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Puzzle #1 - Coloured dots

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by nyk537
reply to post by Sendran

I could be wrong here guys....but I think the thread ID is just a spot for your user name so they know who solved it.

I thought the same thing..

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by GorehoundLarry


There are 2 places to enter an answer for the current question. The first box is the answer to the current puzzle. The second box is the thread ID that correlates to the puzzle.

If ou look up into your browser while this thread is open, you will see this thread is number thread379605.

If you enter the answer to the puzzle, and the thread number correctly, a new page will open up with fields to enter your personal info to receive the prize.

Not that I know personally LOl.

[edit on 8-8-2008 by Kellter]

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 07:13 PM

posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 03:14 PM
what the heck!

I dont see anything!

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