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The maybe omen

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posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 11:12 PM
Osama is off by one letter to where it wouldnt be Obama. Letters are opposite numbers. Could it be an omen? That Obama's vote count shall be off by one number to the general election count?

"s" is the 19th number. "b" is the 2nd number. So if off not by one vote in basic, then off by 19 votes or 2 votes?

If Obama doesnt get elected then maybe one race would be fueled to battle anyone even slightly showing racism. Plus, Osama would be of focus to where maybe it would be like hatred rules the U.S. Hatred maybe for the Middle Eastern ppl just because Osama was blamed for 911 and hatred for White ppl just because Obama lost by a hair basically (which would draw reasonable suspection of racism perhaps). Or it would be all see though and the only hatred would go toward the government maybe behind the blame game where they make it look like Middle Eastern ppl and the White racist are to blame.

What do you think?

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