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McCain Attacks Obama's Celebrity Status

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posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 07:28 AM
McCain camp compares Obama to Spears, Hilton

John McCain's presidential campaign on Wednesday released a withering television ad comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, suggesting the Democratic contender is little more than a vapid but widely recognized media concoction.
"He's the biggest celebrity in the world, but is he ready to lead?" the voiceover asks, noting the Illinois senator's opposition to offshore oil drilling and suggesting he would raise taxes if elected.
It was the latest effort by the GOP hopeful to cast Obama as a lightweight with little experience in leadership or governing. It also was risky for McCain's campaign to both acknowledge Obama's worldwide fame and depict it as a weakness rather than a strength.

I like this strategy. It's become quite obvious that Obama is the media's darling. It's a great idea to turn this against him by putting him on the screen with other media darlings who obviously aren't qualified to be anything other icons.

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