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Are the biggest Rascists Obama supporters?

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posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 09:34 AM
Sigh...I know im gonna get flamed for this one up and down.
But, you know, I dont really care anymore.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I am not a rascist. Im a humanist, i hate all humans equally

But seriously, I personally consider Martin Luther King Jr, one of the greatest americans to ever live. He is a personal hero of mine, and I consider him one of the most morally and ethically correct human beings to Ever walk the face of earth.
I listen to Hip Hop(the hard core stuff like GZA). I grew up with black people, white people, asians, mexicans, native americans. My best friends are of all races. I would never judge anyone for their skin color.

Thats what brings us to this thread. And this Topic.

Are the biggest rascists Obama supporters? its a GOOD question.
I know not all supporters of Obama are rascist. Some people actually support him for his communist beliefs. Which is fine, because that is why we are suppost to support a canidate, for their Political Policys.

But ive noticed a Growing Trend lately, thats become vast and widespread.
This trend is of people who are voting for Obama purely because he is black, and they believe if they vote for Mccain , they are rascist.
There are people whom, if you tell them "No im not voting for Obama" they will immediantly say "Are you Rascist???" As if that is the major issue here in this election. And to them, it apparently IS the biggest issue. Race.

Trust me, I wont vote for Mccain either, does that make me rascist agianst white people? No it doesnt. I am agianst both of their policies.

If you really want my opinion. Which im sure most of you dont, but ill post it here anyways, despite the fact ive been trying my best to not get involved in this debacle. But I just cannot hold back anymore. So here it is.

I think the Powers that be, the powers hiding in the shadows. Are purposely creating a enviornment where Race is the major issue in this election (not officially, but in reality it has become this)

I think they want to create an enviornment where, when they strike Obama down, that this will cause "race wars" or something of this nature.
DIVIDE + CONQUOR. That is what i think they are attempting to do, is divide all of us along Racial groups, and pit us agianst each other. To facilitate violence and other criminal activity.

I think the main goal of this is, to create such a problem, that thru racial violence (white on black, black on white etc) That their will be so much hate and fighting, that it will further weaken our economy, further destroy any semblance of unity we may have.
Create Fear.
Give police more reasons to invade our homes, arrest people, etc.

Basically a crackdown by the govt on the people. Maybe even try to justfiy further stipping of freedom etc.

I really do see it all as a conspiracy, by the powers that be, to divide us along racial boundarys. To facilitate fear and violence , hatred and ignorance.

So thats why I ask "are the biggest rascists obama supporters?" , is because it has become clear to me, that 90% of Obama' supporters are voting for him purely based on his Race. ANd if you disagree with them, and say "im not voting for obama" they immediantly Instantly call you rascist. And play the Race card.

And being Mccain has little to no support, Im sure these people think Mccain people are all white rascist KKK neo nazi supporters. Right?

In reality Mccain has little support, and im sure those whom do support him are doing it because of his sickening economic policys (thats why im agianst mccain is because of economics) But im almost certain they will painted as "Rascists" purely because they support Mccain.

These are the same reasons I am agianst both canidates, Economics.
But I have been called a rascist already, for saying that I will not support Obama. And i find this a DISTURBING TREND of IGNORANCE.

And i think its time we had a discussion about it. Frankly and Openly.
Please be decent about this discussion. If you must flame me and call me rascist for being agianst Obama, go ahead, But let it be known, I am not a Rascist in any shape or form.

I am a humanist, i hate all humans equally .

Please discuss this like grown adults, and keep it civil.

This is just another reason why I refuse to partake in this election, because its become mainly about Race. WHich is sickening and sad.

This is my attempt to Deny the Ignorance of Rascism. Which has become all too widespread in todays election politics.

Sigh, i have a feeling Im opening pandora's Box with this one. I will prolly regret making this thread but oh well, its how I feel about this situation.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 11:24 AM
My wife told me i was being unfair so I should admit that I was.

If there was any McCain supporters, I havent seen really any yet (maybe im not looking or they are in hiding?)
But for the sake of arguement, if there was any McCain supporters.
There may be a racial sentiment there too but i dont know.

It would be interesting to see what a Mccain supporter has to say about all this.

I know that its a subject full of sweeping generalizations and prejudices, and even making any analyziation of it would be victom of those generalizations and prejudices. So really its impossible to even talk about this crap without being wrong to some extent, (for anyone). But also at the same time, sweeping generalizations are right in a few instances.

Those few instances are what i was worried about. And as more and more people begin to view the world in these sweeping generalizations or prejudice outlooks, the racial tension increases and people start fighting.

Thats really what im afraid of. Sigh, I guess im an idiot tho in a way. Or maybe its just paranoia i dont know. I really just dont want anyone fighting over this crap anymore. Im afraid I will be caught in the crossfire.

I will even admit that despite my best efforts, even I myself am thinking in terms of racial "groupings".

But I think it is most interesting that, Obama has the support of people of all backgrounds.

This is a case of the lesser of two evils. So i cant quite figure out why Someone would call me racist for not wanting to vote for him.

[edit on 30-7-2008 by muzzleflash]

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 11:56 AM
There are certainly people out there that are only planning to vote for Obama because of his race. There are also people out there who will vote against him purely for his race. I think these numbers will even out, making it a non-issue.

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