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Media abandons America

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posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 02:05 PM
reply to post by MidnightDStroyer

Midnight, I don't know where to begin!!!

I'll start, by going down the list YOU provided:

#1...You wrote 'Creator'...if you meant 'God', why didn't you say so??

#2...'Natural Laws'...well, if you wish to believe in the 'Creator' (God) then this is NOT a separate ties back to (#1)

#3...the 'Constitution' assuming, of course, you refer to the American Constitution, or more correctly, the 'Constitution of the United States of America', as originally written over 200 years ago?? Or, do you prefer the Amended version that exists today??? (Have ever READ either the 'Constitution', or even the 'Declaration of Independence'???)

#4...This is all I can remember, from your post (others may link back, of course)...but you mentioned the 'President'....ummmm, doesn't this somehow tie-in to the American Constitution? I mean, wasn't this the BASIS for our system of democratic government, that our Founding Fathers wished to see implemented? The 'President' at the top of one triangle....the "Executive Branch"....and below that person, the 'Legislative Branch". THIS to, in theory, provide some sort of 'brakes' on the vehicle of POWER....but, in addition, a THIRD Branch was created, back in 1789....the 'Judicial Branch'...which we now call the 'Supreme Court'...and which has become too, too Political as to be a joke....or, in the allegory of the Founders...a loose leg in the "Stool of Democracy" (OK, I MADE THAT PART UP!)

((See, I was using the three-legged stool as a comparison, which, I believe, was the intent of the Founders....))

The fact that our Constitution has been Amended so many times speaks to its viability, but also to its been evidenced by the latest Administration, soon to be gone.

Back on target: I do NOT think the Media has abandoned the USA.

I think that certain aspects of the 'media' have conspired to "preach" a certain agenda, that is counter-intuitive to what is actually based not only in our 'Declaration of Independence' (y'all should read this, sometimes) but what is left of our 'Constitution' (read this too....and compare to the "Magna Carta" of the 15th century, if you want to know a little historical perspective...)

When I write "...what is left of our Constitution..." I refer to what the George W. Bush admistration has tried to do to erode our rights, under the Constitution, and its roughly 22 Amendments.

The Constitution was, arguably, a 'working document'....hence, it had the opportunity for amendments. THIS is why it's something to sink into, and try to use, going forward.

Instead, the Bush/Cheny Admistration wished to UNDERMINE the Constitution, to further their careers.


posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 05:31 PM

Originally posted by schrodingers dog
What a person learns is ultimately determined by that person's will and commitment to "look things up." And looking at enough things up to get a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the world requires desire and commitment.

First, some threads are good enough to resurrect.

On this point you made here, most people have very little time to do this research on their own and depend very heavily on their chosen medias to give them the honest answers they seek when they come home from work and relax.

This is not a chosen ignorance nationwide, it's a forced misinformation, but one that I see coming to an end soon. Of course, the methods of misinformation will be in other form, like suggestion hidden in commercials and favorite TV shows, as is already common.
As you said, it's a matter of a person's own determination to seek out truth. But won't it be nice when there are more trustworthy sources for the after-work couch potatoes(most working class Americans)?

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Incredible post, well done.

This isn't just a media and news issue though, it a social one.

The minds of the public do lead the way on entertainment. Millions of people would rather sit in front of the TV with their KFC and watch some brain-dead celebrity than have to actually think about their world and how they fit into it. They relate to these idols because they have slipped so far into self-indulged oblivion themselves. Financial gain and social position are far more important to these people than the world around them.

Because of this, TV companies and news broadcasters pander to it, trying to beat one another with more shocking and sensational stunts and headlines than the other. They feed the public in this need for distraction.

I think this then led to the news corporations being bought out and controlled by businessmen. It is their job to make money, and if that money comes from the government in return for spreading propaganda and keeping the real issues out of the view of the public, then they'll gladly accept.

I do not trust a single thing any TV "news" corporation tells me. The BBC have been caught blatantly lying, and covering-up stories the government wouldn't want them to show, so if it can happen with them, all bets are off.

Unfortunately, it has reached a point where the masses will not wake up to this until it is too late.

That's my opinion at least.

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