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How to defeat the mind cops.

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posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 07:40 AM
It has come to my attention recently that the mind cops are gearing up for another war on our own personal freedoms. That aliens and ufos are now becoming more disturbingly common place might be due to the fact that we are getting prepared for disclosure, or perhaps it's all disinformation to spread fear among the general populace and hence make them easy to control? Either way, it is of no consequence anyway because our lives are controlled by governments that answer to the beck and call of private banks and corporations who in turn market useless s*&5 that we don't really need or knew we even needed!

Corporations have more rights then you and I. They have more power, more money, television spots, and celebrities promoting them. Indeed, they have hijacked the word "culture" and have taken it for themselves. It used to mean "the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc." Now it isn't "us" that decides what is culture, it's the corporations. They appeal to the demographics, the latest trends to lure us into buying useless crap. That is our culture now. Nothing more than a cultural desert, filled with empty Pepsi Max bottles, Kabbalah bracelets and funny George Dubya t-shirts.

The way I see it is you only have two choices in this life. You either conform to the way "they" want you to be; to fit in their perfect society of being scared, alone and dying in your beds, surrounded by the useless crap you just happened to buy out of your chosen outlet or you isolate yourself from "them" and become a superperson; reliant only upon yourself, rejecting the society that raised you and going it alone because let's face it; He who cannot live to his ideal, lives more shamelessly then the man with no ideal.

Turn off your television. There is nothing on anyway and it's just filled with pointless reality TV shows and advertisements. Just turn it off. Better yet; unplug it and throw it out your window. You don't really need it. Unless you have some sort of games console, there is no real point in having it. If you have a favourite TV show like Ugly Betty, you could probably watch it on a site like or something.

Make new friends. Sounds easy enough right? It's easy to make friends with people with a lot in common, but try making friends with people with different viewpoints. The worst advice that anyone can give is to seek out people who have the same viewpoint. A group of people with the same views is dangerous and can only invite ignorance. It is best to invite people with different viewpoints, as it encourages debate and the search of truth. And the little fact that they will not BS you will be helpful later.

Become a pain. If something is bugging you or pissing you off, then say so. If someone steps on you, or attempts to make you feel tiny so they can feel tall, then break their spirit with your quick wits and charm. Hell, have a streak of arrogance because knowing that you're better than them is half the battle. One is punished best for one's virtues.

Realise you've been lied to ever since you were born. Ever since you were a wee sprog, they've told you that you could achieve "anything" regardless of social circumstances. And we all know the truth don't we? If you can't cohere to their rigid schooling, you won't get that job you always wanted. Playing the perfect pupil makes you the perfect slave, a little cog in the machine of marketing forces and political nonsense. The potential you can be is something that "they" will never see, as the people who can make a difference will always stand in indifference.

Try to eat healthfully and stay alert. Pick up some self defence techniques. Learn how to grow stuff. Stockpile on the essentials i.e. batteries, long lasting food, torches, matches, first aid kits, insect repellent and a big club. There are more things but I hope you catch my drift.

Don't read newspapers as they are full of lies. Read some decent books and get your news from here. I also read Private Eye which is a classy satire magazine in Britain, so I'm not sure if our cousins have that over in America? Also never ever listen to a celebrity because they are all full of it.

Be wary of the mind cops who try and tell you what to think. Think for yourself and look like you are playing their game, but know to yourself that you are not. That is freedom.

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