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Artificial Super Intelligence Seed released

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posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 05:06 PM
The SAI Seed has been released!

Creation of Artificial Super Intelligence is on the to do list of humanity for a number of decades.
The goal has been elusive, and actually could not even be well enough defined, although a number of particular algorithms where suggested and implemented, including general problem solvers.

The hard development problem arises due to the fact that Intelligence requires automatic continuous and synergetic application of large number of algorithms. In such setting, the slowest components of a system become bottlenecks of processing. Which is also true about the development effort itself, where the inevitable redesign and reintegration bring things to a scratching halt.

The solution that is offered by SAI SEED approach, integrates the design, development, implementation, functioning and management of SAI in one application.

The Super AI developmant work from this point on can be done using SAI Seed in manageably small steps, by many developers in parallel.

It is not literally "manual labor" however.
It requires philosophical insight in many issues, some of them spelled only cursory in the Seed.

The SAI Seed can be downloaded from SAI_SEED download page

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