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The Women's Restroom; and other feminine mysteries

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posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 11:46 PM
In terms of the "nice guy" arguement, fear is required to ignite the deeper emotions, and the more passionate feelings are found at the more survivalistic end of the spectrum. So, even when the guy is "nice" there is no sense of things being "right" and things feel "empty" to the woman, usually they feel more like the mother that their boyfriends never had, and if they cheat usually they go for the father that they never had. When people find thier "soul mates" - its usually the brother/sister that they never had (and usually a strong genetic connection creating the sense of connectedness, thus, why these relationships are not designed to last either).

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Could not find the article I was looking for but this one is a response to it. The site is so hard to navigate. Not sure if there much truth to this but I found it rather funny. Kind of long though: A responce to why women marry for money while men marry for looks article

posted on Apr, 12 2011 @ 03:30 PM
I like to have relationships with men who I can dominate.Plain and simple cut and dry.I am into watching dude movies can't stand chick flicks.I watch action/adventure , scifi/fantasy , horror/thrillers basically any movie with gratuitous violence,guns,blood and gore.I am your atypical woman that my dad has taken to calling me his x chromosome carrying son.I don't like the touchy feely , mushy gushy , trying to land the perfect male representative movie also known as the typical chick flick.I like getting gritty with doing automotive work,I like to build things with my own hands.I am the most atypical woman in my family the others mostly take to letting the male do the heavy lifting for them.You could surmise that being said I could be an amazon type of female.

But the main thing is to each it's own.

posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 07:19 PM
I have a question for the women of this thread and it is a serious one and one that I hope is not deleted as I do really want an answer and my question is...Would you have intercourse with a man who has peyroines disease and would you marry a man who has it? I've never asked this question to anyone in person and don't plan to but would like an answer so I'm asking you in this forum.If you do not want to post your answer then send me a messageBe mmuch appreciated

posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 09:13 PM
I find that the guys that are jerks typically tend to be overly attractive. Since they are so attractive they can be mean or nice and people will always want to be around them. They don't know a whole lot of pain. Guys who are nicer are typically either average looking or not so attractive. They are nicer because they cant do whatever they want and always have people. They are more exposed to rudeness and rejection. But girls tend to go for the guys who are attractive because they let their desire for looks overtake their judgement. I don't date guys who are zac efron attractive because typically they aren't the nicest. Also these attractive guys tend to be more outgoing and that's something women like. The also know how to charm a girl because they've had experience with so many girls since they are attractive. Now obviously there is exceptions to what i'm saying but that's just kinda my theory on it. a reply to: theendisnear69

posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 09:17 PM

originally posted by: daddyroo45
From what I have gathered over the years,women are far more sexual than their male counterparts.Although women seem demure and taken aback by sexual connotations,they are actually the seething,firey embodiment of sexual passion. In situations where coupled relationships allow multiple partners the women are more apt to frequently engage multiple male partners.While the males usually limit themselves to one extraintimate partner,then attend to their spouse/partners desires.

My question is: (This is to all the women posting here) Would you be more open to experimentation if you knew your spouse/partner supported the experience?


posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 09:53 PM

originally posted by: theendisnear69
I would like to know why women always pass up the good guy and go after the (snip)?

Seriously why do they do it? Maybe they have some fantasy about bad guys that turns them on.

Women always say O I can't find a nice guy. And those of us who are nice are standing right in front of them

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I am going to skip (most) of the language about our culture "sexualizing and objectifying women" and just say that while that does happen, and plenty of young girls buy into that there is a reason why they buy into it, at least for a while. Sex and attractiveness are the most efficient tools women have to control men. In related news... Pretty girls have a leg up on status among their peers. Having said that, it comes down to...


If we can get the "bad guy" to turn into the "good guy" for us then we are Just That Pretty. Most women don't like to admit this. Most women also grow out of this by their mid 20's at the latest as they realize why they are doing it and that it is A. Really Shallow. and B. Nobody is that pretty (and even if they are most men aren't that stupid or if a man is that stupid he is even more shallow than you anyway, so he'll get bored in about a week and a half).

On another note, regarding the OP. The rise in really misogynistic language you are seeing on ATS is related to what seems to be an influx of new members (and spattering of older members) that are Men's Right's Activists, or at least influenced by the rhetoric to some degree.

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posted on Oct, 5 2014 @ 10:18 PM
To say it short and sweet, I have always found that I find a man to be attractive when he shows signs of being able to determine what he wants, and go after it in a focused energetic way, which includes faith and endurance.

That is something that calls to me on a deep instinctual level, as an effective provider needs that quality. I don't want a dreamer with ideas he hasn't the drive or focus to make reality. I don't want one that has ideas, but burns out quickly on their realization because of lack of endurance. I want to support and go with him on the realization of his dreams and plans.

This shows when he decides I am what he wants, and he is willing to work patiently and with effort towards that goal, despite whatever challenges or obstacles arise.

I also find it attractive when the man is a bit egotistical- in the sense of tending to protect and defend his body, his possessions, his ideas, no matter what the environment or entourage says- which explains some of the bad boy attraction. The rebel of society desires to be his own master and authority.... but after high school, it becomes clear whether they have the other (forementioned) skills, and make that constructive.

Who wants to be the "other half" of a man who sacrifices himself and what is his, too readily? Not me.

I like a man who shows that he is not too quick to jump in bed with me. Who has some sense of self preservation, self respect, and recognition of his own emotional vulnerability. It is attractive when he has some sense of need for stability in a relationship, and is master of his own reproductive drives. That man is more likely to be a reliable and loyal mate.

I am completely turned off by men who talk of women being impossible to comprehend and maddening. That tells me they do not understand their own feminine side, their own emotions, or the value of their own imagination. The value of "fantasy" and imagination in setting goals and creating your life is incredibly important in a life partner.
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