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Strange ufo dreams.

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posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 11:30 PM
These dreams are somewhat recent. (within the last few months)

Also my dreams are EXTREMELY vivid except I have a hard time recalling them.

So Im seeing the desert from 1st person and there is a little diner it apears. And a small water tower next to it.

Then I see this red ball of light floating around it. (Small like 1-2 feet diameter

Now im in this house and the side wall has been ripped off, and the red ufo is flying around outside. It was trying to hurt me and I dont remeber if I was shooting at it or not. However after minutes of terror, its dies.

However when it falls to the ground it is a toy. It specifically has the brand stamed on it "Matel" or how ever its spelled.

Im so confuzed.

Now im at my house. And im ultra panic. The ufo is going to self destruct. And some how I know its going to be a massive explosion.

So I run out to the car and Im driving except the town is different. It seems to be in the past or future...Im not sure. My house appears to be somewhat in the past and somewhat in the future.

I drive and im driving down a road except this road isnt a road thats in my town. The time is running down on the timer, and I throw it out the window and drive away fast. Now im by a very small town thats about 15 miles from where I live. Except where the river crosses is jungle like, With a rope bridge.

I drive back and see the explosion marks and somehow know it was neuclear and so im holding my breath as i drive by.

Thats basically all for that dream

DREAM 2- (this is shorter)

Im laying on the ground at night with some friends relaxing when I see a ufo fly pretty low right over me. Its brightly colored and beautiful. Except it stops and I feel like its trying to take me except I panic and try to get away so it leaves. All im think about is how amazing it is and what not. Now, Im so confuzed. All i want to do is get back home so I can write a report on ATS about what happened.

Then I wake up and realize its a dream rather baffeled.

Would anyone like to give some input for me.


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