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The Four Signs and the Night of the Red Sky

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posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 05:49 AM
This is a prediction comes from a Lipan Apache shaman know as "Stalking Wolf" or simply "Grandfather." He has had over 100 predictions about our future and most them have come true (so I'm told). Grandfather was Tom Brown Jr's original mentor of wilderness awareness, survival, and primitive skills.

(Tom is known for being a master survivalist and tracker. He has taught the largest number of people wilderness skills in the world, and trains special forces and police. He has written over dozen books and field guides, and has inspired many of his students to open survival and wilderness awareness schools of their own. His world is huge)
Tom Brown Jr.

Anyways this prediction is long but well worth the read. His predictions have paralled what has been happening in our world and is a bit nerve rattling. I have met Tom many times and know that he is well respected and takes these predictions dead seriously. He has recently added a class called "Preparing for the Exodus", which is dedicated to teaching how to survive in a world which has been thrown into chaos and destruction.
Preparing for the Exodus

I believe this prophecy is our probable future. I believe this because of amazing experiences I have had at Tom's school, and have seen his and his staff's awareness and "spiritual" abilities which border on the impossible and miraculous. This is no joke.

And so, here is The prophecy of the Red Sky

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 07:50 AM
Thanks for sharing, it was very interesting.

I've been wanting to buy some kind of survival book for a few months now so I looked into ordering 'Tom Brown Jr.’s Field Guide: Wilderness Survival' as I really wouldn't have a clue what to do in the wilderness, thanks again.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by foxwalk
Tommy Lee Jones' character in the Hunted was inspired by Tom Brown and Tom trained Tommy and was a consultant on the film.

posted on Aug, 8 2008 @ 09:30 AM
Tom Brown is one of the most knowledgable people in the field of tracking. But for me he tends to be a little too much on the spiritual side, and I am Apache. His guides are one of the best sources available to the public for learning wilderness skills. Stalking Wolf was also a great man. He was not only an Apache scout he was a shaman to be reconed with. Tom Brown is not necessarily a bad shaman himself but he does not claim to be one. I fully reccomend any of his books to those that are intereseted in wilderness living. However his lifestyle is not one of true survival. His respect for the earth and the creatures in it preclude the mindset of the true survivor. From my standpoint when it comes time for true survival you do what you must to exist. Many people simply just do not have what it takes to do this. A primitive type society must do primitive things to insure their survival. I would not dismiss the predictions of Stalking Wolf either, out of respect for his skills and experience.



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