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TA-ANALYSIS: New Message from Bin Laden Expected

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posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 07:22 PM
It is being reported by analysts from major news sources that there has been the release of a new message from Osama bin Laden. It is being suggested that he will vaguely reference the Madrid bombing attacks in an approving manner. Whether or not this new tape will make in onto Mainstream Media is unknown at this time. We can only speculate about it's content and date created. There have been recent internet releases of tapes supposedly from Bin Laden that have not caught the attention of mainstream media.

New bin Laden Message Expected
Analysts are considering the possibility that the message will not be released in its entirety, which is what happened in December 2003. At this point, if the message is not released in its entirety, we can assume that the message contains operational instructions for another attack. If so, the authorities need to be vigilant and watch for its release outside of normal channels - such as on an Internet site - and carefully review the text for operational instructions.

All indications continue to suggest that Osama bin Laden is NOT free to record new messages - and that his "capture" will soon be announced - with the notification of his death from ill health.

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[Edited on 3-14-2004 by worldwatcher]

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