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12 Step therapy AA - church to win new souls?!

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posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 04:19 PM
Very recently I have made a huge step forward and decided I have to quit smoking weed. I have been smoking for quite some years, came to a point where it was very hard for me to stop smoking weed just by myself. I realized that I needed 'professional' help and registered for a rehab clinic. The therapy they offer is based on the 12 step therapy by Alcohol Anonymous (a worldwide group for people who have addiction problems, started for alcoholics in 1938, but nowdays anykind of addiction is threated with them 12 steps). I had my intake conversation, all sounded good of what was explained on the type of therapy, that it is spiritual based, but surely not religious.
Now what you should know is that I was not brought up with a religious background, though both parents were. My parents decided not to get me baptized od go to church every sunday morning, so that I could choose myself when I was getting more mature to see if religion is something I would want to get deeper into. (I decided not to go deeper into religion and think for myself.. Do not get me wrong, that I don't respect people who do believe in any kind of religion! People are free to believe what ever they want, I respect that..
When 12 step therapy started for me, I was in detox for a few days, then placed over to the group where I was supposed to spend time and therapy with for 7 weeks. After the few days of detox (what for a weed smoker is not enough as the THC, the subsance that makes you stoned/high stays in the body (fat) for about 1,5 month) I noticed that a lot of people in my group were continuously reading the bible, no, not the 12 step ' bible' but the 'real' one. Now there is nothing wrong with that..
I had some light discussions with some about religion and believing and stated that I don't believe in institutes like church. I won't go any deeper into that as it is not important of what my actual point is, where I will come in a moment as my story needs a little more (background) information.
Two days after the peacefull discussion I was called by a staff member of the clinic to have a conversation on my opinion on religion. I told what I think and how I feel about religion and that I never got that from the parents (as they were kinda love, peace and soul rebelious weed smoking hippies in the '60). The staff member told me that I HAVE to start reading the bible while following their therapy in that clinic and that I have to learn certain religious prayers by head, as the group always started and ended with that prayer. I explained that I refuse to read the bible, for my own reasons and that I will not learn any religious prayers by head (again with all the respect for the people who live by any religion!)
After this conversation I felt pressured on (things I do not want to do or read) and requested another conversation with the staff about this. It became a big issue. I felt like I was not offending people who practise a religion, but offended by them that I don't want to practise a religion. At the end I got send away from that therapy just because of my opinion.

Now finally comming to the point:

I believe (!) that this 12 step therapy (in this clinic where I was) is meant to win souls for church.
They use the vulnerability of people who have addiction (and because of that emotional and other) problems to ' brainwash' them to get into religion. (That was my last statement I made when they told me I have to leave the clinic).
12 Step therapy is according to me far from spiritual. It plays with vulnerability and people 'weaker' then me (read deeper into '#') can be easlily broken.. To me the clinic that I asked for help has a conspiracy with church! (Maybe it helped a lot of people however I do not want to be forced to fill my mind with religious books nor prayers!)

A good thing:I stoped smoking weed since july 10. I didn't need the bible for doing that!

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