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Emotional Freedom Techniques

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 04:54 PM
This ancient art that has been forgotten by many has touched my life when I happen to stumble on it, while researching on natural healing practices.

This ancient healing practice is 5000 years old, like acupuncture it rely on pressure points but rather than needles it uses tapping.

The short name for it is EFT and it was brought back to life by Dr. Roger Callahan from California and After Dr. George Goodheart use the early version of what is call applied Kinesiology(Commonly cited examples naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, bodywork, homeopathy)

Because the EFT is a way to use the body’s energy to heal many problems it was first applied by Dr. John Diamond’s work in actual psychiatrists, with very much success.

Then Cary Graig mastered the technique and was asked to used it to help VA vietnam veterans that their cases were considered beyond regular medical help due to the nature of the emotional problems, with remarkable sucess.

It can also be use by regular people like me and you and with practice it can help channel the natural energies of the body to help many emotional ailments that can cause serious health problems.

Many of the health problems that we experiences have an emotional foundation, that when leave untreated it can become a serious health problem culminating on long term illness.

I decided to give it a try and I have to say that it is working for me, our bodies have the power to heal itself with the proper procedures, but we can not leave the fact that also many illenesses require expert medical attention, but if we work on our self keeping our energies in balance we can avoid the long painful road to a serious illness.

This link is for the EFT manual that explains how this ancient technique works and how it can be learned and applied by anybody that is interested on natural healing techniques.

I am a strong believer that we humans hold the power to our own well being.

You can find videos that shows how the EFT technique works.

I hope this information help someone in this forums.

This is not a cure for already ongoing medical problems that are beyond the persons control without expert medical care, or help from EFT certified practicioners.

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 10:38 PM
That sounds great. I signed up for the e-mail package and I'll see if it works.

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 07:01 AM
Well is nice to see that at least one person will give it a try, Please MissInformation let me know if if is working for you.

I already have the videos of the classes and if I can help you with any question I will do my best.

I started using it for small things like pain and aches and have not touched a OTC pain relieve in about two weeks.

With persistence is actually works.

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 11:19 PM
They e-mailed me this page but I can't seem to find the instructions. Do you know where they are in this e-mail exactly?

EDIT to add link

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posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 01:24 AM
I'm always looking for new things like this. I've been very interested in things like meditation, chi, various forms of spirituality, ect. all my life. Thanx for this post! I believe I will sign up for this email as well. Again thank you!!

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 03:33 AM
I remember seeing this on some talk show before, actually. I tried to do what they said and it didn't do me any good. Oh well, maybe this is better?

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 12:04 PM
The link now has changed, before you used to get an E-mail with the manual, now they are giving you an E-book type of E-mail.

It reads just like a book.

On the left hand side is the index of the topics, you have the choice of printing the manual.

Looks now like you can print each individual page as you go.

It's starts where it said EFT part 1, that is where the introduction and the letters about EFT starts, is recommended to read the entire first part and learn the basic recipe before moving to the second part of the manual.

It's always good to look at the free videos that the site offers to get an idea of how is applied.

I hope this will help.

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posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by Chelseh

It has been shown in many shows and over the internet, but to get success with it you have to read the instructions in the manual to be able to find the pressure points in the body that are needed in order to work.

When they show it on the TV the people are experts and they already using short cuts of the basic recipe.

I am now starting to get to the short cuts even when I am still using the long recipe.

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 12:32 AM
I found EFT tonight on the internet while searching for ways to get rid of a fear of flying. I have a flight coming up in a couple of weeks. I normally take Xanax to fly. And right on schedule, a couple of weeks before my trip, I start experiencing anxiety and nightmares.
So I downloaded the free manual, and just did the setup/sequence/9 gamut twice in a row. Maybe it's the power of suggestion, but I'm feeling much more relaxed now. Not to mention a slight buzzing on my 9 gamut from the tapping. It's a nice feeling. I'm going to do it regularly between now and my trip. We'll see what happens.

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