LIGHT

I am sure you mean well but I have still not seen any evidence to support this GFL thing people keep going on about. I have read a lot of long winded threads explaining how it is real but offer no solid proof. Aliens are a hard to thing to prove in the first place. There are so many grainy videos out there showing UFO and aliens that after a while one tends to get to the point of say, `Come on! Just prove it outright already or give it up!`

It is good to discuss just about anything but at some point hard evidence must start to be collected and presented. None of that is coming from the GFL theory at all; and I doubt there ever will be any provided.

I mean, give us something. A clear photo, real government docs, contact message(which we can listen to), clear photo of a ship...something!

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