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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 02:48 AM
"What the fecking hell is that ???" Valerius leaned forward and looked at the cold grey creature lying on the table.
LadyCool walked around to the other side to get a better look.
"Looks like a grey" she said, staring into the black convex eyes.
"A what ?"
"A grey alien", LC explained, "They're supposed to be aliens anyway. They supposedly hang around places where UFO's have been seen".
KayEm pulled the cloth farther down. The creature had no discriminating marks. No hair, no finger nails and no genitalia.
"Poor bastard", muttered Valerius noting the latter.
"What's this ?"
KayEm leaned over the bulbous head, pointing towards what looked like a metal implant at the side of the creature's temple.
"Could be a new kind of body piercing", Pisky said, grinning.
KayEm stuck out her tongue at the pixy, showing her little green tongue ornament.
"I still can't believe you actually did that", Pisky said, shaking his head in amazement. "You can feck that idea. I had enough bits of metal stuck in me when I was in hospital back in two thousand. There's no way I'd volunteer have a spike stuck in my tongue !"
KayEm grinned, she'd heard that many times.
"I think its like a metal syringe", Sarah said, bending down and biting her lower lip. "like one of those things the docs used to use when they were taking bone marrow samples to give to people with leukemia".
Pisky moved closer. Reaching out, he touched the cold metal. With a grimace, he removed the implement which came free with a wet squelch.
"Ewwww !" Sarah said, moving away. "It's got green blood !"
Pisky lifted the syringe and lifted it up to get a better look. Green liquid shined wetly on the needle, and dripped onto the white tiled floor.
"What's this all about then ?" asked Valerius, fascinated with the find. "Were they giving it some kind of innoculation ?"
"No", Pisky said, squeezing the plunger and watching as more of the liquid dripped from the implement.
"They were taking stuff from it".
"Like what ?", asked LadyCool, desperately trying to keep Phoebe from licking up the drips of alien blood.
"Blood, brain matter ? ... feck knows" Pisky put the syringe on the side of the table while KayEm covered up the alien corpse.
"Wow. I just saw an alien", Sarah said incredulously as the enormity of what she had seen hit her. Of course no one outside this room would ever believe her, but that wasn't the point. Aliens existed and she had seen one.
Pisky took a deep breath. "We need to forget our grey friend", he said, "What we need to do is get Helena if she's here and then bugger off before the chups wake up", He looked down to where Phoebe was struggling to get away from LC. "Did you bring something of Helena's for the dog to track ?"
"There's a sandal in my bag", came the reply, "But I really don't know if Phoebe can ..."
A spine chilling shriek came from just outside the door, making LC lose her grip on the dog and Pisky to break wind. A chupacabra stood in the doorway hissing evilly, its tongue whipping out, fangs shining in the artificial light. Suddenly it leaped, heading away from the room and down the corridor.
"# !!!", KayEm exclaimed, spinning around and heading towards the door. The creatures claws scraped the tiled floor as it scampered along the corridor heading towards the cavern. It had almost made the safety of a ninety degree turn when KayEm fired her newly acquired weapon. With a cry of pain and dismay, the chupacabra blew apart like an overfilled balloon.
"Cool", said KayEm, hefting her rifle and returning to the room with a grin on her face.

Pisky smiled back, before returning to the point in hand. "OK, let the dog see the rabbit".
Sarah looked confused. "What rabbit ?"
Pisky shook his head, "It's a saying. Meaning lets get going".
"Oh" Sarah sighed. It was going to be a very long day.

LadyCool had just taken Helena's sandal from her bag when a slight creak caused all present to freeze.
Pisky pointed to the source and smoothly drew his pistol. KayEm sighted down the barrel of her rifle while LC grabbed hold of Phoebe. The door at the far corner of the room began to open.
Sarah walked slowly towards KayEm and drew her own pistol while Valerius slipped his gladius out of its scabbard. Slowly, inexorably, the door opened.
A rather dishevelled woman stood blocking the view to the outer room. Her hair had slipped from its clips and hung down to her shoulders. Her gown was torn and her stole was missing. Her left arm was gashed and blood had dripped down to her fingers, although the damage had been partly remedied by the application of a bandage. With a cry of recognition, Helena rushed forward and threw herself into Valerius' arms, while Pisky and his companions lowered their weapons and smiled.
"So we didn't need the dog after all", said Pisky. Phoebe sat on her haunches and glared.
Taking control, Helena detached herself from Valerius and strode rapidly to the door she had recently emerged from. Seeing that no one was following, she turned and, with a look of desperation, pointed inside. "In there ... please".

Pisky and Valerius moved to follow with KayEm taking up the rear. Helena swept through the doorway into a small utility room. Inside were boxes of equipment, an upended chair and small water bottle. Sitting against the far wall was a bloodstained figure. His torso was roughly bandaged with blood seeping through, while his right leg was badly mangled. His face was white with pain and shock, his dark cropped hair contrasting with the paleness of his skin.
"Can you help him ?", Helena begged, crouching beside his side and placing a hand on his undamaged arm.
"I'll see what I can do", KayEm answered, looking around for something that could be of use.
"What's your name ?", she asked the man, in an attempt to guage his level of consciousness.
"Augustus", Valerius spat. "Our old legate".
The man lifted his head and with a struggle managed to focus on the group.
"Valerius", he said, his voice straining to be heard.
"Bastard", muttered Valerius and stormed out of the room.
"Forgive me for asking", said the pixy, "But aren't you supposed to be dead ?"
Augustus nodded his head then closed his eyes as waves of nausea struck him.
"Nice bedside manner", snapped KayEm, glaring at the pixy as she began rummaging through a medicine drawer.
Turning to Helena, Augustus lifted his hand and touched her face. "I'm not going to make it", he said sadly. Helena closed her eyes as a heart wrenching sob tore itself from her throat. "It's ok", the legate said, "I suppose I deserve it after all that I've done". Helena grabbed his hand and held it tightly.
KayEm moved towards the stricken man, a hyperdermic in her hand. "Morphine", she said, injecting the painkiller directly into his veins. Augustus closed his eyes and sighed as his agony receeded.

"Before all this began", Augustus said, "I was a Catholic. Brought up in the faith of my father and his father before him". He held up his hand to stop any argument from Helena.
"I want to make my confession before I die".
Pisky righted the chair and handed it to KayEm before sitting cross-legged on the floor. "I'm not a priest", he said. "Our priest is back in ..."
"What religion do you follow ?"
"Pixianity", replied the pixy, "But I was brought up in the same faith as you"
"Do you judge people ?"
"Not usually"
"Then I will make my confession to you and hope for the best"
Augustus struggled to sit up, with Helena supporting him as he leaned towards the pixy.
"My name is Robert Gilbey", he began. "Cousin of Zara de Mornay of the Order of Azrael".
If he was expecting a response he was sorely disappointed as Pisky merely nodded.
"I won't bore you with my history too much", he continued, "Only as much as is needed in order that you understand". He winced slightly as pain pulsed through his mangled leg.
"I did all the standard stuff. Eton, Oxford, a stint in the Grenadiers". He took a deep breath and licked his lips. Pisky took a small bottle of 'Best Pixyland' from his backpack and offered it to him. Augustus drank deeply, coughing as the dry cider poured down his throat.
"After about five years, I was approached by ... well, it doesn't matter, he's dead now anyway ... He worked for Lord Carrington and was an acquaintance of my cousin"
A shiver went down the pixy's spine. He held up his hand for silence; "Carrington ? ... Kissinger's sidekick ?"
Augustus grinned. "I see you've done your homework"
Pisky nodded, the cogs of his mind whirring into action although he kept his eyes on the stricken legate.
Augustus continued; "I was recruited for some hush-hush business - this was about five years ago - You already know what the goal was. You're living in it. One World Government".
"Corporate takeover"
"You think that's all ?"
The pixy shook his head. "The corporations are just the middle of the pyramid", he said. "With the Illuminati at the top".
"And above them ?" Augustus smiled.
"Nine foot tall reptilian shapechangers ?" The pixy said sarcastically.
Augustus suddenly tensed up as a spasm of pain ripped through his body. He coughed, and a trickle of blood rolled down his chin. Helena wiped it off with her stole which had been cast aside earlier on and was lying on the floor.
"Enough", Augustus said, "I need to finish. Then maybe I can die with some measure of peace".

Pisky shifted his position, his back cracked and he muttered a curse. Augustus waited until the pixy was comfortable before continuing.
"I was recruited by 'E.N. Medical'", he explained, "Supposedly a Pharmaceutical Company supplying medicines to the Military. Of course it was a front. They ... we ... were actually involved with the creation of bio-weapons."
"E.N. Medical ?"
"Named after Enki and Ninhursag, the Annunaki gene-splicers from Sumerian legend".
"Am I to assume that E.N. Medical made the chups ?" Pisky was skeptical.
"Not originally", Augustus explained. "They have been around for years. We just ... upgraded them".
'Fecking marvellous" muttered the pixy, "Thanks so much doctor Frankenstein !"
"I wasn't in on the actual cloning", Augustus explained, "I was responsible for the tests".
Pisky closed his eyes. He suddenly knew exactly what Augustus was going to say. From the look on KayEm's face, the same had occurred to her at the same time.
'We needed to get a group of people isolated from the mainstream", the legate explained, "in order to test the 'abilities' of the C2 ... the 'Chupacabra Mk 2'. Butser was the perfect place. If we could get people living there before DNA666 was released, we would have a full contigent of healthy subjects ready and waiting".
Helena's face went white. She pulled away, a look of utter disbelief on her face. "You set us up ? ... you fooking well set us up !!!" She moved over to KayEm, who placed a hand on her shoulder to steady her as the enormity of what Augustus had done sank in. "I thought you loved me", she whispered. a tear rolling down her left cheek.
"I did ... I do", came the reply, "I didn't know you would be selected to go to Butser. I didn't expect to fall in love with you again. But when I saw you, I knew that I had to send you away. I never in a million years expected you to actually find anyone to help you. I thought you'd wander around for a while before coming back. At that time the tests would be finished, we would have both left here and gone to London, our futures secure".
KayEm glared at the wounded man; "So you sent Helena back and watched the first few tests ... correct ?"
"Yes", Augustus replied. "First just one at a time. A few children taken, maybe a woman. A man tilling the fields. Who knows. However, aware that the villagers would be terrified and even consider fleeing, I had previously sent out a man to discover the whereabouts of a particularly vexing group of mercenaries - ex squaddies who had taken to roaming the countryside not long after the plague hit - He 'suggested' that they join him and offered a considerable reward. They, of course, accepted it and became the Praetorians".
"And you pretended to be against the whole thing, letting Caligula think it was all his idea ?". KayEm shook her head, a look of pure disgust on her face.
"Exactly. And once Actaeonis and I faked my death, Gaius did exactly what I expected. He declared himself Emperor". Augustus chuckled to himself, then coughed. More blood leaked from his mouth but this time Helena didn't move to clean it away.
"Who was the poor bugger the chups ate instead of you then ?", the pixy asked.
"A medtech who got to close to his charges. Although it did save us having to hunt for a suitable look-alike"
The pixy stretched his aching back; "What was that all about ?"
"We were ready to run a multiple test - twenty C2's", Augustus explained. "Actaeonis and myself faked my death. I returned to the facility to oversee the proceedings and the day before the test was planned, Actaeonis was supposed to lead the Praetorians in a search for the murderous 'Beast' who had killed their beloved legate".
"So what went wrong ?", Pisky asked, intrigued. "They were all still there when we arrived".
"According to our pet Praetorian, Actaeonis was losing his nerve. A scout had seen you heading towards Butser the day before and Actaeonis held back, waiting for you to arrive. Later on he was seen talking to you. Your presence was already unexpected, although welcome in a way since it meant that our C2s could be tested against firearms earlier than expected". Augustus coughed. Blood trickled down his chin. He started to shiver. "However, Actaeonis couldn't be allowed to jeopardise the experiment and was removed from the equation".
"By framing Helena", the pixy muttered.
"That was an oversight", the legate explained, "Our man was supposed to use a weapon belong to one of you. Not Helena. He didn't expect Helena to be staying at the same roundhouse as yourselves. Obviously she didn't fancy spending the night as guest of the charming Caligula".
"So he just grabbed the nearest knife, killed Actaeonis, and then buggered off leaving Helena to take the rap".
"Unfortunately so, however once I realised what had happened I sent someone to 'kidnap' her and bring here here to me. Using the 'Multiple C2 test' as cover, he was able to perform his duties admirably. Helena was delivered to me. Unfortunately events overtook us, leaving us in this little predicament".

Augustus' voice was becoming more difficult to hear. His eyes had taken a yellowish tinge and his lips were turning blue. With her nurses training, KayEm knew that he didn't have much time left to him.
Sensing his impending demise, Augustus rallied, desperate to confess before it was too late.
"The original chupacabras are of extra-terrestrial origin". He waited to allow this revelation to sink it before continuing. "You saw the body in the medlab. In case you aren't aware, its a 'Grey'. This particular one was discovered during the Rendlesham incident. It was alive when found, but soon succumbed to its wounds and was brought here for examination". Augustus blinked his eyes in order to regain his focus, before reaching for the cider bottle and wetting his lips.
"We've known of the Greys for years. Since Roswell, in case you're interested. They have 'helped' us at times in return for certain 'services'. Augustus coughed. Blood trickled down his chin. He started to shiver. "The original chupacabras appeared in Puerto Rico and surrounding areas", he continued, his teeth starting to chatter, "The Grey species are aware of them but see them as nothing more than a domestic animal - similar to the way we view dogs. However certain members of the military saw them as something else. A possible bio-weapon. With the aid of the greys we were able to gene-splice various DNA strands with that of the chupacabra, giving us the C2. The next stage, C3 was to include the DNA of a grey alien in order to boost the intelligence".
"Why in fex name would anyone want to do that ?", asked Pisky, "They're bad enough as they are !"
"To make them more prone to mind control", came the reply. "In order to control a creature's mind, it needs a certain level of intelligence. The C3 was designed in such a way that it could be used as an extension of the controller's will. Originally we tried to splice the DNA of a human being, but it was rejected. Hence the need for 'Grey' DNA".
Pisky rubbed his face with his hands. "This is like a fecking horror film", he muttered.
"Exactly", Augustus replied. "There was one C3 created. Unfortunately something went wrong. Not only did it obtain a hitherto unknown level of intelligence, it also grew at a phenomonal rate. It became twice the size and twice the strength of an average chupacabra".
"Let me guess - It broke out, freed all its friends from where they were locked away in the cavern, and went on a rampage"
"Elementary, my dear Watson", came the sarcastic reply.
Pisky glowered. "I assume its too much to ask for this place to have a self destruct like the Nostromo and the Enterprise ?" he asked, equally sarcastically.
"Actually, it does"
"That's a surprise". It was too, and it showed in Pisky's face.
"There's a server system in the ops room. The ... auto destruct command is ... entered there causing shaped charges to explode in the ceiling of the chupacabra cavern. These in turn ... cause a complete ceiling collapse. Thousands of tons of rock. Nothing inside ...could possibly survive".
"Excellent !", said the pixy, leaping to his feet, "Where's the ops room".
"Destroyed. Nothing left. It was the first place the Uber-chupacabra went" August winced in pain.
Pisky ranted in Cornish for a solid two minutes before finally calming himself and sitting down once again. "So what the feck do we do ???"
Augustus coughed again. Much fainter this time. His eyes were clouding. He blinked to clear his vision but to no avail. "There's ... a ... manual ... release ...", he said, his voice almost inaudible, "in the cavern".
He shivered violently. Helena moved to comfort him in in his last moments. He smiled gratefully as she took him in her arms again.
"Go directly ... to ... the right. In the cavern ... Steps upwards ... room there with ... lever. Pull it ... escape hatch above ... two minute countdown".
Pisky leaned closer, a question on his lips. "Who is your agent in Butser ?", he asked.
Augustus spoke quietly. Had it not been for Pisky's sensitive hearing, the name would have been lost to the ether.
The legate looked at the pixy, an unanswered question in his face. Pisky sat for a while wracking his brains for the correct words of absolution. It had been so long since he had heard it. He closed his eyes and the face of Fingal appeared in his mind. Turning towards the dying man, Pisky leaned towards him. "Absolvo te a peccatis tuis" he said, "I absolve you of all your sins". Augustus nooded slightly. Relief on his face. He shivered. His breathing became laboured. He reached for Helena and touched the side of her face. Her hot tears splashed onto his hand.
"I'm sorry", he said.
And with a final shudder his soul fled.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:34 AM
Holy moly, this is getting to epic proportions. Just when you think you know where the Cornishman is going with this he hits you with a rigt jab and left upper-cut.

Superb stuff Piskmeister, roll on the next chapter.

I think I can speak for all of ATS when I say I'll be terribly annoyed if I see ANY other posts from you than this one from now on. No excuses!

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:46 AM
This is awesome !!!

Wow !!!!

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 04:05 AM
Great read and a very good writing Style you have
cant wait for a next one!


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 04:35 AM
Wow! You know, you're gonna end up getting me the sack. I'm supposed to be working right now, but here I am unable to tear myself away from your story. This chapter was great , good to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 08:55 AM
i don't know what else to say, Awesome writing! keep up the good work!!!!!

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by pantha
Wow! You know, you're gonna end up getting me the sack. I'm supposed to be working right now, but here I am unable to tear myself away from your story.

You're the manager. Just tell your boss that you're checking out new fashions ... based on the Ancient Roman style

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 05:16 AM
hey, you could have something there, I can tell them I've found a gap in the market. Perhaps we could get a few togas in!

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 03:56 PM
KayEm moved to comfort Helena who knelt beside Augustus with wracking sobs tearing through her body. Pisky took a surgical gown and covered the legate's face, picking up the half empty cider bottle and placing it in his cold hands. "I don't know where you are going", the pixy said, "but a drink is always welcome". He stood and muttered a prayer for the soul of Augustus who, in his dying moments had give them information which could well save the lives of many.
Walking over to the stricken Helena, he placed a hand on her shoulder, adding his own strength to that of KayEm. Helena looked up, took a deep breath to steel herself, and stood, smoothing her rumpled gown and tucking away errant strands of hair. Her face was white but had an expression of strength that neither the pixy nor his wife had ever seen there before.
"This place stinks of death", she said, regaining her earlier haughty demeanour. "And my people need to know what has been going on. If you're agreeable, I say we should leave now. Drop the roof on those vile things and get home !"
"I couldn't have said it better", agreed the pixy.
"Of course not", said Helena, and for the first time this day, a smile crossed her face.

As Helena left the utility room, Valerius went to greet her. "He's gone", was all she said, the pain in her eyes speaking more eloquently than any words. Valerius rubbed his eyes;. He felt tired and out of place.
"I'm sorry", he said. "I should have stayed with you".
"You were right about Augustus, you know", came the sad reply. "But even knowing what he did still doesn't take away the pain of losing him like that". She took a deep breath. "There'll be time for mourning later. Once we have done what we need to do". She lifted her head regally, "I'll go up and pull the lever".
"No you won't". KayEm was adamant. "You've lost too much blood. You're weak, tired and in shock".
"You have no ..."
"I understand your need to do this", interrupted KayEm, "I really do. But you just won't make it".
"I will ..." Helena flinched at a stab of pain through her arm.
KayEm was having no more argument. "I'll go", she said. "The rest of you get down the tunnel and out".
The pixy shook his head. "Feck that idea", he said. "you don't like heights. From what I remember of the layout and what Augustus told us, the escape hatch will bring you right through the rock and out on the clifftop. You won't like that at all".
KayEm shivered, remembering the time that she had refused to climb the Astoria Column in Oregon because it was so tall. That was before the corporate takeover. Still, the pixy was right. She couldn't bear heights.
Pisky shook his head. "I'll do it", he said. "Though I'll need someone at the door to make a distraction if any of the fecking things see what I'm up to".
KayEm grinned and hefted her purloined weapon. "That's sorted then".

Slowly and as quietly as possible the group left the cold room with its grey occupant and began to head towards the tunnel. Pisky considered looking for the main entrance, but since time was of the essence they decided to go back the way they had originally came in. Helena was flagging, and having to lean on Valerius for support. As they passed a particularly mangled corpse, Helena staggered and would have fallen had it not been for the legionary who picked her up and carried her along without breaking stride.
KayEm checked the damaged doorway leading to the tunnel. It seemed quiet but as they had learned, appearences were deceptive. Leading the way, she scanned the tunnel before waving the others to follow.
The tunnel was colder than she remembered it and a rancid stench of rotting meat met her sensitive nose. Pisky listened intently. "Something's up", he whispered, moving towards his wife and drawing his pistol. LadyCool and Sarah did the same. The hairs on Phoebe's back stuck up like porcupine quills and a low growl came from the dog's throat. LadyCool picked her up and held her muzzle closed.
As quickly as possible, KayEm lead them farther down the tunnel towards safety. The problem being that in order to reach safety, they had to pass the chupacabra cavern. Not only that, Pisky had to actually enter the cavern, reach the manual destruct and activate it before escaping himself.
And now it looked as if the chupacabra were waking.

As they reached the torn open doorway to the cavern, KayEm held up her hand. After listening carefully, she ushered LadyCool and Sarah past the opening. They were followed by Valerius who carried a now sleeping Helena. "Go on !", whispered KayEm as she noticed LC and Sarah waiting at the other side of the doorway. Needing no more bidding, the pair turned and started away.
KayEm looked over at the pixy who was checking his pistol. Her eyes shone like beautiful tiger-eye gemstones and her long red hair made her look more like a Celtic goddess than a human being.
Pisky looked into her eyes and grinned. Taking a deep breath, he put his pistol back into its holster swiftly lest his wife notice that his hands were shaking. Even pixies aren't immune to fear.
"You know what to do", said KayEm, lifting her weapon and checking the rounds left.
Pisky nodded his head, leaned and kissed his wife and with a pixyish grin, stepped over the damaged dooway and into the cavern.

It was cold. It reeked like an abbatoir and whatever he was treading on felt wet and slimy. Keeping himself close to the right hand wall, the pixy crept carefully along, all his senses on alert. Outside, KayEm stood, the barrel of her rifle aimed into the darkness, ready to give any aid she could to her husband. Strange snuffling noises came from Pisky's left. He stood stock still. The noises ceased.
The height of the cavern made each step he made, each wet squelch , sound like the crash of waves on a rocky shore. More noises came from deep inside the tomb like cavern. The chups were waking and Pisky needed to hurry if he wanted any chance of success. In the faint light of his torch he could see what looked like a metal ladder leading into the darkness above. Sighing in relief, he picked up the pace. Within a few seconds he had reached the ladder. Within a few more, he was about fifteen feet up in the air, heading to what he hoped was the room containing the emergency destruct device.
A terrifying screech shook the air, Pisky yelled abuse as he almost lost his grip. Looking down, he saw a chupacabra emerge from the darkness, the creature hissing maniacally as it began scrambling up the ladder towards him. "Feck this !!!", the pixy muttered as, hanging from one hand, he reached down and unholstered his pistol.
He fired, but his position on the ladder meant that his aim was wild and missed the target by inches. Muttering abuse, he locked his arm around one of the rungs and fired again. Once again he missed. The chupacabra leaped upwards and lashed out, catching the pistol and tearing it from the pixy's grip.
"Bastard !!!!", Pisky ranted, kicking out at the creature with his feet as he reached for his Pictish Sword.
The chupacabra lunged. Using his sword like a dagger, Pisky rammed the shining metal through its screaming maw of a mouth and into its brain. The chupacabra gurgled once and fell, taking the pixy's sword with it, still embedded in its head. Ranting foully, Pisky began once again to climb. It wouldn't be long before more chupacabras came and he was now weaponless.
He shouldn't have been so concerned. With a warrior yell KayEm started blasting through the doorway. Explosive concussions shook the air mixed with the screams of chupacabras caught in the fire of KayEm's weapon. More and more explosions, more and more screams. And higher and higher the pixy climbed until he could climb no more. A metal trapdoor blocked further advance; It was similar to those seen in submarines with a circular locking mechanism and fortunately was well maintained. Pisky had no problems opening the trap door, clambering into the small space beyond and recognising the self destruct equipment.
Closing the door to ensure he was not distracted during his mission by nosy chupacabras, the pixy looked around the room. Directly across from the entrance was a small console with a lever protruding from the right hand side. Next to the console another metal ladder led to yet another trapdoor. Pisky crossed the floor, climbed up the ladder and checked the exit. It, too, was well maintained and the wheel spun easily. Satisfied, the pixy went to the console, removed the safety clip and, with a quick Cornish prayer, pulled the lever.
A countdown began on the console. 2:00 ... 1:59 ... 1:58 ... 1:57 ...
Pisky clambered up the ladder and opened the trapdoor. Beyond that was another metal ladder leading upwards, lit by small green lights that could be seen at intervals of about three feet.
Cursing, the pixy rushed up the ladder, the sound of his feet echoing around the chimney-like space.
1:10 ... 1:09 ... 1:08 ...
Up and up the pixy climbed. Higher and higher.
0:45 ... 0:44 ... 0:43 ...
Pisky was tiring. Not much more to go though. Maybe he should have let KayEm do this after all he muttered with a pixyish grin.
0:10 ... 0:09 ... 0:08 ...
He saw it. Another trapdoor. Hopefully the last one. With an effort, the pixy clambered ever higher.
0:03 ... 0:02 ... 0:01 ... 0:00
And in the chupacabra cavern, the ceiling fell in.

KayEm heard the shaped charges blow. With a final burst of gunfire, she moved from the doorway and began running down the tunnel towards the exit. A massive rumble shook the walls as thousands of tons of rock fell from the ceiling of the cavern, throwing dust into the air to rush down the tunnel. With a shriek, KayEm was struck in the back by something hard and thrown to the floor. The walls and floor shook as in an earthquake. There was dust everywhere, it was almost impossible to see and breathing was difficult. "Just as well I gave up smoking !", she said as she struggled to her feet and picked up her weapon. Taking a handkerchief from her pocket she tied it around her mouth and began trudging back towards the cave entrance.

Valerius sat atop his horse with Helena resting in his arms. Sarah was muttering abuse as she scraped a disgusting looking dog turd from her boot, courtesy of Phoebe who was looking quite pleased with herself. LadyCool stood beside her horse, checking the harness in preparation for the off.
A rumble came from the cave and dust rushed out, colouring the area grey. LadyCool's horse reared in fear as something dark leaped through the dust cloud, landing beside the stricken creature. Neighing in fear the horse lashed out, almost hitting LC who only managed to avoid injury by leaning backwards, tripping over a tree root in the process. With his eyes rolling in fear, the horse snapped the reins that had been keeping him fastened to a tree branch, and galloped away into the woodland.
The attacker was a chupacabra. Twice the size and twice the intelligence. Its eyes were jet black and soulless. Long sharp fangs glistened in the light of the setting sun. Its claws were strong enough to rip steel like paper. It was the C3, the Uber-Chupacabra. And it was heading straight towards LadyCool.

Sarah and Valerius were having their own problems. Their horses, although not as close as their equine companion was to the chupabacra, were nevertheless petrified. They bucked and neighed in desperation, doing all they could to get as far as possible from this unnatural creature.
"oh shiet !", LadyCool said as she pulled herself upright, fumbling for her pistol, her hands shaking in a mixture of fear and desperation. The creature shrieked, the sound sending shivers down the spines of all who heard it. A black shape flew from the undergrowth and slammed into the monster, giving LadyCool time to run. Phoebe snapped at the chupacabra, her fangs locking around the skin of its neck as the terrier clung grimly on. Breathing rapidly, LC began scrambling up the rock face of the escarpment. Half way up, she turned to see the valiant hound still hanging on to the enraged chupacabra. "Phoebe !!!", she shouted, "Run !!!".
Seeing her mistress relatively safe, the dog released her grip and bounded away, hoping to lead the creature away. The chupacabra hissed at the fleeing hound, took a few steps in the direction Phoebe had ran, then decided that it would rather pursue the visible target, that being LadyCool.
"#tonastick !!!", LC muttered as she watched the creature start towards the bottom of the escarpment. Looking upwards she noticed a single tree at the edge of the cliff about seventy or so feet above, but apart from that, nothing. No rocks to push down on the chupacabra, no white knights ready to battle the fearsome dragon for the fair maiden. "Bugger all", she muttered, then started climbing again.

A very dusty looking pixy dragged his aching bones out of a long, chimney-like shaft leading deep underground. Kicking the trapdoor shut, he lay on the soft grass breathing heavily and cursing in his native tongue. A hideous shriek made him sit up, reaching for his pistol. Not there. Neither was his sword. Both buried under thousands of tons of rock. "Fecking hell !", he muttered. "Now what ?"
Walking carefully to the edge of the cliff, the pixy looked down. "Oh Bollocks !!!", he spat as he saw LadyCool clambering desperately up the rocks, followed by the largest chupacabra he had ever seen. The pixy looked around. Nothing. Not rocks, no weapons. Just a lone tree on the edge of the cliff. No way to push that over onto the creature. But maybe ...
Pisky ran to the tree. Its springy branches were just what he needed. No time to cut one off and make a spear, but maybe the tree itself could help. Looking down, he watched as LadyCool climbed higher, followed by the unnatrual creature that sought her life. LC was straining, her breath coming in sobs as she forced herself upwards.
Her hands reached grass. She pulled herself up. The chupacabra was close. Too close.
She looked up. Her mouth opened in an 'O' of surprise. Pisky stood before her, leaning against a tree branch, desperately trying to keep it from springing back to its rightful place.
"Drop !!!" yelled Pisky as the chupacabra heaved itself into view. LadyCool did so just in time to see Pisky release his grip, the branch springing back to slam into the chest of the creature as it did so. The chupacabra shrieked in shock and frustration as the branch catapulted it into space. It scrambled at the air, trying to grab hold, but to no avail. Gravity took the unnatural creature and cast it to the earth.
Leaning over the cliff edge, Pisky and LC watched as the creature plummetted to the ground. It lay there for a while, its arms flailing, its shattered body leaking vile black nutrients into the earth until with a groan it gave up the ghost and lay unmoving.

Just as the pair had reached the safety of solid ground once again, a dust covered KayEm staggered out of the cave, coughing and retching. Seeing the pixy, she grinned and handed him her rifle while she upended her saddlebag, removed a bottle of water and poured the lot over her head. "Grey hair just doesn't suit me", she said with a smile, before leading the way back to Butser.

The Next Morning

Caligula sat on his newly made throne and looked around the room. Roman Law demanded a trial, and the Emperor was duty bound to preside. On his left facing him, Helena sat on a couch accompanied by LadyCool. The advocate was dressed as before, in pink, but instead of a little pink hat, she sported a barristers's wig on top of her blonde locks. On Caligula's right sat Tiberius Simplex. Couches were scattered around the room, occupied by various people ranging from Pisky and Kayem to the child Gaia, all required to attend according to the law.

Caligula held up his hand for silence. He scanned the room for any evidence of the dog or the kitten. Satisfied that neither were present, he opened the proceedings. "In accordance with Roman Law, we are here to deliberate upon the guilt or otherwise of Helena Justina Flaminius, accused of murder against the will of 'Senatus Populusque Romanus' - SPQR - The senate and people of Rome".
He looked over at the smirking Simplex; "Let the prosecutor begin".

Simplex stood, saluted the Emperor and began. He spoke of the night Actaeonis was discovered dead, with Helena Justina's knife embedded in his chest. He spoke of how Helena was late to the feast that night and of how she fled during the attack of the beasts, making her flight appear to be the result of a kidnapping. He spoke like a politician, lie after lie flowing from his mouth like sewer water from a pipe.
Once done, he grinned in supposed triumph and returned to his seat.

Caligula then turned to LadyCool. "You may deliver your defence", he said, leaning back into his throne and steepling his fingers. LC smiled at Helena and stood.
"I have a story to tell", she began, "That starts before this village was built, and hopefully ends today. It is one of love and hope, treachery and horror, but in the end all will be well for the people of Butser".
She strode across the room to stand directly before Caligula. "You all believe that Butser was built and populated in order to make a TV series. You think that your tasks, be you slave, freedman or Emperor were to act out your lives in the same manner as your Ancient Roman forebears. You think that the beast attacks were accidents - that the creatures just 'happened upon' the village." LadyCool turned to the assembled throng. "You are wrong. On all counts. And on many others, although it is no fault of your own". Caligula leaned forward, the better to hear this revelation.
"It began with a man you know as Augustus who, at the time of his death. made full and frank confession, which according to Roman Law is is allowed as evidence". Caligula nodded his head.
"There were three witnesses to his final words, and each is here today to confirm the truth of what I am about to tell you, as is the child Gaia, who saw Helena's abduction". She waved to Gaia, who grinned happily. "Now, for the tale ..."

LadyCool spoke eloquently, explaining the plans and experiments of those who sought a One World Government, the creation of the Butser settlement, the chupacabras and Augustus' part in the saga.
She spoke of Helena, of KayEm, Pisky and the rest of the group, of their final battle with the chupacabras and their destruction. And she explained the part Actaeonis played, of his pangs of conscience and of his plans to tell all, only to be struck down. And finally she turned to Caligula.
"Roman Law can no longer touch Augustus and Actaeonis. But there is one who would still betray you should you allow him to do so. With his dying breath, Augustus told us the name of the final traitor. The true murderer of Actaeonis. A man who worked with the One World Government to bring terror and death to the people of this village. Pisky ... please inform this court the name Augustus gave you".
Pisky stood, all eyes upon him. "The name given to me by Augustus, the name of his companion in death is ... Tiberius Simplex, Centurion of the Praetorian Guard".
Caligula leaped up, his mouth wide with shock. Simplex glowered at the pixy and slowly got to his feet.
"This is pure hearsay", he said. "There is no concrete proof".
"Of course there is proof", said LadyCool, "Apart from Augustus' testimony. We discovered your instructions. Orders that Augustus sent you after he returned to the facility. Pisky went through your kit while you were ensconced with your drinking buddies last night. There is enough there to hang you three times over".
"Bitch !!!!", the Praetorian yelled and with a single bound was towering over the child Gaia with his sword at her throat. He swiftly picked her up, tucking her under his free arm. "I'm off ... Feck you lot. And if anyone tries anything I'll finish the kid !", he said. Gaia started crying. The sharp sword was cutting into her flesh. Her mother was screaming. KayEm stood, her eyes blazing.
A small grey and white shape flew through the window, landing smack on Simplex's back. The Centurion bellowed in pain and anger as Pillywiggin slashed at his neck with small kittenish claws.
Reaching for the cat, Simplex dropped his hostage, who rushed into the welcoming arms of her mother while KayEm approached the ranting Centurion.
"If there's one thing I absolutely detest growled KayEm, "Its a bully !" And with that she smashed the treacherous Praetorian in the jaw with an uppercut worthy of Tyson. Pillywiggin leaped away as Simplex slammed into the ground, shattering a couch in the process. He was still sitting there spitting broken teeth when Valerius and a pair of legionaries came to take him away.

Homeward Bound

"Thank you for everything you have done for us". Caligula said as he stood beside the visitors outside the Villa. Their task was completed and they were ready for home. "I have done as you requested, and have let the village know of your offer to take with you anyone who wishes to leave. I have also decreed that henceforth there will be no person - man, woman or child - held in slavery. The Roman Empire was built on slavery, but things are different now. There will be no more slaves. Each person will work for the good of all, each free and each able to rise to higher ranks if they so desire".
Pisky nodded his thanks. "As for Simplex", continued the Emperor, "I am unbending. He betrayed the people of the village and will be punished. As a Roman citizen, he would either be given time to depart the realm, or be executed by strangulation. However his crimes were so heinous that he has forfeited all rights as a citizen. He is therefore to be executed as a common felon, in the appropriate manner".
Sarah and Asala shivered. They didn't want to think of what was to happen in a few short minutes.
Helena and Valerius approaced the group. "I know you offered to take us with you", Valerius said, "But our place is here. We're used to it now and its what we know. Caligula has made me Centurion of the Praetorians and Helena is going to teach the new freedmen how to speak and write Latin".
Helena smiled. KayEm walked over to her and they embraced like sisters. "Don't forget to write", she said, "Although not in Latin, please".
Little Gaia rused across, holding Pillywiggin in her arms. The kitten was giggling as usual and his tail was tickling the girls nose, making her sneeze. "Here's Kitty", she said once the sneezing bout was over. Pillywiggin leaped out of her grip onto Pisky's saddle, where he made himself comfortable inside a well packed saddlebag. Pisky ruffled the child's hair and smiled before leaping onto his horse to join the kitten. KayEm and the others mounted their steeds and looked around. It wasn't home, but they would miss this place, especially now that the danger was past. The Stokesay group had gained four more people, ex slaves who had decided to take Caligula up on his offer. The rest had preferred to stay and rebuild the village in the way it should have been in the first place.
Caligula wished them godspeed. Valerius performed a Legionary salute while Helena lifted her undamaged arm and gave a little wave. Pisky nodded, turned his horse and led the way out of the village, past a hastily cut stake which lay on the ground beside a freshly dug hole.

They had just reached the woodlands when the screaming began. Pisky halted and looked back towards the village. In the light of the setting sun a terrifying shape could be seen. Shaking his head, the pixy turned his eyes away as Tiberius Simplex, ex Centurion of the Praetorians, was crucified.

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 08:36 PM
I can't get online as much as I'd like but always have a read here whenever I have the chance. That story was something else. Well written and it sure kept me on my toes. Whenever I got to the end of a chapter with a cliff hanger, I'd see if I could work out what would happen next, but I never ever could.
Beautiful. I look forward to more (even though I've been left in Butser)

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 04:05 PM
great writing pisky!! im always looking forward to your next chapter!!
i can't wait to see what you have in store next for everyone!

posted on Jun, 22 2004 @ 03:14 PM

Originally posted by Pisky
Shaking his head, the pixy turned his eyes away as Tiberius Simplex, ex Centurion of the Praetorians, was crucified.

And it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy

I don't know what to say. I didn't expect the ending at all. Thats why I enjoy reading your story.
Can't wait to read more.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 05:49 PM
Brother Alwin ran for his life. If the truth be told it was not only his life that was at risk, but his immortal soul. Far in the distance he heard the baying of hunting dogs as his pursuers relentlessly tracked his movement. Pushing through the underbrush, he stood panting, sweat dripping from his face onto his mud spattered habit. For the first time since his Abbot had given this charge he realised that there was a chance he could fail, and the thought of it brought him sadness just as surely as it spurred him on.

Brother Alwin was tired. More tired than he had even been before. His legs ached, feeling as if they were made of lead, and his chest heaved as he dragged breath after painful breath into his lungs.
Pushing onwards, he heard the tinkling of a small brook just ahead. If he could cross it, maybe the hounds would not be able to follow his scent any longer. At least, that is what he had heard. No matter, he couldn't go much further. If it came to it, he would hide his charge in the forest and if they caught him later, it would do them no good. It was the charge they wanted not the monk, although he knew well enough what would happen if they captured him, charge or not.
Alwin dropped to his knees as he reached the brook, and dipped his head into the cooling waters, before spashing through to the other side. Rapidly he looked around. The area was alien to him, being so far away from his monastic house and he halted, unaware as to which direction to take. The baying seemed closer now, and he knew that he dare not tarry longer. Taking a deep breath, he clambered up the small bank and headed towards the trees beyond. As he ran, his mind turned to the reasons for his current predicament. Not that he blamed the Abbot - after all, Alwin did volunteer for this task - It was just that cloistered in the monastery, he never really expected things to as bad as the older brothers had made things appear. Now he knew they were wrong indeed - But not the way he would have preferred - Things were far worse than even old Brother Thomas had said.

And now the monastery was gone. The monks taken away to one of the work camps now that the New World Order was making itself made known. There had been talk earlier of a dark force hell bent in the creation of not only a One World Government, but a One World Religion too, although Alwin had taken little notice of the ramblings of Brother Thomas who, so it is said, worked in British Intelligence during the second World War. It was Brother Thomas who, after years of study, had deciphered an ancient manuscript scant weeks before the beginning of the Corporate takeover, and had taken his findings to the Abbot. According to reports, Abbot Peter had fallen to his knees and begged God to take this knowledge from him, before ordering Thomas to tell no-one of his findings.

And now Alwin knew. And he wished that he didn't.
"I have a great task", the Abbot had said after chapter exactly a week previously, "For which I ask a volunteer. This task is one fraught with danger and it would not be right for me to choose a member of this chapter house for this, knowing that whoever went would be in danger of losing his very soul". Alwin remembered a shiver of icy terror moving down his spine at those words, but it didn't stop him from volunteering for the charge. Even once the Abbot had warned him that certain others would seek to remove the charge from him - and had the power to send his discarnate soul into the outer darkness - the young monk still insisted that he wished to undertake the task. Now his youthful exuberance was gone, and he felt only weary and fearful.

A noise to the right alerted him to danger. He stopped, quieted his breathing and listened. Ahead a tree, shattered by lightning some years previously, offered some protection. He crept towards it, step by step. Reaching the tree, he slowly climbed up the bole to where a large split gave access to the hollow trunk. Quietly, he slid into the darkness, closed his eyes and muttered a prayer for deliverance.

A sound came from outside the hollow tree. Paws scrabbled for purchase on the decaying bark.
Brother Alwin opened his eyes - and looked straight into the fanged maw of a hound.

[edit on 23-6-2004 by Pisky]

posted on Jun, 25 2004 @ 06:41 AM
ooooooh, i wonder where this is going. and what about the charge, and .....
man pisky your an awesome writer. its like im there, watching this all take place!!!!!!!! definately amazing.

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 03:36 AM
One day I'm going to work out what you are going to do next.
Ok, it may take me a few years, but I'm going to do it

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 04:08 AM
All I will say is that we are going to met a few more ATS characters in the near future and Asala will have quite a bit to do. (Asala - you really shouldn't have posted that pic of you with the mouse ears

posted on Jul, 9 2004 @ 05:42 PM
Lol pisky your getting me real scared now lol!!

*bites finger nails*

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 09:21 PM
Pisky your stories continue to amaze me keep up the good work.i like reading them when im bored.

posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 07:07 AM
And he manages to get a pixyland cider reference in *every* chapter...

Note to all writers: and that, is how, it's done.

*big applause* whoop the dog, come on Phoebe strikes again...

And I thank you kindly for your little tree stunt oh orignial cornish pixy...

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 06:33 PM
sigh, it has been tooo long
since the pixy has updated
i am in dire need of more!! I may have to start from the beginning and read it all over again!

pisky? can we expect another chapter? or two? or is this the end of Pisky's ATS story??

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