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Anyone see the two HUGE green re-entry trails Aug 1st?

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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 11:00 AM
We were camping in the Black Rock Desert on the Playa near Gerlach. Sometime after midnight was the first one, then about an hour or more later, there was another, that seemed to break into pieces in the end.

These were the badest, coolest falling objects I have ever seen! But what was weird is they burned GREEN!

First time for me seeing anything near that. I know there were some model rocket clubs out there that night because we watched them launch stuff Saturday night and Sunday morning. Maybe someone in their group saw these? I would assume some would be members here. No, this was not one of their rockets ;-) Whatever this these were, they had some size to them. The second one probably had over a 5 second burn time! Travelled across the entire sky from right to left.

Chime in if you saw these!

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