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Has any one "seen the light"?

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posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 02:41 AM
I would like to recall an experience I had and ask if anyone has had a similar experience. Also there is a movie out in which essentually the same thing happens (,Man sees light in sky, man receives spiritual insight, man dies (this last part did not happen to me though,)) I would like to know the name of that movie. Anyway this is what happened to me.

First thing that happened was I started having vivid dreams about the end of the world, which I thought was cool. Each dream was a different scenario (Spontaneous explosion, alien invasion, etc), allways I had two other companions who were helping me, the dream would always crecendo to a time of seemingly utter hoplessness, and then end.

I stumbled across a prophecy by "Mitar tarabich" in which he prophecies world war three (worst of all three) and then a time when everyone is happy because "there will be no wars". The wwIII scenario fit with my schemma, but world peace I just could not possibly compute.

As no more than a mental exercise I set about thinking "What could possibly bring about world peace?", The Idea when thought about seriously seemed completely foreign/alien/impossible.

I asked my dad "If this prophecy were true, what would bring about world peace", He said "technology", I thought "That just makes things worse". I asked my mum she said "Religion" I thought "That just makes things worse". I really did get quite obsessed about it.

Anyway one night before dawn I was driving(Passanger) along in an old pick up truck. I had been in a hightened awareness, energetic, extatic, ego shattered, euphoric, manic state for quite some time (I was latter diagnosed Bi-Polar). As we were driving along I saw a large light, orb thing in the sky. I thought that this was somehow part of the whole altered state of mind I was going through, I actually thought I was hallucinating so I didn't mention it.

Staring at this bright light I felt a feeling of, knowingness, timelessness, oneness etc, much like the feeling I latter read about in NDE accounts of "The Light".

When the driver (Donald) said "whats that light, it looks like a helicopter shinning at us" I realised we could both see it. Somehow I felt the light was part of some spiritual journey I was going through and was exclusively there for me, so I didn't even mention it at the time. Instead we had a rather mundane conversation.

The light was indeed like a helicopter shinning on us, except the light did not hurt my eyes, and a helicopter would have to be flying low to have a light that large, yet I heard no rotating blades. I watched the light as it slowly moved away into the sky, eventually indistinguishable from a normal star.

After the episode with the light I felt the war was over (This hyperthetical WWIII I mean). I felt peace and joy and it was literally an incredibly beautiful morning. I felt like everything had changed ,shifted. I felt like I had gone through a kind of spiritual microcosm of events, that may or may not happen in the future. Kind of like when you see a vibration pattern and you can zoom in on it and see the same pattern repeated, I had somehow tapped into some etheric cycle of peace and caticlism. I had now made it through to the side of peace. I now knew that every thing was allright and any bad thing that had happened (Will happen) was somehow for the best, was worth the journey, I had made it.

Anyway whats your opinion. The only feedback I have had is that I am "special" which is the most non specific, non helpful, innoying answer I can think of. It seems to imply that they know something about me on some spiritual level, or that I know something important on some spiritual level. But I really don't feel as though I know anything about "spirituallity" other than it seems to be live right along side madness. So I would like some serious answers, rather than just more vague wishy washy nonsense.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 08:06 AM
I have seen many things I cannot explain and yes I did have dreams like yours.
I wouldn't have called it a UFO invasion, just a presence that was open and obvious.. also of the planet being reshaped by quakes and perhaps volcanic erruptions as there were areas with lava in the dream but that could have come up from the quakes. I don't know what the point is but I do believe that you saw what you needed to give you peace of mind and prepare you for what is to come.

posted on Aug, 1 2008 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

Yes I think so too. This happened quite awhile ago, I am in a much different space now though, I kind of forgot about the whole thing.

Thanks for your reply.

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 05:43 AM
Well after reading your post i wanted to add that i personally think that what you experienced was nothing more than well.. light. Nothing prfound. You gave me the most vital piece of evidence for this when you replied i was later diagnosed bipolar. Now before everyone on ATS decides to come down on me and get all freaked out like i am hammering the bi polar kid please dont. I wanted to post this to help this individual.

Several things to keep in mind here. First someone else saw the light and wasnt affected by it. Secondly your bipolar which means you are prone to emotional highs and lows and things that can bring these episodes on can vary widely. The fact that you saw something that caught your attention and further your very vivid imagination allowed you to experience this post euphoric feeling. This is nothing at all uncommon for bi polar people. Now i am not calling you a freak or anything like that. So please do not be offended.

Personally i am not objecting to the possibility that unexplained things happen to people but i always look and think rationally first. I try to find a real explanation to things first. If you do not seek to understand your experiences then your experiences will easily lead you to belive things that are fake. You are very prone to falling for trickery and being decieved because you do not question things logically. You immediately assumed this light had to mean something based on your "feeling" you had. Yet you do not realize that being bi polar means you cannot always trust those feelings. My advice is keep your head and try to think what is most logical about my experience. Now if the other person with you shared this same exact feeling then you would be right to think something supernatural was going on.

Also spending time researching things like the end of the world i can understand since your having very profound dreams about it. Instead of trying to find clues on the internet to support your dreams try talking to someone about why your having these dreams. Most likely and i am very serious about this, the dreams are your minds way of telling YOU something not prophetic but rather a warning for you to heed about your life. Dreams are often our minds way of dealing with stress and emotional issues we are having. The symbolism in dreams have meaning. It would be worth exploring what these symbols mean to you. I used to have same kind of dreams when i was a younger man. I also spent alot of time researching and living in a world of eschatology. Finally i gained wisdom. What did i find out. Well that the end of the world is coming. All things end. I wasted alot of my life worrying about it. My end may come beofre the rest of creation and there is nothing i can do about it. Life my friend is more important of a subject to cling to than the death of everything. If all that is should cease tomorrow then whats important is how you lived today. If as it seems your a follower of jesus then also know this. Jesus didnt want you to worry about the end of the world. Man has been doing that for centuries, before him and after him. I personally think his message was a message of today. How to live now, becuase no man is guaranteed a tomorrow. Enjoy all this is for now because it wont last. Eventually everything fades and all is lost. So it must be.

posted on Mar, 18 2010 @ 07:01 PM
The name of the movie is "Phenomenon".

George Malley (John Travolta) is an amiable auto mechanic whose "everyman" life is transformed by a strange flash of light he observes on the evening of his 37th birthday.

Over the course of the following days, George starts to experience an extraordinary form of genius-level intelligence, rapidly absorbing vast amounts of information, formulating new, revolutionary ideas, and even exhibiting telekinetic abilities.

There was a attempt at a second movie "Phenomenon II" which was a made for TV movie, that was basically the same movie with a sub plot involving the NSA that the original did not have.

I suspect that the story had a large amount of "Artistic license" taken. But on the other hand it is logical for "special" gifts and people to be monitored, and or "harvested" for information by clandestine organizations.

For my own experience with the "Light", some of the things brought up in the movie have a basis. But again as in the movie, there were no real answers as to how and why. I believe this is the way its suppose to be. You can accept, or reject, its your choice.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 12:57 AM
If God himself came down from a cloud and told me to, I would never watch a movie with John Travolta.

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