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Moon Landing Photo

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posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 04:38 PM
Hi Guys,

I am a new member and just had to post this. Have searched through the archives and have not found anything that resembles this.

I was browsing through ATS and came across a few photos of the moon landing. I downloaded the photos and did a bit of jiggering and poking with them. To my astonishment one photo in particular gave me the heebie jeebies. So I thought I would do a little investigation of my own.

I went to the NASA moonlanding website downloaded the photo, and hey presto, the same result.
I don’t know how to post photos on here, however, I am sure you guys will be able to sort that out.
Firstly go to the NASA Moonlanding website,
Scroll down and click on the “Related Multimedia” picture.
A new window will open. Scroll down and select the “AS11-37-5454” picture and save this to your hard disk.

Next, use an image editor to brighten the picture (I used ACDSEE photo editor to brighten it) and see if you get the same results that I did.

Hope someone manages to attach the results here

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 04:48 PM
Is this the pic you mean?

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posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 04:50 PM
First off, it'd be nice to post your "result".

Second, I did all this and there is nothing to write home about. Your point?

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 04:53 PM

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 04:57 PM
I assume you are talking about the horizon... looks like lots of faded objects or an atmosphere of some sort.. interesting stuff.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 04:59 PM
This is what i get:

From this source


from this one.
the first image was reduced in size, the hi res can be found here:


posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:00 PM
Yes Blupblub that's the offending photo.

This is the result i got

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:03 PM
The second image posted by internos, was exactly what I got, it resembles some sort of buildings on the horizon after it has been enhanced.

If these are not buildings, then why bother darkening the "Hills"? Weird!

Good find to the original OP!

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by internos

WOW thats crazy!!.

please internos,. what is your opinion on this? you usually give your 4 cents
i am in no way even an amature at this stuff, so please i would really appreciate your take on this. thanks in advance.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:04 PM
my first post here ... hello all

I've turned up the brightness and contrast a tad and there seems to be some blue artifacting on the horizon and some things in the shadow of the lander ?

bit strange !

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:05 PM
Um, maybe no one "darkened" them. It's quite possible this was a limitation of the lighting.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:06 PM
Internos, I don't get the same results with the "high res" photo you linked to. And its not in colour!! Could this be a "Colour thing"?

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by keeff

My take is that it's worthy to be investigated and that the find, regardless what turns out to be, is GOOD.
A way to confirm that what we see was actually there, would be to find more images taken right before and after, and try to spot the same formations from different shots. If this can be done, then what we see was actually there.
In the other hand, the higher res image, does NOT show what we see in the OP one: right now, the gateway to Astronaut Photography site seems to be down: once it will be up ill see if a copy is available there.
The two images were most likely scanned in different circumstancies and in different ways.

This is what i can say so far.

Originally posted by macr59
Internos, I don't get the same results with the "high res" photo you linked to. And its not in colour!! Could this be a "Colour thing"?

Magazine R AS11-37-5433 to AS11-37-5555 is composed of 123 color images (107 surface; 16 orbital; 0 other)

The roll in question can be found here, in the Apollo Image Atlas
70mm Hasselblad Image Catalog

Apollo 11, Magazine R
Images AS11-37-5433 to AS11-37-5555
We can use the catalogue in order to find the most close shots, and once we got them, we can try to find the better resolutions available, if you agree

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posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by macr59

Welcome macr59.

Regardless if this turns out to be anything or not ( I am sure the wise minds on this site will sort this out) I applaud your research. I too often spend hours and hours sifting through available material hoping to find some clue, but seldom do.

Great research. Keep up the good work.

Sometimes the proof is right under our noses, hidden in plain sight.

Keep digging! regards.....kk

EDIT TO ADD: And Wow for Internos to be interested, this is no small find!

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posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:21 PM
If it's not in the High res, but it's in the regular version, it's much more likely to be a artifact.
Can't mess with the pic myself, at a work computer.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:32 PM
does look to be artefacts from the compression. the higher res version doesn't have the same

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Looks like jpeg artifacting or smudging introduced while scanning from the slide (or print). Note a similar effect on the shadow of the lander. It is also visible to a lesser degree at the very top edge and in the shadow on the lower left. It even shows very faintly in the middle region of the "sky".

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:39 PM
Thanks for all the digging guys. One question - why is the High Res photo not as clear as the one on the NASA site??

And as for the originals shown on the Lunar and Planetary site, they look very doctored to me!! Just look at the horizon on image 5454 and you'll see the difference.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 05:40 PM
Pretty neat stuff. I suspect there is stuff on the moon that we don't know about because the astronauts dropped many hints and winks and nudges indicating they could not speak in a detailed manner about what they were seeing. Maybe thats the secret some of the astronauts have been holding onto for 40 years.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 06:00 PM
Well, in according to what we have so far: the only image showing the formations in the background is the one of the op:
i've superimposed two versions of the original: the one of the OP and one taken from Apollo 11 Image Library

the darker one, is the original of the OP, the brighter one is the one from Apollo library: i've noticed that to the left, the darken area has some BLUE coloration: blue is NOT a natural color on the Moon (as far as i know, lol), and the color of what we see in the background of the brightened image of the OP is blue.

A VERY importan detail, is that the image of the OP comes from an anniversary edition: that specific image, is not part of a series:
this is the direct link to the image:

i mean, it may have been a special edition, a scan made for that specific circumstance, even if i don't see why.
Anyway the fact is that THAT specific image show artifacts that in all the other versions from archives are not visible: and we have NOTHING to compare it with, since its unique, while we would need an image like AS11-37-5455 which shows at least a part of the same area:

In my opinion, it's an artifact, but i would have loved to have at least a chance to make some valid comparison.

macr59, i urge you to keep an eye on this stuff because it was very difficult to spot what you have spotted: it was really a good find, mate

Originally posted by macr59
And as for the originals shown on the Lunar and Planetary site, they look very doctored to me!! Just look at the horizon on image 5454 and you'll see the difference.

Yes, absolutely they can't be used for research, lol: the catalogue is just the quickest way to see a preview of each image: there are more source for good res images, likeApollo 11 Image Library and Apollo archive

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