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Five Predictions

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posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 11:08 AM
this is from the Lyricus Teaching Order ....

The primary findings of the Grand Portal can be reduced to four fundamental knowledge systems. They are:

1. The soul carrier function is muted or diminished in proportional sympathy to the species perception of soul.

2. The species is unified at multiple levels that transcend time and place. This unification is essential to its vibrant survival as well as its ascension pathway as a spiritual force that animates and preserves the knowledge defined by the species.

3. The species is innately connected to a vast network of related life forms each based on the biogenetic soul carrier archetype of the Central Race specific to its superuniverse. Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle thereof.

4. The individuated consciousness is orchestrated by the species to produce a knowledge path that leads the species to its creator and upholder. It is this return like a migratory journey enjoined by a fierce tailwind that is accelerated by the Grand Portal.

I think what seperates this from conventional new age teachings is that it willingly bridges science with theology, doesn't deny one or the other.

The primary effects of the Grand Portal can be reduced to three major influences. They are:

1. Institutions of science, religion, and culture are reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as their core, guiding frequency.

2. Government leaders are obliged to restructure their political systems to allow for the integration of new systems of knowledge, specifically of the multidimensional universe and the extended brotherhood of intelligent beings that live therein.

3. Social institutions related to trade and enterprise are reengineered to support the technologies that arise from the discovery of the Grand Portal. These technologies dramatically alter the way of life on a planetary scale. These include soul carrier health, species continuation planning, ecosystem stability, and harmonization of species in service to a planetary educational system.

from the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO for short)..

this group is said to be para-galactic in scope, which is pretty thrilling. especially since most "teachings" found are usually from places like southern Arizona or N. California. (HA HA)

but really. the claim is validated, to my mind at least, by the incredibly sober, mature, and encompassing view that this product seems to have.

it is not for the dilletante, basically. the game being played here is totally earnest, and totally global and futured .

they are describing the progress path of the planet for the next century, and are doing it from a vantage point of off planet experience.
perspective is everything. so is experience.

and for all the Bible afficionados out there (me included of course- HAHA) the Bible as well as many other sacred Scriptures are replete with accounts of these beings.

check terms like Ancient of Days and Elohim (others also) for indications that these beings have been active across the living universe for many millenia.

to me, it seems this kind of teachings is just in time for a planet that's really eager for substance, not BS.

it's also a reassurance sort of connection. these people are ... well.. NICE.

that says it better than anything. if they're nice, it REALLY REALLY helps ... like big time.

The areas of resistance to the Grand Portal are predictable if not avoidable. Resistance is largely predicated on three basic factors:

1. Is particle energy used as a weapon and/or an energy resource?

2. Is religion fragmented or unified?

3. Is machine intelligence managed by species intelligence?

so these would be the main challenges to face up to. not so simple is it?

finally, about UIS's ---

While Lyricus exports the genetic template for a species, the template is not physical or material in structure. Across all dimensions of space there exists a primary field of vibration or quantum primacy.

This field is non-physical but informs the physical. It exists independent of the physical structures of existence, and can be thought of as Underivative Information Structures (UIS).

UISs are sub-quantum and represent the primary blueprint for living systems and inorganic matter. It is UIS that gives rise to the quantum fields that interpenetrate planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe at large.

so this seems to be on the edge of practical, applicable science. also, it seems to be both micro and macro. The GP would have to include both at once.

ok. later .....

posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 12:24 PM
Oba, thanks very much for the information. It gives me multiple springboards from which to do additional research on the internet. It usually takes me some time to digest the more complex aspects of science--physics, and whatnot--but I'm really trying to because I agree with your viewpoint that the big innovation in the next 10-20 years will be the ability of science to finally chart & define the "invisible" realms of spirit, soul, thought, etc. I used to be very interested in the ritual side of magic--mantras and candles & whatnot--but now I believe the key is to research the science behind magic. I think that whatever magic can do, can eventually be defined by science. As I begin to delve into contemporary books about physics, I can see that what they're beginning to do is to scientifically define the mystical--that maybe those mystics hundreds and even thousands of years ago were actualy more on the ball as to how the universe works.

As to the advanced intergalactic or interdimensional beings who were/are guiding us along on scientific/evolutional path...I do believe they exist. I believe there is not one organized group of them, but a bunch of groups with different agendas. Some of these entities are truly compassionate, Christ-like beings--unambiguously good, beings of pure love. But some, I think, are a bit on the amoral side. The problem is that these more amoral beings are more likely to get involved with human affairs than the Christ-like ones. The Christ-like ones really believe in letting humans have free-will, and to help develop their souls with each incarnation. The amoral ones are more similar to actual humans...they are probably very similar to the "Gods" of ancient cultures, such as Sumerian and Greek. Heck, they just might be them. The amoral beings are the movers and the shakers in terms of introducing us to this new technology, science, etc. What is their morality like? Ever see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? They have a very Willy Wonka sense of morality--which I know sounds totally ridiculous, but that's the closest I can come up with.


posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 12:41 PM

the front page looks like a doctor's office .. but ....

I'm convinced that this is an off planet organization.
and that they have been working on a galactic scale for a long time. (been there & done it before)
Terra is a child starting to walk.

posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 12:59 PM
Hi all. See a lot of newbies with lots to offer, welcome all. This is an excellent thread.

Quote by CC: Movies like The Matrix, X-Men, and (I'm gonna get razzed for this one I'm sure) Harry Potter all have more prophetic elements that we can possibly realize at this moment. These movies prepare us for things that will be commonplace within the next 25 years--and more than preparing our generation, they are really preparing the youngest generations (who will have to deal most directly with these new reality concepts.)

This is most astute. In my generation it was Star Trek and the like. See their communicators? Looks just like todays cell phones. Nice thinking.

Have to disagree with Pisky. I have hundreds of books, but I do most of my reading on my computer, and I'm no spring chicken. I think that libraries will eventually be for rare and valuable books, closely guarded.

As a boxing fan I have to ask, is Cassie Clay actually Lalia Ali?

posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by Cassie Clay
Hi, here's 5 "Predictions" I came up with.
1. The Landcape Of The Future City: The standard boxy skyscrapers we are all familiar with will be replaced with designs that look like shards of crystal--transparent, asymmetrical, almost organic-looking. The WTC memorial tower/site is a good template of what these future buildings will look like. The structure of these new buildings will have a hidden function other than mere aesthetics--think "crystals."

Check this out, this goes with what you are saying, for sure.

[Edited on 14-3-2004 by SpittinCobra]

posted on Mar, 14 2004 @ 05:46 PM
Oba: I'm starting to read the site now; good stuff, and very timely for my life at the moment. Thanks!

Spitting Cobra: the thread about the supermetals was very interesting; I do think it was the stuff they found at Roswell, and they've been probably using it for stuff ages before we ever heard of it.

Intrepid: "Fly like a butterfly & sting like a bee"

I think I'll start another 5 "Predictions" thead


posted on Mar, 15 2004 @ 04:30 AM
on my first day on this forum, being all excited and whatnot, I started this line of thinking about the Central Race. (I didn't really want to turn it into a monolog tho. but the art is sure nice and interesting, non?

what I like most about these folks is that they're not only wildly informative, but also seem to be wildly careful & adept at the whole timing perspective.

anyway ...

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