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What do you guys think?

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 08:51 AM
Hello guys im new to the site and im here just to seek your advice on some dreams ive been having for the past 8 yrs, im a lucid dreams (since i can remember) and ive had 3 shadowman attacks and as many OBE's, so here are the dreams.


Im stood in front of the effle tower behind a fireman (i think) with a silver helmet, we both watch a plane fly into the tower and buckle.

then im above the CIA building in America and theres a hole in the roof and smoke is billowing out

and then im in a city street and theres mass panic, theres sirens and someone mentions gas.

in all three im being held by the hand but cant see them.


I see an ambulance and three arab men in green uniforms get out and enter the hospital and theres two explosions, but the third device dosnt go off and he is captured after dumping his device in a bin.

again being held by the hand


Im on a hill in a desert, people run past me in utter panic, at the bottom of the hill is a town or village with a flag (star of David), as i make a run for it theres a flash and i see a mushroom cloud, just as i reach the house the windows explode.

Thanks for reading guys, i keep my dreams in a journal and have done since 97, ive had hundreds, everything from shuttle exploding on pad to landslides, would love some feed back


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