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Miracle on Pennsylvania Ave:Inciting To WRITE

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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:02 PM
Hey all> Finally registered here>lol. Been all around the world in these forums< I think the only way the American People can save themselves now is to regain our voice in the Whitehouse.We have been stepped on and ignored because TPTB own it all < you know> News is not news> it is opinion reporting.They had our presidential nominees all picked out for us.Have you ever seen Miracle on 34th st>?
That's what we need to do. FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD that whitehouse with so many signatures on so many letters they don't have enough mail trucks or storage room. set 3 Mailing dates, 1st time the news would ignore us, 2nd time they would probably make fun of us, the third time we would be hoping it had snowballed enough to really be impossible to hide> even if they send them to the dead letter department Damn it! There would be too many ( because of setting the mailing dates) You see we have to MAKE them acknowledge us and our concerns, open up dialogue on the # we want discussed.
GM Foods, Weather Modification Chemtrailing in general, The sell off of our infrastructure into 75 , -99 year leases to foreign corporations, and now they want to tax us somemore to fix them! Where the hell are the millions and billions you took in on those lease contracts? How smart was it to give up the toll incomes for the States? DHS est. 80 % toll roads, bridges, ports, transportation, foreign owned ? leased.
Yes Virgina The American People Do Have A Voice.
Anyone care to join me & try?

Saddle Up And Ride

A few little things
we all need to know
about the powers that be,

They're not looking out
for the every day joe
like you
and like me

They're so patient
and sneaky
and ooze power
and money
in secret they work
to control
and me

They divided us first
putting up man made partitions
choose a side
get in line
for abortions and religions

At Our fingertips
is easy access
to the world wide web
So Can we join together
and say
what needs to be said?

A miracle is what we need
to get us to unite
Come together
join me now
Get pens in hand
and write

Little Virginia was told
that her Santa Clause was real
I listen to my heart
and know
what I feel
is quite real

Communication is the way
for us to save the day
But to work
we must unite
Be clear
about what we say

Patriot act
instilled fear
in many
a good citizen
good works came
abruptly to

Pick up YOUR flag
print the "miracle" post(inquiries welcome, probably too long to post here)
to your mailbox
with pride
Giddy Up
we're in it together
hold on
it might be a rough ride.

D. J Paulsen

I have a 5 article document that is due for 1st mailing August 8, 2008
encouraging people to copy, paste, print and post. 42 cents a pop to stand up , Maybe be a part of something Big, that later makes you feel good inside.
If anyone posts they would like to see it I will post it here
Targeted Mail dates for Mission Incite to write
Aug 8>>>> aug 22>>>>> And Sept 11 2008

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:18 PM
I know I cannot fit the Whole thing at once> Here is our preamble, LOL

We The People
We the people of the United States of America, and Beyond
In order to form a more perfect union,
Re Establish Justice,and restore domestic tranquility
do hereby petition The United States of America's Government, Including but not limited to The President, Vice- President, And all members of congress,additionally CEO's of the current 5 largest corporations in the world...
To an open investigation, debate and end to the following practices, including but not limited to the articles contained herein That have and continue to impair democracy , encourage dictatorship procedures and protocols, and endanger the health and well being of Every man ,woman ,child, animal and plant form on the planet earth.

Article 1 is quite long I admit, But so is the list of wrongs in the world eh?
There are only 4 more articles, and they are not half as long. I do have other threads where this is posted> LOL not all conspiracy sites> I even have an Australian thread going LOL by Mistake> We LOL ed each other when we realized I had wandered across the pond> In this day and age we all have cell phones, and we all now how to copy and paste.
Hopefully some of you here will join the effort.
PaaatRiot101 Here Inciting to Write!
I will find one of my straight threads to link to document>If anyone is interested> I just hate links that take you to another site > then you start looking there and forget the one that sent you> LOL I will have to pick the MOST boring link LOL so you come back here.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 11:25 PM
OK> I got it> this is complete document>

Let us see does the link work....

I know you'll come back from this one> I use it for the link on purpose, LOL> Copy Paste Print and Post> If possible mail all three dates> Individual envelopes for each family member> heck I'm putting one in for my damn dog, and I ain't the only one including pets.> He has to eat that # dog food. I say U.S. and beyond because I am trying to drum up interest worldwide> because these issues do affect the world>
A merican
R evival
M ovement for
A wareness of
Good &
E vil
D angerous
D eceptions in
O ur
N ation

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