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Revealed: one third of Brooklyn Museum’s Coptic collection is fake

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 09:06 PM

A third of the Coptic sculptures at the Brooklyn Museum of Art are modern fakes. Its collection of late Egyptian sculpture was, until now, the second largest in North America. Brooklyn curator Dr Edna Russmann, who is concluding a study of the works, warns that other museums which acquired Coptic sculptures in the past 50 years are likely to face similar problems.

These reveals a problem for all museums and collections and why looters are so dangerous. If the item is removed from its context it hard to know if it an oddity, fake or real.

New techniques however are allowing people to go back and check for forgery.

The acceptance of fakes has distorted our concept of Coptic art. Apart from the sculptures there are no other surviving forms of large-scale art

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