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The Orion cube

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posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 08:27 AM
ok i am going to get straight onto the point here The Orion cube or The looking glass can give you images of the future now the (US) government knew that there was the Orion cube and that something is going to happen in 2012 a dimensional shift of sorts the (US) government feared this and wanted all the Looking glasses destroyed (sorry its a bit more complex than this) also because the Government wanted these Orion cubes destroyed is because some aliens wanted to change or fix there DNA because they thought that they came from a human origin so thru out history people have looked into the future even george bush he cheated his election by looking into the future and changing some of the votes to tip in his favor and here is the true reason america attacked iraq is because they had a Orion cube which and so America wanted it and also saddam was no terrorist the US said he was so that the US could get his Orion cube which i think is the same one Iraq had so any way by the time of 2012 it will ether be the apocalypse or something really interesting is going to happen the reason of the apocalypse would be because of the aliens
we would all be destroyed if they did manage to get human DNA because they would be changing time in the progress or that is how they would change DNA also if you are interested you can goto this Documentary its called the 2012 Enigma here it is
> <
also the nearer we get to 2012 the images in the Orion's cube get faster and right now there unreadable and the (US) government is decoding the images all the time
that video that i posted has got some really interesting stuff in it ... if you tried looking into 2012 in an Orion Cube you would see this bright white light because nothing is getting past that point until we ether deny the aliens to change there DNA or the aliens manage to get or DNA anyways so will we be dead in 2012 or not also if anyone knows any internet pages Documentaries about the Orion Cube please post a link
also we have seen Orion cubes before in movies even you just haven't noticed like that movie where that girl goes into the ball thing that she travels to another dimension for 8 min (or something like that) and the outer ball spins around and around then you see the bright light... there we go thats what its like and then the lady inside the inner ball sees all these images just before hand the seat crumples into scrap and anyways there every where people arnt looking hard enough so i want to here what you have to say ATS

i will post the link again just to make sure it got thru

posted on Aug, 7 2008 @ 09:17 AM
This ties in with stuff on projectcamelot Check the links.

Just browse in there but it seems to check out in a large part, gooed news is that we seem to be in the clear for the most part

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