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John McCain Policies

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posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 02:09 PM
I don’t understand how a man who has his Histories, his Policies and his Family Life messed up could potentially be the 08 President of America. I mean, what is so appealing about the following:

· Bombing on Iran is OK if they are a threat (Note to others: There is NO evidence to show that Iran has Nuclear Weapons and/or are a threat. In fact, it was something like 2003 when Iran removed their Nuclear Weapons, therefore, indicating they are no threat.)
· McCain also once said: “We may even need to keep troops in Iraq for as long as even 100 years” He says it is OK if casualties are low.
· He also says the Iraq War was necessary, achievable and noble (And yet, there has been no indication of Terrorist coming from Iraq in history.)
· Voted YES on the continuation of funding to the War in Iraq
· McCain says that Terrorists etc. hate us because of our freedom and our liberties. (When it’s truly not the case. The truth is, Terrorism is increased and provoked when America decide to deploy troops into their country, and get involved with their policies and disputes. This policy is called interventionism.)

I mainly only touched on Foreign policies, Iraq etc. But that is currently to the best of my knowledge. I am not so familiar on any other of his policies, but know the general knowledge of course. I hear he’s not so good at the economical side of things either.

What my question is, what makes McCain so popular and appealing to the people voting for him? Why is he better than Obama? What Policies do you agree and disagree with?

I, myself, am a huge Ron Paul fan! I’m kind of new to the Politics, but have been obsessive with it over the past few months, and so I’m just catching on.

Thanks for your time!


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