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when i was little i could fly

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posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:35 PM
when i was as a little boy i could fly. well, i should say there was a day in which i could fly, and on that day i flew. i remember it as vividly as if it were just yesterday, and my mother claims that i have been going on and on about this since it happened, although most of that i don't remember. i remember telling my mother and a few other people scattered randomly throughout my life; girlfriends i was close with at the time, best friends, and even a doctor. the results and their reactions don't really matter, but to be clear they were usually different then you might expect. some would faithfully believe me, unquestioning due to either honest and sincere trust. Others were not so accepting amidst their exterior belief in my stories and gave me the pat-on-the-head 'boys will be boys' syndrome. i don't know whether to take the latter of the two reactions; as a compliment or to be offended that they would assume i would say (much less experience) something like that and believe it myself, wholeheartedly, if it weren't true. i'm very intelligent and if you know me you would understand that i've never put a lot of stock into what people think about me. i'm solo most of the time, i like doing my own thing. i don't like being lonely but at the same time, i'm comfortable with who i am. that being said, i will say this: i am slightly offended when people "believe" this particular piece of my history for that one reason alone. i don't care when someone pretends to because they honestly couldn't possibly care less, that's actually pretty polite, considering. but when someone "believes" me verbally on the exterior but i can sense they think i'm blatantly lying or outright crazy, it pisses me off for obvious reasons. there's no sense debating the actual issue with them, but at least be upfront with me about, that's my opinion. don't patronize me for the sake of conversation, i'm not some nut and i'm not a child. i tell this story because it really is true in my mind, and i really hope you can understand that i'm intelligent, socially accepted (even revered, sometimes), and my mind is in top shape. i say these things because i really want to stress that i'm not making this up. i know it may sound as if i'm stretching to get people to believe this as i write but the truth is i'm trying to give u a clearer picture of myself and how profound i believe this event to be. i also find it to be amazing and enjoyable, so here i am writing on my computer as an outlet i suppose. an outlet for something that's been stuck inside of my mind for a very long time (with the exception of those times i divulged a tidbit to the random person here and there during my life) as well as an informative entertaining read for anyone who so chooses. i feel as if i have already stretched this introduction as far as possible, so i'll conclude with this: when i was a little boy i could fly.

let me elaborate.

when i was a kid i lived in new jersey, paulsboro to be exact. it was a lot like every other lower-middle class suburban new jersey neighborhood. my school was right across the street, my two best friends lived within shouting range (one in the apartment above mine, one three houses down on the corner) and the candy store and arcade were the perfect distance away for a nice bike ride. i was a normal kid, in every way. i remember me and my two best friends jackie and raymond would play ninja turtles in my backyard, ride our bikes around the school when it was closed, and wait for the ice cream man. i lived in four apartment house, but it was huge. the front of it had all four doors next to each other and a big porch with a big wooden set of stairs going down into the front yard. i lived in the very first one, a ground apartment. i spent a lot of time with raymond and jackie, and other then that my life was full. i went to school, i was active in martial arts and t-ball, i watched a lot of tv and played more then my

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:35 PM
of super mario brothers 3 (at jackie's house upstairs, because my father didn't condone owning a game system unfortunately, boy that backfired on him later in life). the day i learned to fly was a normal day just like any other.

i've gone over it a hundred times in my mind. i was not or hadn't been sick or with a fever anytime remotely close to that day. i've considered the most heavily that it was perhaps a dream, just a very vivid one i convinced myself was real. this i do not believe to be the case, and i'll explain why in more detail in a bit. i was on no medication at the time and had never been up to that age. i was not medicated, fever-delusional, or dreaming.

i remember when it happened saying to myself that obviously i was dreaming. i remember doing small tests to see if it was a dream, like i had seen on tv. it is the known cliche in tv's and movies for people to say "pinch me, i must be dreaming." well as a kid watching lots of tv like most kids that age i absorbed everything and remembered that. i pinched myself a lot, hard. i did not wake up, as silly as that sounds. i stood in my room pinching myself all over, and i remember even trying to pull my hair. i thought the stingy feeling of the hair being plucked would surely wake my body up, but alas all i had was a piece of stringy brown hair between my fingers and nothing had changed. i also considered since i wasn't in my bed sleeping i wasn't dreaming, but thinking back that's pretty silly child logic. kind of cute actually. if it were a dream i could have been sleeping in my bed experiencing all this out of body, or i could have woken up and gotten to that point. dreams are like that, they can go anywhere, so checking to see if i was there sleeping really wasn't of any use, but i did it anyway. i remember throwing back my covers thinking i was going to be able to wake myself up but i wasn't there. this is when i started to think perhaps i was going a little insane.

so here i am, little me pinching myself and pulling my hair, trying to find myself in my bed to wake myself up. a little frustrated, i went out into the kitchen. i said (and this is word-for-word, ask my dearest mother) "mom, i can fly." she was used to me being outlandish and i had a wild imagination at that age, so she responded simply "oh yeah? let's see it then."

i stepped in front of her and put both feet out just like i would normally standing there. about 6 inches apart, feet straight (well, pigeon-toed me) out. i was about five feet in front of where she stood. i smiled at her and stood there. the smile turned into a look of concentration, while just stood there and beamed a big momma bear grin back down at me. the look of concentration turned into frustration. i remember when i was even younger i would do this thing where i would make my face red and show people by forcing the blood up into my head. you like just tense your head up and push really hard, i'm sure most people have done this. anyway i got in trouble for it and my mom used to say i was going to give myself an anerism. she said to me as i stood there "i thought i told you to stop making your face red. you're head is going to pop off if you keep doing that."

i relaxed, and asid "did you see? did it do it?" but in truth i already knew the answer. what happened to me about an hour ago when i was alone in my room had convinced me that if i had done it, she'd have definitely noticed. and freaked out. that's what i was going for, i was that kid that always had to freak his mom out. defeated, i sauntered back into my room. once i was inside and the door was closed, i started to fly again.

i'll be completely honest with you. yes, since then i have tried to fly alone in my room with the door closed. maybe once every two years ill be in a weird mood and ill do it in the shower. or i'll be drunk on news alone after a party and i'll try it real quick then stop and feel foolish.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:36 PM
it is also important to not that i remember no dreams from when i was little except the basis of what they would be about. like i remember having a stint of kidnapping dreams which had me scared i was going to get kidnapped, and that was a result of watching a scary movie. but i couldnt tell u details of these dreams because i dont remember them. i remember dreaming about this cave i would explore, but no details. just that i really liked the cave dream. i've also never had a sleep problem nor problems with sleep walking, and i have lived with four girls intimately in my life who have complained about me thrashing or dreaming or snoring or drooling but never sleep walking. this is important because i'm convinced what happened that day was not a dream, and my mom remembers me coming out and asking her to watch. she says she honestly doesn't believe i was in my room flying, but that that day definitely really took place and i came out and said all that to her. and since then apparently as a child i told several people about this (according to my mother) but never told anyone my dreams as a kid. i'm convinced it wasn't a dream, but it's so out of the ordinary that i can't just eliminate that as a possibility. i said i would explain more about why i was convinced this really happened and i didn't dream it, and that was all i have to say about that. moving on.

i know i'm being elusive with the juicy details, but learn to love the build up. it makes the climax all that much better. seriously tho, all of these factors are important to take into consideration because what im about to say next is actually quite simple. the hard part to grasp is that i swear on my life this is the truth, and i believe it really happened with all of my heart.

i remember "hearing" (i say hearing because it wasn't audible, and it wasn't like 'sensing' something, i just kind of felt it, but feeling is a bad word too to explain how this happened) "You can fly if you want to. Everyone and everything can fly, if they really wanted to. You can have anything you really want to." and it went just like that. i remember because i was watching ghostbusters at the time, and my dad hated the simpson's and ghostbusters. i always watched them w/ the volume down really low so if he was coming down the stairs (i even put legos under the carpet so i could hear them clicking as a warning, what a crafty kid i was) i could switch the channel. i was paying close attention to not only the tv but any other sound i may hear. what happened wasn't a sound but i say all this because it's important to note i got this "message" clear as day because i wasn't totally engrossed in the television program, and my attention was taken by this (it was inside my head but not from inside my head, if that makes sense) enough to where i understood what it said and meant. it didn't say those words but that is what i felt, and along with it came other stuff too. like understanding of what the hell it was talking about. basically i blinked my eyes and that was it. in the time it took me to blink all that took place inside my head as a vision (for lack of a better word) and i was just sitting there like "eh?" i remember i sat there for a minute kind of just weirded out that my head seemed to just know something somehow or tell me something inside of itself and i couldn't control it. i got the message but was still a little freaked out. ghostbusters was no longer on my attention agenda.

i stood up and thought to myself, "i can't fly." then i tried. when i say tried, i mean i just kind of thought of flying and i flew. i didn't have to balance myself, or push off the ground or use any muscles or techniques. i just looked at my feet and wanted them to leave the ground and they did. the coolest part was the feeling. have u ever fell from a really high place and it feels like your stomach is still up there even though you're way down there?

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:37 PM
or go up and down a hill really fast driving in a car? as soon as my feet left the ground my stomach got that feeling and as long as i was in the air i wouldn't feel it. actually, if i went up to the ceiling it went away and if i touched something (like a wall or the cieling fan) the feeling sort of half went away. but if i was just flying in mid air, it felt like i was falling down and down and down even tho i was just staying in one spot. i think that's what i liked best about it. since then i've done a lot of drugs and honestly those times i've tried it throughout my life were out of a desire to feel that weightlessness again. i love feeling different ways, be it through chemicals or emotions or anything. i loved the way it felt when i could fly and i hope that i'll feel it again somehow. without landing on the ground really hard, i say that because the feeling was identical to the aforementioned falling or driving on a hill. everytime i fall or go over a hill really fast or jump from really high that feeling gives me a straight up mental flashback of that day and i'll always remember it.

i flew, well i should say i floated, where i wanted to just by doing it. i didn't have to swim although i tried that and it did nothing, i felt foolish. i just went there. it was easier then walking, because my brain just did it. i didn't have to tell my muscles to move my legs i just wanted to go a certain way and i went. i wanted to go higher or lower and i did. i wanted to stop and come down, and i did. i tried going up above my bed and dropping onto it, and it was awesome. i wanted to do the same thing and drop onto my floor but when i tried i could not do it to save my life. i could easily just drop when i was above the bed but i couldn't drop above the hardwood floor. i've thought about this a lot and i think it's because i didn't realize it would have been really loud and hurt me (we had like, 12 foot cielings) so my brain was like "no kid, we're not dropping here. the bed is fine, but the floor is ouch material."

in thinking about this, i wonder. could it have been a higher power keeping me from hurting myself, who had bestowed some really intense moment of personal pleasure upon me? or was this some unexplainable phenomenon in which my brain was more advanced then my concious up to that point and although my child-minded self wanted to drop to the floor, my brain knew better already and overid my motor functions and simply wouldn't listen to my commands for my own good. pretty heavy to think about, but onto the flying goodness.

i had these pipes in my room that ran from the floor to the cieling from the basement, they were heating pipes or something. i remember i flew over to them, went up to the top, grabbed it and slid down like a fireman letting gravity take hold of me again. then i floated back up and did it again. like a kid i did this for about 10 minutes cuz it was way better then the sliding board. i felt like a fireman. other then that i tried to do flips and got really dizzy, same with when i would spin myself in the air too much. i would do handstands pretending to be balancing but really i was just floating alone in my room. i would pretend to do ninja turtle martial arts moves and jump kicks and freeze myself in the air. basically i played with it for a day, goofing off alone in my room. flying.

later on that night my mom told me it was lights out and i went to bed thinking how awesome tomorrow was going to be.

when i woke up i tried to fly and i couldn't. i had dreams i was flying and all the stuff i was going to do with my new power the next day, and i was upset. i remember asking my mom to watch and i couldnt do it with her but thought maybe i could do it when no one saw me and it was still cool, but i just couldn't do it. i remember i even put on the same clothes i had on the day before and tried again before school and i couldn't.

posted on Aug, 3 2008 @ 06:37 PM
i had dreams i was flying and all the stuff i was going to do with my new power the next day, and i was upset. i remember asking my mom to watch and i couldnt do it with her but thought maybe i could do it when no one saw me and it was still cool, but i just couldn't do it. i remember i even put on the same clothes i had on the day before and tried again before school and i couldn't. i remembered how i couldn't do it in front of my mom and even by myself and decided not to tell anyone at school cuz i knew i would just get teased. i told jackie and raymond but when i tried to show them i couldn't do it.

i was never able to fly again.

i hope you enjoyed what you've just read, and you're welcome to ask me anything you want. i'll answer honestly. i promise you on my mother that this is not a work of fiction, and i truly believe this took place. thank you for your time.


posted on Aug, 12 2008 @ 11:00 PM
Well, I have to say, making blood rush to your head does not constitute as flight. When I was a kid I had a great imagination and me and a friend pretended that some dogs in the nieghborhood were dinosaurs, I remember it pretty vividly, I remember the dogs, but I also remember the dinosaurs, they're were'nt dinosaurs obviously, but it was fun to pretend, and in my mind I remember the fantasy of the dogs being dinosaurs, but they were'nt see what I mean?

What I'm trying to say is that as a kid you wanted to fly (either because you thought that would be fun, your favorite hero could fly, or because you felt like you needed to be special, to be excepted or loved, or just to be different), so you played pretend, but the truth of what really happened has been blotted out by the fantasy, so you don't remember the truth, you only remember the fantasy, and that fantasy is flying.

Hope you understand that I'm not being mean or condesending, I also hope I made myself clear (I have a problem with not being able to present my views online very well), I also hope I may have helped with your insight on your past.


posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Very interesting story!

I have to say, your stories seem to parallel things that I remember in the past. I always kept to myself as a kid. I have always been a free thinker. But, I have always had this inkling that I could fly.

I seem to remember flying as a kid, but I write that off as remembering my dreams. Who knows maybe it actually happened. Your stories make me wonder.

I seem to have this one reoccurring dream. Well, its a recurring part of a dream. The part always takes place in a stairwell. It usually is a stairwell of a very tall building because it seems to go on for quite a bit. But, the interesting part is how I always travel down the stairwell.

I get this flying sensation, and I feel much lighter. I then end up sort of skipping from one landing to the other. I'm usually gripping the handrail at certain locations and jumping down the stairs. The odd part is that I always get this flying sensation when travelling down the stairwell. I can't explain this sensation, I just usually take the stairs in big leaps.

This has been a reoccurring dream for me, which I have had dozens of times in my lifetime. I have been having these dreams since I was a kid. It seems to replicate the feeling and memories that I have as a kid, being able to do some weird things.

Now, after studying many subjects, I wonder if I was somehow astrally projecting, or having an out of body experience. If I was achieving this, then I could surely manipulate my movements in my environment. Perhaps I found myself able to exert a high level of control while in a meditative state. I wonder if the common dream of flying is some insight into altered states, parallel universes, or a glimpse into powers available in the afterlife.

Perhaps why these instances seem so genuine, is that they are. Maybe they just take place at another location, just with your mind power.

Who knows, It sounds as if I've been rambling, but this entire subject is quite confusing. Its hard to refute exact memories, but the mind is a tricky thing.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 12:13 AM
Have you seen this thread? If not, you'll find many other similar experiences:

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 12:16 AM
I'll have to come back to this one. Very difficult to read when your sentences are half a page long. Easier on the eyes, if you broke it up into short paragraphs. I will try to read it in full though.

If you're interested in talking about your levitation skills, head on over to the Criss Angel Discussion thread. There's a couple of believers over there .... and they claim no other person on Earth can do this ...

ThreeDeuce - I have dreams I fly too.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by violet

I have dreams where I fly, but the thing is, I don't wake up if I fall and I don't wake up if something happens that should kill me in a dream, I just get up and keep going. The thing that's weird though is if i have a dream that I'm flying or falling and I do wake up, it almost feels like my body (when I wake up) falls on the bed, but I'm pretty certain that my body is just flinching lol.


posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by concretezombie

To be honest, I believe you, I used to with cards when I was little I remember vividly and I knwo i was awake cause i got my brother to show him as soon as I did it. I had 3 cards laying on his bed, a jack, a number, and a queen. I remember wanting them to be in different locations then before I flipped them, then wah lah! I tried it over and over approx 3 quick times then I ran to show my brother. I brought him to our room. I showed him, except it wasn't working, it made me feel so bad because after I showed him I could never do it again no matter how long or hard I tried, until I gave up. No matter what I told myself, no matter what I did or how long I tried, it never happened again. I believe it is possible, it was my brother's doubt that caused this to happen. One other occasion, but I can't rember exactly what it was, something about being able to move things little by little just by will, I think.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:30 AM
I can empathize with your frustration. I have very similar vivid memories. I remember I was in mine and my little brothers bedroom. we were living at my grandparents house in Orlando at the time. Anywho, i was jumping off our bunk beds, I was pretending that I could fly and hoping very hard that I could. Then all of a sudden after I had jumped off the tip bunk for about the sixth time I started to fly( well float actually). It was like someone had caught me in mid air and was holding me there. I started calling for my mom but as soon as she walked through the door I fell out of the air. I remember staying afloat for at least 6-8 seconds. It might not seem to be very long but its doesn't take that long to fall from a 6 foot high bunk bed either. But like you I have always wondered whether or not I had been dreaming, but the memory is just to vivid to off been a dream.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:24 AM
Ok, I've read your full flying story now, and think you were dreaming, and it seemed real because you were a child and children fantasize in a way superior to that of adults. I did the same thing, as a child, falling asleep I sometimes felt very light and felt I was floating, and began to drift off to sleep and dream I could fly. I remember liking it and not being scared and just going along with it. I think I did this from about age 5 to 8 yo. I don't recall it happening again until I was in my 20's. So as I felt this familiar feeling of floating (and having no recollection of going to sleep, and feeling completely awake) I expected it to feel 'nice' again. It didn't. I somehow entered the most terrifying nightmare, being scared because I believed I was awake. Something happened which I don't want to discuss, but I somehow snapped out of it and convinced myself it was all a dream.

Since that episode, I don't ever want to have that dream again. I'm ok with having dreams of flying, where I know full well I went to sleep, but not this feeling of uncontrollable 'weightlessness' and feeling I'm awake. Possibly it's sleep paralysis. It seemed this SP could happen if I went to bed not really being dead tired, which as a child you tend to do - get told to go to bed when you don't really want to. Although I've had this SP occur in the middle of sleeping, where I awaken to it. I don't go to bed now until I'm so tired, that I'll fall asleep within minutes. Anyways this may not be the case for you, or anyone else for that matter. I don't really know what it all means. The flying parts were dreams, and the sleep paralysis as an adult could be caused by some risidual trauma.

posted on Aug, 20 2008 @ 04:28 AM
As a kid I would have dreams where I was flying. Dream analysis says that flying dreams are when you are most happy. It's not that I am unhappy now, but I think the whimsical part of being a kid has to do with the yearning for that type of freedom more than an adult. I also felt part of it to be of -I believe to be-OBEs which I have not had very often, but had more when I was a kid.

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