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Conspiracy for or against the Confession or Denial

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posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 10:37 PM
1. Do you think the Anti-Christ will confess being the Anti-Christ when here? Why would or wouldnt there be a confession by the Anti-Christ?

2. Do you think the Christ will confess being the Christ when here? Why would or wouldnt there be a confession by the Christ?

3. If they did confess themself to you would you deny their truth? If you deny them after they confess in the most unexpected way, what do you think happens to you? Like Tribulation?, Death?, Hell?, or Paradise? And why to your answer?

My closing comments of my two cents I'd like to throw in here:

I take it most ppl are conflicting. They put on a good front like they accept Christ, but when push comes to shove to where Christ is right before them in the most unexpected way (example: through a stolen name of the supposed Anti-Christ foretold by a so-called prophet), I bet they'd deny Christ whole heartedly even if it were the only simpliest of ways for them in particular to get into having everlasting life in paradise. They'd go as far as to not answering any questions Christ set for 'em through the internet which only they'd get gathered with.

If Christ comes as a thief, then I bet those who knew that very info would face it as a snare. As to what they deny or accept is on them alone when it comes to a snare the whole world gets to face. Dont ask who pops in and out however if they are who you'd least think or not. I'm sure Christ would tell you in trial one to where if you dont bypass the snare Christ wouldnt tell you in trail two to where then if you dont bypass the snare's other side (second trial) you clearly arent found worthy for everlasting life in paradise since you are self-sealed conflicted manifold to get treated like dung to get gotten rid of.

I also take it most ppl would pick out a person who denies being the Anti-Christ and never claimed to be the Anti-Christ, and say they are the Anti-Christ no matter what. If you've been told not to pass judgement, then the Anti-Christ (who you are not told to figure out--no, you were told just to "count" the number--Ha, most ppl dont even do that because they still go 666 without giving that number any form of a counting. Last time I checked counting takes mathmatics) is supposed to confess on their own themself. If they dont confess, then you are still not to pass judgement obviously for a reason that should keep you in the clear. If you noticed if your mind is set on making an image to the beast, then you are doing what the beast wants. Again, there is a reason why you're not instructed to figure out who the person is that is the Anti-Christ aka false prophet. Do any of you still keep to an image you have of who the Anti-Christ is? Guess you have yourself to blame if you have to experience anything relating to a rush of feeling doom for something you had your forehead or right hand in in accepting or agreeing to that which the bible dare not speak. You notice great things Satan is to say, but you also notice what those great things are is not mentioned in the bible. It could be that Satan is speaking through who in all make an image to the Anti-Christ. It could be something or nothing to even worry about, depening on whether or not you denied Christ in a snare the Lord threw at you.

[edit on 1-8-2008 by Mabus]


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