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My Abduction? - Story

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posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 01:09 PM
Hey people. I'm a guy just happened to find this site while I was trying to figure out the whole 9\11 thing. After about a year, more or less not using internet, I came over some really good videos of aliens and ufo's on youtube, and I decided to find out more about the subject. I've had a summervacation now for about 2 weeks, my profession is a fisherman. But I've been working at a warehouse lately, because there was no fishing during the summer, and the boat is at dock in a city in Norway called Aalesund.

Anyway. As I mentioned, I've had a summervacation now for about 2 weeks, and I've used nearly every day of this vacation online trying to find good solid proof UFO's [or IHA as I like to call them] exist. IHA stands for Identified Hovering Aircraft. I've seen a lot of movies on youtube, and a lot of documentaries on videogoogle. I really started BEILIVING that they actually excist, like in my heart. OK.

Here's what happened. As I've been watching all these 9\11 documentaries, all these NWO documentaries, all these RELIGIOUS documentaries, I started to get a real grasp of whats REALLY going on in the world. So I made a blog, for my friends also to see and learn about whats actually happening out there. I felt like I got more and more intelligent, and then I stepped across the path of UFO's.

LAST NIGHT, 28. July 2008, at about 03:30, I was about to go to sleep, when I felt 100% paralyzed. I don't know if this was just my head going loco for all the information I've put in there, or if it actually happened. I remember feeling scared as hell, and the feeling of beeing violated in some way. Then I heard a PING sound, and I felt like I was no longer in my bed. The next thing I remember, is that same PING sound, and I'm back in my thinking, ok.. it's alright. Then I came back to my senses, kinda like woke up, and I felt like I was swirling inside.. dont know how to describe it, I'm not english or american.. but it was like things went spinning really fast.. inside of me. Then all these "memories" came into me, not in my head, but from my chest somewhere. It was like I could remember that something had happened, just not really remember it, if you know what I mean.. It was like pushed back into the "old-memory" part of the brain.

I do not know, if this was a dream, a crazy imagination thing, or something real, but I wanted to share it with you on here, and maybe meet up with someone that had similar experiences.

Thats it for now, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about anything.

Best regards. SiggaRocky 24 years old.

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by siggarocky

It could be sleep paralysis, apnea, or any number of things. It could be an abduction. Do you have any marks that just appeared? Did anyone around you see something unusual? There are many questions to ask yourself, including the possibility it was a dream.
Hypnosis may let a fantasy come out as a real experience, so be careful if you go that route. Look for evidence outside of something (burn marks) landing. Good luck on finding answers to what happened.

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 03:31 PM
Yes, it could be an abduction, but no definite way of knowing. You could see a physiologist, or hypnotist. Many people recount 'abductions' under hypnosis.

Or it could just be sleep paralysis. Or one possibility is that, after all the conspiracy things you have read about, it could be your sub-conscious trying to make your conscious mind believe fully in this, and it could have been your mind just trying to fool you..

Good luck.

posted on Aug, 4 2008 @ 06:49 PM
Hey i recognized your story, I was almost asleep when i heard this really weird PING and i saw white light and felt that weird ''gasp'' ->im going in twilight zone feeling''

althoug i instantly was straight in my bed with fear and i can force the gasp thingy on myself ill never forget the PING it was in my head.

And the subconsious explanation, Im just lurking abit and not fully believing but sometimes i get this realisation that im acctually changing my beliefe system if you know what i mean and i back out of it bcause of insecurty.


Ping sound was weird though

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