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Random Idea

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 07:53 PM
hey, I thought I would ask you guys an opinion since "myths" is such a dynamic topic and everyone is interested in it especially me I came up with a really cool idea.

I do a lot of writting and most of it falls into the lines of Movie Scripts
(mostly due to the fact im going into directing) I had a pretty awesome idea about incorporating the final fall of the roman empire and Dras Vladislaus Dragulia together.

the idea: A movie that deals with the first vampire "Dragulia" and the fall of the Roman Empire.

I wont post the details because the script is in the works and I intend on directing the film as my first debut. But I thought id throw something up here and see what some people thought about clashing the fall of the Roman empire and non modern first appearance vampires together in a time where war and violence reigned over the lands.

If it sounds like something that you would find interesting post it up im just curious... I know theres probably a thread for this and if I threw it in the wrong place my bad I was just kinda curious if anyone other than me saw potential in an idea like this.


posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 08:19 PM
So, you want to incorporate Dragulia into the fall of the Roman Empire? As in, he was a factor in their demise? I'm just making sure i got that correct, i really like the idea to be honest. Roman Empire is an incredibly fascinating subject to me, everything about it is intriguing and the whole Vampire subject is even more fascinating. I think it could turn into an INCREDIBLE movie.


posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 08:26 PM
thanks man;

Yeah my idea is that sometime in the begennings of the decay when rome was stretched to its limits, vampirism appears and dragulia who ends up being betrayed by rome the nation he served so loyally is murdered by his generals, as he lays dying he makes a pact with hell and pledges that if he be allowed to ordane justice on those who destroyed him his eternal soul would become theirs forever. Thus the begenings of the end occurs, with the roman army's stretched to their limits due to the invasions of the german hordes and the oppression of christianity and forced religion, disease and plauges rome is left defensless to the massive turned armies of romania who are under the flag of Dragulia and bent on the utter destruction of rome.

I forsee it as a very hard project to undertake but I am 65% done with the first revision of the script and I am anxious to see who would look forward to such a movie released.

but I appreciate the positive feedback.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 08:35 PM
The fall of the Roman Empire would make a great topic for a movie and in fact I'm shocked that it hasn't been done yet. Especially with all the interest in the possible decline of the American "empire," and all the comparisons with Rome and decadence out there.

Dracula...well, sure, why not? People love vampires and vampire movies and the topic seems to hold endless fascination. Ive noted that lots of women who are not so into other forms of action/violence in movies and novels nevertheless seem drawn to the idea of vampirism, for some reason...maybe something appeals to them on an erotic level; women have a very intimite connection with blood in terms of menstruation and so on...its a complex topic. And men like vampires too because men tend to like violence and action anyway.

Personally I am fascinated by the role of blood in mythology. Blood rites are very ancient and very universal. There are "blood mysteries" in many cultures, the whole idea of sacrifice, and also ancient man found menstruation very mysterious...males would conduct blood rites to connect with this mysterious feminine power that is connected with the act of life creation and the rhythms of the body...again, a very very complex topic with many facets.

The late Roman empire was saturated with "mystery cults" and maybe you could tie the idea of blood mysteries and vampirism in with this. And then there is the whole Christian angle...the "precious blood..." The more I think of it the more complex the whole thing becomes. I guess you have a lot to work with; you could spend a lifetime exploring all the facets of this stuff and barely scratch the surface.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by djtrpz

So presumably Dracula would be a barbarian anti-Roman leader, sort of a supernatural Arminius, that the far-flung legionnaires would encounter in some forested backwater to their dismay...if so there's a resonance between that idea and today's war against terror, making it topical, as have the politely cosmopolitan formal Romans, with their gods that are pluralistic and empty, meeting Dracula and his group, with a form of God (the actually supernatural vampiric powers complex) that is, oh-my-god, actually believed in, and actually works...with the parallel to American religious tolerance and emptiness and faux belief (you think Bill Clinton prays to anything much when he's photographed going to church? You think Obama "found Jesus" listening to Reverend Wright yipping about the crimes of white people? but I digress) versus the actually believed-in God of Osama and the Taliban and the suicide bombers, that almost seems to be based on a real god because they take it seriously enough to be motivated to act as if it were true, i.e. they show up...You could even put Osama's line in the mouths of the Dracula-group, "We love death the way you love life"...hee-hee-hee...

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by djtrpz

But now I realize I was ahistorical and stupid, because the Romans were Christians by the time the empire fell, and I was thinking of the earler pagan pre-Constantine period... oh, well, I was happy for a minute...

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