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Pisky's ATS Story

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posted on May, 18 2004 @ 08:22 AM
awesome work pisky, can't wait for the next chapter. But since I had my coffee today, the wait will bearable!

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 10:22 PM
Pisky and KayEm rushed out of the room rapidly followed by Caligula and the Centurion, Simplex. Ranting in a most unladylike manner LadyCool grabbed her bag and stormed after them, leaving Helena and the old slave alone in the hall. Shivering, Helena pulled her shawl tightly across her shoulders and walked to the nearby brazier. The light from the burning coal turned her face a soft red colour, reflecting from her golden earrings and necklace. She reached out her hands and took in the warmth from the fire. As the old slave moved behind her, Helena jumped, but her shocked expression changed to one of relief as he handed her a bowl of rich red wine.
Helena stood and sipped the wine gently. She didn't want to go out there to face whatever was lurking in the gathering dusk. She was scared, more scared than she had ever been before. Accused of murder she knew the punishment if she was found guilty. Death by hanging. And if Caligula decided to revoke her 'Roman Citizenship' she could even be crucified. Helena shivered at the thought. Closing her eyes, she swayed slightly. She felt tired all of a sudden, her eyes were heavy and out of focus. Obviously the ordeal of the last few hours was taking its toll. She looked down dizzily at the bowl of wine then towards the old slave who now stood before her, a knowing look on his face. Helena's eyes opened wide in shock as she realised what he had done. She tried to lift the bowl to throw at him, but her arm was too heavy. Her hand opened involuntarily, releasing the bowl which shattered on the mosaic floor, the sound of breaking pottery sounding far away. Her legs felt as if they couldn't hold her up anymore. The old slave grinned.
"Bastard !", groaned Helena, and fell forwards into his arms.

Outside there was chaos. Two horses stood before the Villa, one with a deep gash across its flank. One of the Praetorians was cradling his arm, down which blood dripped at a steady pace. Another held the reins of both horses as they leaped around in an attempt to get away. Their eyes rolled in terror and sweat poured from them as they desperately tried to flee. People were milling around desperate to know what was going on, while Simplex shouted abuse and called for his men to arm themselves. Pisky and KayEm rushed into the roundhouse put aside for the visitors and began doing the same. The pixy checked the magazine of his AK while KayEm strapped on a pair of pistols and Benjj loaded his Purdey. Pantha still had the SA80 taken from the corpse of a squaddie so long ago. LadyCool pushed the door open and entered, grabbing her own pistols before looking around for a close-quarters weapon. "Anyone got a spare sword ?", she asked nobody in particular.
"There's a gladius over there", Pantha said, switching the safety of her weapon to 'off'. LadyCool picked up the sword, took a few practice swings with it and slipped it into her Prada handbag. "What's going on then ?", the pixy asked as he checked the scabbard of his sword to ensure that the weapon would slide out easily when needed.
"Those two men were out on patrol", Sarah explained as she readied her MG, "They were about an hour out when something leaped out of the trees. It attacked the one guy, giving his arm a nasty gash and then went for the horse". KayEm grimaced, remembering the deep cut on the animal's flank.
"They ran for it", Sarah continued, "And when they looked back, they saw about twenty of those things chasing them".
"They could have fecking well waited until we'd buggered off !!!", muttered the pixy, following on with a string of vile Cornish oaths.
"These sods have got slaves", LadyCool explained to the bemused Sarah. "We were about to leave when ..."
A hideous shriek cut off LadyCool's words, followed by a pain-wracked yell from outside the roundhouse. Pisky flipped off the safety of his AK and slipped outside. KayEm followed, each hand grasping a nasty looking pistol.
"Fecking hell !!!!", Pisky cursed at the scene that met his eyes. One of the Praetorians was lying on the floor, desperately trying to fend off something that looked as if it came from the bowels of Hell. His face was slashed and blood poured from where his ear used to be. Pisky rushed forward, dropped to a crouch and fired point blank at the creatures body. With an ear spilitting scream it leaped away from the stricken man and bounded onto the roof of the roundhouse opposite. Pisky released a stream of hot lead towards the fleeing chupacabra, which screamed once more before crashing through the roof.
"These bastards are fast !", the pixy said as KayEm joined him.
"Here come the others !", the redhead replied, gesturing to where a group of the creatures were bounding up the hill towards the entrance.
"Where are those fecking legionaries ???"
"No idea", KayEm replied, "I think ..." then she dropped, rolled to one side of the pixy and began firing.
Pisky spun around, the barrel of his AK following the progress of the lead chupacabra. With a yell of abuse, he squeezed the trigger and the creature screamed as its head exploded. Another took its place while others leaped onto the farthest roundhouses, shrieking defiantly.

Then it was bedlam.

All around the village people ran in fear. Those with weapons used them, those without picked up farm implements and entered the fray. LadyCool ran out of the roundhouse, blasting away while Sarah and Asala followed suit. Benjj blasted another apart with a well aimed shot, while Pantha took calm single shots towards another oncoming creature.
"I though these things were only supposed to attack goats !!!", yelled LadyCool as she took aim at a particularly close target.
"They must be bored with the taste", Sarah yelled back, "they want something more substantial ... like us ... Hey !!!," she shouted towards one of the creatures, "I'm a New Yorker with coffee deprivation ... don't fook with me !!!", and with that she blew away one of its legs. The creature hopped away, only to be cut down by KayEm's twin pistols.

Pisky was ranting foully as a particularly athletic creature constantly avoided his shots. He aimed and fired. It bounded away. He switched the weapon to full-auto, but to no avail. The chupacabra leaped onto the roof of a roundhouse and almost instantly left that perch to seek another on the ground. Suddenly, with a massive leap it shot past Pisky, reaching out and tearing the AK from his grasp.
The pixy drew his sword. The chupacabra's skeletal face grinned as it paced towards its prey.
A gun barrel pressed against its head.
"Dodge this", KayEm said smiling, and pulled the trigger.
The creature fell to the floor, its head blown apart. "Thanks, Trinity", Pisky said grinning. KayEm inclined her head and smiled at her husband before reloading her pistols.
"Feck me !", muttered the pixy as he picked up his AK, or rather what was left of it. The wooden stock was almost shattered courtesy of the chupacabra's deadly claws. Ranting in Cornish, the pixy threw the gun away and rushed towards the visitor's house to pick up his bow.
"Don't let them get anywhere near you !!!", KayEm yelled, although the warning was not particularly necessary, "The claws are lethal !".
"Tell me about it", said Valerius from behind her. The legionary was fully armoured, with a large Roman shield on his arm, his gladius in its scabbard and a pilum held tightly in his hand.
"Good to see you", grinned KayEm, blasting away at one of the attackers.
"My pleasure', replied the legionary, "Now watch this". And so saying, he hurled the pilum straight towards an approaching chupacabra. The creature screamed as the metal spike at the end of the wooden shaft embedded itself into the creature's spine. The spike bent with the weight of the spear, making it impossible for the chupacabra to remove. It was still squirming around when KayEm blasted its head off with a well aimed shot.

A scream cut through the sounds of battle. LadyCool spun around to see a young child menaced by one of the demonic attackers. Quickly she aimed her pistol and fired. Nothing - just a click. "Bugger !!!", she cursed, "No sodding bullets left !!!". The child screamed as the creature paced closer. Casting caution to the wind, LadyCool dragged her shortsword from her bag and ran to the rescue, The chupacabra turned. Its snake-like tongue whipping from its mouth as it changed targets. The creature stood on its back legs, flexing its clawed hands as it moved slowly and methodically towards the pink clad form of LadyCool. "Oh #e !", she said, the sword trembling in her hands.
A black shape hurtled through the air, slamming into the side of the chubacabra and bowling it along the ground. With a savage growl, Phoebe bit at the creature's throat while from the other side, Pillywiggin slashed with his claws in kittenish glee. Savaged by both the dog and the kitten, the chupacabra lashed out in shock and pain, desperately attempting to dislodge its attackers. Pillywiggin lost his grip and flew into the air, landing on the roof of a roundhouse while LadyCool rushed to aid her faithful hound. Reversing her sword, she let rip a yell of triumph as she rammed the sharp point of the sword into the chupacabra's skull, killing it instantly.

The sound of a horn reverberated across the village as a fully armoured group of Praetorians charged into the melee. "About time too !!!", muttered the pixy as he fired an arrow into the side of one of the creatures before running across to join KayEm and Valerius. "Over there, man", the legionary said, pointing across to where LadyCool was attempting to calm a shrieking child. Directly above her, unseen to either LadyCool or the child, a chupacabra crawled silently across the thatched roof.
"oh #e!", said KayEm, seeing the creature prepare to attack. Pisky grabbed his bow and notched an arrow. One shot wouldn't be enough to take down one of those creatures, and the pixy knew it. He aimed and let fly. The arrow hit the door just beside LadyCool. With a snarl of annoyance she turned towards Pisky. "What the f ..." Then she saw the pixy gesturing maniacally upwards. Without looking, she grabbed the child and leaped back into the house just as the creature dropped off the roof.
"Missed !!!", taunted LadyCool, pushing the child behind her and holding out her sword. The chupacabra paused momentarily before creeping slowly towards them.
"Hey !!!"
The creature turned. KayEm stood before it, sword in hand, a grin on her face. Beside her stood the pixy, aiming an arrow at its chest. Valerius completed the trio, his shield up and gladius held in a tight grip.
Grabbing the child's hand, LadyCool rushed past the distracted creature and out of the building at the same time as Valerius charged. With a growl, the legionary pushed it back into the roundhouse using his shield. Pisky grabbed hold of the door just as Valerius released the shield and jumped back. The creature fell back into the house and was promptly trapped as Pisky slammed the door upon it.
"This won't hold long", he said, looking around and spying Sarah nearby. "Sarah !!! ... where's your lighter ?" With a lull in the fighting Sarah fumbled in her pocket, grasped the lighter and threw it to the pixy. He caught it, flicked it open and began setting light to the thatched roof of the house. Inside, the chupacabra shrieked, slashing out with its claws in an attempt to hack itself out of the confined space. KayEm ran into another roundhouse and returned with an jar of lamp oil, which she hurled into the flames. In seconds the roof was aflame, the sound of burning covering even the shrieks of the entrapped creature.
The door shook and pieces of wood shattered outwards as the creature hacked away in an attempt to escape. Again and again it slammed against the strong oak door. Pisky muttered abuse. KayEm looked at the burning roof. LadyCool held tightly to the child's hand.
And the roof gave way.
With a shriek, the chupacabra was covered with burning debris which within seconds had set fire to the walls of the house. The shrieks died down, replaced with painful whimpers and soon the only sound was the rush of fire and cracking of burning wood.

A single Chupacabra was left. Backed against the wall of the villa by Caligula and five of his Praetorians, it slashed out at the tormenting Romans.
"Finish it !", Caligula ordered, waving his hand towards the creature.
"NO !!!", yelled Pisky as he ran towards the throng. "We need it !!!"
Caligula held up his hand. "Explain".
"When I'm ready, let it go. It'll go straight to its lair and I'll follow it. It's the only way we have of making sure there aren't any more out there".
Caligula considered this for a second before nodding. Pisky had already mounted one of the horses.
"Release it". Caligula's voice cut through the air like a knife. "You had better be right".
Pisky grinned.
Warily, the Praetorians moved away from the creature. It stood for a while, unsure of itself before rushing past the group and leaping the enclosure fence. The pixy's horse followed suit and both were soon lost in the distance.

It was past midnight before Pisky returned. A bonfire of dead chupabacras lit up the village, illuminating the remaining roundhouses and the Roman villa.
Handing the reins of his horse to one of the ostlers, Pisky strode into the villa, the grin on his face showing that he had been successful. Inside the hall, Caligula reclined on his couch. KayEm sat talking with LadyCool while Sarah and Asala indulged in a recently opened amphora of wine. A young woman sat on a nearby chair with the rescued child in her lap. Valerius leaned against the wall with a strange look on his face.
"Well", said the pixy as he sat down and took off his boots, "It was a pain in the arse but I found the lair ... we can go back tomorrow and take a closer look".
KayEm grimaced as the stench of his socks reached her. "Remember the little ditty", she said, holding her nose, "There's a terrible smell in Dingley Dell, 'cause the pixies are washing their socks !".
Pisky grinned, "Are you implying that my feet smell ?", he asked.
"Not implying" came the reply.
LadyCool started coughing as the rancid smell reached her. The child began to cry and Phoebe slunk out, her nose being far more sensitive than that of a human.
Muttering under his breath, Pisky replaced his boots before continuing his story.
"I managed to follow it through the woods", he said, "I lost it a few times but it was making so much noise that I soon picked it up again. Eventually it went into a little cavern underneath the hills about five miles away. I don't know how many are still in there - that could be the last, or there could be hundreds. Feck knows. There was no way I was going in there without ample firepower and some torches, I'll tell you that". The pixy reached for the amphora, poured himself some wine and drank heartily.
Everything was quiet. Even the child had stopped crying.
"Feck me", said the pixy, "I expected a better homecoming than this"
KayEm took a deep breath. "Helena's gone", she said.
"Ran away in all the confusion ?"
"No", came the reply, "She's been kidnapped".

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posted on May, 23 2004 @ 02:46 AM
What's happened to me ? ... Have I been abducted by aliens or taken away to be sacrificed to some nasty monster ? ... Brrrr .... shivers down the spine

Wonderful story as usual Pisky, although I think I'll keep off the wine from now on

[Edited on 23-5-2004 by Helena-Justina]

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 05:15 AM
I'm doing quite well, aren't I? Protecting an innocent child in the face of danger...and to find out this storie's based on drunks. Tut tut! *slides off chair* what, so we're counting Guiness now? aah damn.
And what's with the slave kidnapping poor Helena? I mean I thought the slaves would be friendly, oooh it's a snitch isn't it? Away with his head! Away with his head I tell you!

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 10:40 AM
brilliant pisky! just brilliant! poor helena, i can't wait to read the next chapter!!

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 04:58 PM
Another great chapter! I have found the first thread worthy of "favorites". Keep em comming!

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 02:25 AM
This is turning into a tale of epic proportions, first class work as usual my Cornish friend!


posted on May, 25 2004 @ 02:22 AM
Nice work yet again Pisky. Maybe I should volunteer to be a character.

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by Helena-Justina
What's happened to me ? ... Have I been abducted by aliens or taken away to be sacrificed to some nasty monster ? ... Brrrr .... shivers down the spine

You'll just have to wait to see what happens, Helena. I can guarantee that you won't expect it

Originally posted by LadyCool21
I'm doing quite well, aren't I? Protecting an innocent child in the face of danger

I should think so too. You're the official pixy padawan after all. Protector of the innocent and drinker of Guinness

Originally posted by Midnight Raven
Nice work yet again Pisky. Maybe I should volunteer to be a character.

Remember - Pixyland needs you !!! The more the merrier !

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 05:40 PM
Ladycool21, I love Silver Sable...and the chupacabra story was cool too lol

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 07:53 PM
"Kidnapped ???" The pixy shook his head, "Are you absolutely sure she didn't just do a bunk ?"
KayEm picked up a necklace from the table and handed it to her husband, who scrutinised it carefully. It was made of small gold squares and fastened with a delicately made clip. It had been broken in the middle and hung limply in the pixy's hand as he turned it around, letting it catch the light from the nearby oil lamps.
"Maybe it got caught on something in her rush to get out", he said, but the expressions on the faces of his companions disuaded him against following that line of questioning.
"We have a witness" Caligula said, clapping his hands. From behind the door towards the Emperor's private apartments came a weary looking slave who was leading a child by the hand. He stood the young girl before Caligula before scuttling off to seek his bed. The little girl, who looked all of four years old, stood in front of Caligula with a grin on her face. "This is Gaia", the Emperor explained to the gathered throng, "Claudia's daughter. And a more wilful child you are unlikely to meet". He smiled at the girl who yawned and blinked her eyes. Standing, he picked Gaia up and sat her on his recently vacated couch. "Now then", he began, "Tell our friends what you saw happen. What happened to Helena ?"
Gaia slowly turned her head and looked around. She appeared more self assured than any four year should ever be. "I came to see the kitty", she explained, "but while I was looking for him, people came in and they were talking really serious. So I hid". All eyes were upon her and she seemed to be enjoying the attention."Then the lady in pink came in with the dog and I saw the kitty up there". She pointed to the beams. "I nearly called out to him, but I remembered in time and stayed quiet". She shuffled around on the couch before continuing; "Then the other lady came in and said that something nasty was happening outside and everyone left except for Helena and the old man. I would have gone to Helena but she seemed so scared so I stayed quiet. Then the old man gave her something to drink and she fell down. He picked her up and took her over there". She indicated the doorway to Caligula's apartments. "Her necklace broke and when they had gone, I picked it up".
"Is there another way out ?" Asked KayEm, looking towards the doorway through which Helena had been taken.
"Unfortunately yes", Caligula replied with a sigh. "It was considered the done thing for the occupants of the apartments to have a quick exit should problems arise". Like Nero for example.
"Bugger it", cursed the pixy, "Where does it lead"
"Over towards the stables" Caligula explained. "It wouldn't have taken him long to saddle a horse and get away with all the ruckus that was going on".
"Who the hell would kidnap Helena ?", LadyCool asked in an annoyed tone, "I was all ready to defend her on murder charges too".
"Well, thats a good enough reason to run", said the pixy with a grin on his face, "But wouldn't explain a kidnapping".
LadyCool shook her head in mock despair and poured herself more wine.
"As to your question, I have no idea" came the reply. Caligula had wracked his brains in an attempt to work out exactly who it was who would have taken the patrician. He had come up with nothing.
Asala stood and walked across to opposite wall. Sitting on the edge of a table, she folded her arms; "So what do we do now ? Look for Helena or hunt down the rest of those things - if there are any left of course".
Caligula considered the question carefully; "Both", he said. "Pisky, take KayEm and a couple of people and try to find out where that cave leads and if there are any creatures left alive. If there are, kill them. Asala, since you asked the question, you get to lead the hunt for Helena. Take Benjj and Pantha with you and whoever else you need".
Asala gulped. She hadn't expected to hear that. She was more of the 'silent hero' type rather than a leader, but she was stuck with it now so she would make the best of it. She looked across at where Sarah and LadyCool were sitting. They both had grins plastered on their faces and looks of 'Rather you than me'. Asala put her hands on her hips and glared. "I want that pair for starters", she said. Sarah and LadyCool stopped grinning and reached for their wine bowls. Asala smiled.
Pisky stood, stretched his bones and muttered imprecations as his back clicked. His wife stood smoothly and stood beside the pixy as he looked around the room. "Where's Erisian ?" he asked no one in particular, "I haven't seen her all day".
"Too much drink", Benjj explained. "Can you believe that she actually slept through our little argument with the chupas ?"
"You must be kidding"
"I kid you not", Benjj grinned, "She came staggering in about an hour before you came back. She's in the bathroom".
"And Valerius ?"
"Going through Helena's things", Caligula replied, "Seeing if there's any hint as to what happened to her".
Pisky nodded; "What time's sunrise ?".
"In about three hours"
"There's no point going out in the dark. Its too easy to overlook something important. Anyone got an alarm clock?", he asked, "I'm off for a doss".

Faint beams of sunlight shone through the open door, striking Pisky's face and waking him from a dream of Pixy Stix and Hershey bars. He pushed himself into a sitting position and yawned. KayEm, who always rose before the idle pixy, was humming a lively tune as she dressed.
"'I am fecking well knackered", moaned Pisky, who hated being woken unnaturally before he had had enough sleep. He looked around for his clothes. "Where are my socks?", he asked, being unable to find them.
"I threw them on the fire", KayEm explained with a cute expression on her face. "Its amazing that they didn't walk there themselves. Your feet truly are weapons of mass destruction".
Cursing foully in Cornish, the pixy rummaged in his pack and drew out a fresh pair of socks to replaced the ones KayEm had incinerated before wandering over to the bathhouse for a quick shower. Then he realised that Ancient Romans didn't have showers and began cursing all over again.

Four horses had been prepared by the time Pisky and KayEm finally left the roundhouse. Valerius stood fastening his saddlebags while a white looking Erisian sat atop her own horse.
"Good morning Pisk". Valerius fastened a final strap and vaulted onto his horse, settling himself into the saddle like a veteran. "Well, its certainly morning", came the annoyed reply as Pisky took the reins of his horse from a tired looking ostler. Across from the compound, near to the Villa stood two other horses. Pantha sat on one, leaning down to receive last minute instructions from Asala. Benjj stood near the second horse, checking his shotgun prior to mounting. Asala had decided that the best way to discover the whereabouts of the missing Helena was by performing a systematic search of the Villa and its environs. While Asala, Sarah and LadyCool searched nearby for clues, Benjj and Pantha were hoping to discover any tracks left during the kidnappers hasty departure. With what had happened the day before, it wasn't looking hopeful but every possibility had to be checked.

Pisky slung his bow on his back before leaping onto the horse provided for him. KayEm leaped gracefully onto her own steed, settled the skirts of her dress and led the way out of the compound. Despite a promising start, the sun was now struggling to send its rays through the clouds building up in the east. The riders walked slowly and carefully down the hill towards the nearby woodlands, following the route taken by Pisky as he followed his target the previous day.
Erisian looked around nervously. "Why did you choose me ?", she asked in a quiet voice, "I mean, anyone else is better in a fight than I am. Even Pillywiggin". She giggled.
"I saw something last night", came the reply, "Near the cave. Something I didn't recognise. Maybe you'll be able to tell me what it was".
"You could have just described it", said Erisian, "Then I wouldn't have to come all this way".
"But what if we need it opened?"
Erisian sighed.. It was going to be one of those days.
Two hours into the ride, Pisky called a halt. Directly ahead was a small escarpment leading off into the distance. The woodlands surrounded it from this side, effectively blocking from view a small cave opening which Pisky painstakingly pointed out. Quickly dismounting, the four hobbled their horses and began slowly traversing the remaining distance towards the cave. Tracks covered the ground before the entrance but it was impossible to tell if any were recent. Moving closer, Pisky pointed out a strange looking object fastened beside the cave entrance and waited for Erisian to catch up before, in a whispered voice, asking what it was.
The girl stood for a while, turning her head this way and that in order to get a better look of it. A pensive expression crossed her face before she leaned closer and whispered her anwer; "It looks like some kind of sensor", she said. "If you look across at the other side of the cave, you can see another one. Its more difficult to see because its covered with ivy but there - look".
The pixy followed her gaze, nodding his head.
"The one lens shoots a laser", Erisian continued, "The other completes the circuit. The beam goes right across the cave entrance, and whenever one of those things comes or goes, it breaks the circuit and is registered".
"An alarm ?", asked KayEm
"Bugger". This was from the Pixy of course. "The implication of this is that either someone doesn't want that cave investigated, or they don't want anything getting out of the cave without them knowing about it".
"What should we do ?", Erisian asked quietly, "Go back and bring help or what ?"
The pixy pondered the alternatives. "Can you disable it ?"
"Childs play", she replied smiling. "And they won't even know its been done".
"Smoke and mirrors ?"
"If you mean do I plan to use smoke to see the laser and a mirror to reflect it back into itself, then no. That only works in movies anyway". She grinned. The pixy scowled.
"I'm going to take the back off and reroute the datastream".
"Meaning ?"
"Meaning I'm going to trick the sensor to believe that its still working then disconnect the beam". And so saying, she strode towards the sensor and began fumbling in her bag. Taking out a little plastic makeup kit she opened it and withdrew a powder puff. Leaning towards the sensor lens, she hit the puff pad with her hand. Makeup flew into the air, the dust motes floating downwards and making the laser visible. Nodding, she replaced the powder puff and began fiddling with the sensor casing.

While Pisky listened for any sounds from the cave and Valerius scanned the general area, KayEm looked upwards to the top of the escarpment. This side was almost sheer, about a hundred and fifty feet high with a couple of straggy looking bushes hanging tenaciously from the rocky cliff face. Birds wheeled above, seagulls flying inland in preparation for the winter. KayEm shivered and walked over to watch Erisian.
"All done", said the hacker as she replaced the casing. Smiling, she repeated the powder puff 'test'. This time no laser was visible. Making a curtsey to her audience, she replaced the powder puff once again and fastened her bag. The pixy removed a flashlight from his backpack and checked the light. KayEm did the same, as did Valerius. Each also carried a pistol for close quarters and a sword. Erisian checked her pistol, slammed in a magazine and waited for the word.

Well, it was a word. Not a very nice one, but a word nevertheless. Pisky took hold of his pistol in one hand and flashlight in the other and warily entered the cave. KayEm followed instantly, her eyes scanning the cold rock walls.
Erisian came next, with Valerius taking the rear. The cave itself was relatively small. A carpet of sand covered the floor and rocks from falls many years ago were scattered around. It was Erisian who saw the opening that led deeper into the escarpment. The hole was just wide enough to allow two people to walk abreast and about nine or so feet high. The pixy shone his torch into the opening, illuminating the tunnel beyond and the shape just inside. Pisky cursed, Erisian screamed and dropped her flashlight, turning and burying her face into Valerius's armoured chest.
"What is it ?", asked KayEm who had been looking around the walls of the cave. Pisky gestured with his flashlight beam. KayEm saw the cause of the commotion and promply threw up.
The pixy moved over to the beginning of the tunnel. In the centre lay a body, or what was left of one. From the angle of it, and the tracks leading back from god only knew where, it was obvious that the victim had been trying to escape.
He had almost made it out of the tunnel when he was overtaken. Having seen and fought the chupacbra, Pisky knew of their ferocity but this was something altogether worse. This man had quite literally been torn apart. The look on his gashed face was one of utter terror.
"Recognise him ?" asked Valerius. Even the battle hardened legionary was shocked to the core by this act of savagery.
"Yes", replied the pixy, "He's the old slave who was taking notes at Helena's trial. The one who kidnapped her".

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 09:09 PM
holy cow!!!!!!! omg im biting my fingernails and i have goosebumps! whats gonna happen next! i can't wait. *lights another cig* maybe i can wait a little bit. awesome writing

btw pisky i plan on quitting smoking after these two packs i have, so about a day or two, and im onto gum, yuck. gum and lots of coffee. i gotta kick this habit. figured you should know in case i plan on smoking in any future chapters.... lol

wish me luck on kicking this habit, im gonna be a royal pain in the arse for the following week or so.....

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 09:11 PM
If you need any tips, just send a U2U to KayEm. She's over 2 months cig-free now I believe. And good luck with the quit

posted on Jun, 1 2004 @ 09:27 PM
thanks pisky, i might just do that, we'll see how the first day or so goes, and then ill probably be beating down kayem's u2u door! lol

posted on Jun, 2 2004 @ 04:16 AM
Thats a very very scary end to this chapter pisky. I dread to think what they are going to come across in this cave.I'm glad I'm off helping asala!

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 02:37 PM
It was cold in the cave but not as cold as the icy terror that gripped their hearts as they prepared to enter the tunnel.
Blood from the hapless victim still dripped down the wall nearest the body, denoting that his death had been recent.
Pisky stepped carefully around the body. Footprints, both human and inhuman covered the sandy floor. "He was running for his life", the pixy explained, pointing to the tracks that led back into God knew where. "They caught him here".
Erisian groaned and moved closer to Valerius.
KayEm followed her husband, treading carefully over the corpse. The stench of death was almost unbearable.
Unarmed as he was, the old slave had had no chance against the maddened creatures that had hunted him down like a hunting hound tracks a wounded deer. The question was, how many were left ?
Valerius held tight to the shivering Erisian; "If the slave is here", he asked, "where's Helena ?"
"That's what we have to find out", Pisky replied and moved to lead the way down the tunnel.
A moan of terror reached the pixy's ears and dragged his concentration back to the cave. Erisian stood shivering in Valerius' arms, tears shining in her eyes. " I can't go in there", she groaned softly, "Please don't make me go in there".
Valerius ruffled the girl's hair; "You'll be ok pet", the legionary said, "We won't let anything happen to you".
Erisian detached herself from Valerius' grasp. Shaking her head vehemently she stood her ground. Her mouth was clamped shut, the tears now pouring down her face. "I can't" she whispered.
Pisky thought quickly. "Take a horse", he said, "Go back and tell Asala that the old slave's here". Erisian slumped in relief as the pixy spoke, feeling that she had been reprieved from a sentence of death. "Tell her that Helena may be here and that we could do with some backup". The girl nodded her agreement as Pisky continued; "And tell LC that we need Phoebe too. And a piece of Helena's clothing".
At that, Erisian flew out of the cave, her relief tangible in the foetid air.
"I thought only bloodhounds could track people by scent", Valerius said as he watched Erisian leave the cave.
"Feck knows", came the reply, "But it's worth a try".
"So are we waiting here for them ?", KayEm asked, hoping that the answer would be a positive one. The pixy nodded. "You pair stay here", he said, looking down the tunnel and listening with his sensitive ears, "I'm going down there a way". He gestured to where the tunnel turned and headed downwards. "Best to recce out the area before a group of us go in. Plus its easier for one to get there and back without being seen".
"Do you really have to go ?", asked KayEm, but she already knew the answer.
"I'd rather not", came the reply, "But there could be anything in this tunnel. Its best we know what we are getting ourselves into rather than just charging in blindly".
With a pixyish grin, Pisky crept quietly towards the bend in the tunnel. He made no sound at all, a legacy of his pixy upbringing, as he moved along the dust covered rock. KayEm and Valerius watched as the light from his flashlight got dimmer, eventually disappearing altogether as he rounded the curve, then they rapidly left the cave to seek comparitive safety in the woodlands outside.

It seemed hours later when KayEm and Valerius heard voices coming from behind them, but it was probably less than one. Sighing in relief, KayEm strode to meet the approaching group who turned out to be less than happy to be there. LadyCool dropped from her horse, muttered an almost inaudible curse and waited, hands on hips, for Phoebe to catch up. From KayEm's position, the dog could be seen evacuating her bowels just beside a fallen branch not far from where Sarah was now tying her horse's reins to a tree. "Ewww Gross !!!", cursed the New Yorker as she almost stepped in the dog's steaming residue. Phoebe grinned happily, gave a yap of relief and rushed off to her mistress' side.
"Is that all then ?", asked Valerius as LadyCool and Sarah approached the cave entrance, "Sodding two ?"
"Benjj and Pantha weren't there", LC replied, "They'd already started searching. Erisian was having a fit and crying her eyes out so Asala stayed to help".
"What about the fecking Praetorians ?"
LadyCool glared nastily, "A couple wanted to come with us but that bastard Simplex wouldn't let them. Said they were needed in the village. What a load of bollocks that was. Bunch of wusses !" LadyCool crossed her arms and sighed in annoyance. Phoebe sat down and began cleaning her nethers with her tongue.
"No one best mess with me today either", Sarah exclaimed, "I ran out of cigarettes last night so I'm not happy. plus these heathens don't have any coffee !!!!". She let out a growl of annoyance and tapped her feet in expectation; "So is anyone going to tell us what's going on ? Fecking Erisian was worse than useless. All we got was that the slave who took Helena was dead and that you needed help".
KayEm shrugged her shoulders; "That's about it", she explained, "Pisky is inside the cave taking a quick look. What happens next depends on what he finds".
"Bugger all, I hope", LadyCool said, ruffling Phoebe's ears. The dog wagged her tail and licked at LC's face.
"umm ... LC ?" Sarah looked quite green.
"Yes ?"
"Guess what Phoebe was licking a few seconds ago ?"
"What ? ... oh my god !!!"
LadyCool pushed the dog aside and flew to her saddlebags. Returning with a bottle of water she meticiulously washed her face before giving the dog a look of utter disgust. Phoebe did have the grace to put her tail between her legs and look penitant, but the laugh in her eyes told a different story.
KayEm was still grinning when a sound from the cave entrance made them turn as one. The pixy was back, and he didn't look happy.

"This is getting weirder by the minute" said Pisky as the group sat some way away from the cave. Phoebe was in the doghouse so spent the time snuffling around the undergrowth looking for something to eat.
"I was walking for about twenty minutes", the pixy continued, "when I saw what looked like a door set into the left hand wall of the tunnel. Well, it used to be a door, I suppose. Now its just a piece of torn metal. In all the gap is about five feet by five feet. There's a control box on the right but that's been smashed. It leads to some kind of a cavern. Its as dark as hell inside and the torchlight didn't show much. There's no fecking way I was going in there - there was a strange sound too, like rustling. It's my guess that that's the chups hidey hole".
"Rustling ?", asked Sarah, "What's that mean ?"
"Like the noise animals make in their sleep. A snuffling sound. Anyway, I've seen all the 'Alien' films so there was no way I was going in there alone to end up as some bastards dinner".
"What happened then ?"
"I planned to carry on for about another twenty minutes before coming back. I'd got about half way when I reached the end of the tunnel. Another door. Same state as the last one, but this time there were lights. There was a small corridor like in a hospital which ended in a T junction. Strip lights on the ceiling, tiles on the floor. Could be some kind of medical facility. Anyway, I was about to go in when I saw one of the chups drop from the fecking ceiling and head my way. So I fecked off smartish, reckoning that if I blasted it away, the sound would carry and I'd moreas likely wake the other bastards. I didn't fancy that one bit".
"So what next ?"
Pisky considered all the options. "The logical thing to do would be for the lot of us to feck off back to Stokesay and leave this place to the chups. The problem is that we don't know where Helena is. We assume that she is in there", said the pixy gesturing towards the entrance of the cave, "But we can't be sure. That said, if she is there - and she's still alive, we can't just leave her there".
"So we're going in" Valerius stood quietly and made sure that his pistol was loaded and his Gladius slid easily out of its scabbard.
Pisky nodded. "We go in very quietly, get to the end of the tunnel and into that facility, then see if Phoebe can track Helena. Assuming she's there and also assuming she's still alive".
"I knew you were going to say that", LadyCool said in resignation, standing and checking her own weapons.
"One thing", the pixy explained, "We have to go very quietly. That means Phoebe too. No chasing after chups and definitely no going into that cavern. If we can get in and out without trouble we'll do it".

The tunnel was worse than Pisky had described. Dark and claustrophobic, the walls and ceilings seemed to press down on the travellers as they warily trod the dusty rock floor. Both Sarah and LadyCool had turned white when they passed the dismembered corpse of the old slave but to their credit did manage to do so without curses although Sarah did fall foul to an uncontrolled retch.
Pisky led the way, having already scouted out the area. KayEm followed, with LadyCool and Sarah in tow. Valerius took the last position, his eyes scanning the walls and his ears alert for unnatural sounds. Phoebe was tucked tightly under LadyCool's arm to ensure the dog didn't disrupt the proceedings by chasing after errant chupacabra.
On they went, the tunnel twisting and turning, until Pisky held up a hand and turned to face them. Leaning forward conspiratorially he whispered a warning for utter quiet. "The cavern is just up ahead", he said, "No going in, no hanging around - just get past it as fast as possible".
Hearts beating like triphammers, the group moved as one towards the doorway embedded in the left side of the tunnel. There was a strange smell issuing from the entrance and as Pisky had explained, there were noises reminiscent of many animals sleeping. Pisky took a deep breath and passed the gaping hole where the metal door had been ripped open. KayEm followed. LadyCool swallowed, shivered, and put her hand over Phoebe's muzzle. Then she rapidly crossed over and joined her companions.
Thinking how good a cigarette and cup of coffee would be right now, Sarah followed suit with Valerius close behind. Seeing that everyone was past, the pixy continued the trudge through the tunnel. After about five minutes a definite upwards incline was obvious and soon afterwards, they reached the end.

The door had been ripped open from the inside. Jagged edges showed where something amazingly strong had slammed into one inch thick metal, tearing into it like butter.
"Feck me !", muttered Valerius, "I didn't think they were that strong".
"I don't think a bog standard chup did this", LadyCool explained, "That one in the roundhouse cut through wood but it would never have got through this thing in a month of sundays".
"That reminds me", said Pisky, leaning though the hole and scanning the lighted corridor, "What day is it today ?"
"Bugger ! - I fecking hate sundays !"
Sarah leaned against the wall and crossed her arms. "Are we going in or do we just wait around for a wandering monster to eat us ?"
"Well, I could always shoot a fireball at it and fry it", the pixy grinned.
"What ?" Sarah was not impressed.
"D & D"
"D & D ???"
"Dungeons and Dragons. Wandering monsters ? - Fireballs ?" Pisky shook his head and gave up.
Holding his pistol in front of him, the pixy stepped gingerly through the ripped open doorway. "Mind that spiky bit", Valerius enjoined, "Or you'll never have any pixy babies".
Pisky grimaced and stepped higher.

The corridor was of standard medical build, all whitewashed walls and tiled floors. Strip lighting illuminated the area. A couple of the lights were dead and the one at the very end near the T junction was flickering pitifully.
Listening carefully for any sound, Pisky crept towards the junction and peered out. To his right a wooden door had been torn off its hinges. To his left, the corridor continued for about 30 feet before turning off. Gesturing to the others to follow, Pisky strode quietly to where the door lay in pieces on the floor and carefully entered the room.
A single glance was enough to tell the pixy that there were no chupacabra in evidence. Unfortunately the same could not be said for human beings. Or rather what used to be human beings until they came up against an unnaturally alien force.
It used to be a guard room of some kind. That was obvious enough. A few tables were scattered around, a broken monitor hung from cables on the wall. A rack of weapons lay shattered on the floor with the rifles scattered around. And all around was the stench of death and the remains of the facilities security team.
"Corporate militia", the pixy said, pointing to the insignia on the body of one soldier. "The poor bastards didn't have a chance".
KayEm stepped into the room, heading towards where a pile of rifles lay on the floor beside the broken rack. Atter her shock of seeing the dead slave, she had prepared herself for more horror. Feeling sick to her stomach, she nevertheless managed to keep it under control. Sarah and LadyCool stood in the corridor looking white and wishing to be anywhere but where they were.
Most of the weapons were useless. Broken apart in a frenzy of destruction that left their original owners as torn apart as their rifles. KayEm picked one up. "What's this thing ?", she asked, "I've never seen a gun like it".
"Must be new technology", Valerius replied as he entered the room and looked around.
KayEm dropped the broken rifle. "Here's one that looks ok" she said, stepping over a shattered chair and picking up another weapon. She hefted the rifle and sighted along its barrel. Nodding appreciatively she approached a broken cupboard and began rummaging around for ammunition. This done, she stepped gingerly around the bloodied coprses and left the room. Pisky and Valerius rapidly followed.
With KayEm and her new toy leading the way, the group of intrepid adventurers followed the corridor past the T junction and along to where it made a ninety degree angle to the left. Another broken door, another shattered room. This time, however, there was no evidence of human habitation. Just broken crates, shattered bottles and what looked like a hospital bed. On they went. Every now and then they would come across vandalised rooms and dismembered ex-members of the Corporate Militia, but there was no sign of the chupacabras. "They must all be in that cavern", Pisky mused after leaving yet another damaged room with the tell-tale marks of chupacabra claws on the wall.

It was KayEm who made the discovery. Something so utterly unbelievable that even if video evidence existed, people would insist it was just a hoax. Yet another door. Yet another room. But this one was intact, as if the violent creatures who rampaged through this facility had halted in their bloodlust and left this one room alone.
The door was steel with a security lock embedded in the wall beside it. The lock had been wrenched apart and the door stood slightly ajar, moving silently as KayEm pushed at it with the barrel of her rifle. Inside, all was pristine. Immaculate. The only evidence of the chupacabras was outside, with the damaged security lock. KayEm entered, followed by Pisky. LadyCool put Phoebe down and looked around. The dog stood stock still, sniffing the air. Sarah shivered at the coldness, which was far lower than normal room temperature.
In the centre of the room lay a table. It was a standard metal affair usually used for autopsies. A figure lay there covered with a large green cloth. Sinks lined one wall, with cupboards and racks on the other. Medical diagrams covered the otherwise empty wall and there was a door at the far left corner.
KayEm walked over to the table. Grasping the edge of the covering, she pulled it away, expecting to see the face of yet another militiaman. Or maybe that of Helena. She certainly was not expecting to see what she did.

Staring up at her were the large black eyes of an alien grey.

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 04:06 PM
excellent as usual

you describe it so well I could almost be there

Now all I want to know is what the hell is going on!!! Please don't take too long with the next chapter.

posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 04:55 PM
Hey, I made the story. Even if it is as an adjective.
Man, why do you always leave us hanging. Every time I think I know where you're going with the story, BAM, wrong. Nice work.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 11:59 AM
definately awesome pisky!! can't wait for the next chapter! you have such good descriptions of everything, its like sitting down to watch a good movie, with a giant bowl of popcorn!

also, i havn't had a cigarette or any nicotine in a little over a week!!

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 11:28 PM
More great work Pisky. But I have to say I still miss Arthur.

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