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very weird encounters that have happened in my life...

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posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 06:53 AM

i would like to get things that have happened to me out in the i feel this is the best site to get open and varied views on things..

here we go

1st encounter---when i was around 16 years old i was on holiday as i do every year at my grandparents large static caravan in norfolk i was there with my mum and her sister i would sleep in the front of the van where the seats can be turned into a bed.This perticular night early hours of the morning i awoke to scratching/light tapping on the window laying there to petrified to move i managed to get back to sleep only to awaken again to a shiny-green being leaning over me this one had a high ridge running down the length of its face..i screamed it run its hand/single claw from the top left hand side and my face down my face to my chin then i cant remember anything else..when i awoke in the morning i put my hands to my face to check that i was not cut i was ok no marks at all?? why would a being do that???

2nd encounter---Each weekend my mum,sister and myself would stay at my grandparents house. This particular weekend my mum,grandad,sister,and nan went to the caravan i decided to stay at the house with my aunt (who also lived with my grandparents) my grandparents house quite large and is out in the countryside with quite a few acres of land. While asleep this particular night i am awoken in the early hours by the scratching/tapping on the window again.i lay there for a while after the noise has stopped..i hear a loud humming noise like something is landing it quietens down and stops. im crapping myself at this point..i run through to kitchen and look out i know this seems nuts but i see a massive ship the only way i can describe it is like a massive rectangular block there is no noise at all.. i run out of the kitchen in to the front room and look out of the window to see a triangular it travels over the house i can see through the cealing?? i then find myself floating up to the ship i then realise that i am in a field being held on the arms by what i can describe as a yeti with black hair a realy wierd thing is that there are loads of these yeti things all holding people i then talk to a realy blond woman who is not human she says something to me i dont know what...i drift back through the cealing and lay there in my bed unable to move..having images if atomic boms going off and technology i could not understand being prgected in to my thoughts.A female voice speaks to me and tells me that my girlfrend is going to have a daughter??.I look to my left by turning my eyes as i am still paralised and i see the corners of the curtans shut closed...i hear the hum again as if the craft that landed look off then nothing?????.i begin to be able to move again and run through out of the bedroom shouting and screaming in to my aunts bedroom asking her if she just see/herd what happend...she just said no and get back to bed????? since then i am able to know exactly what time it is when i wake up and when i do i get in to a pattern of waking up fo about three nights in a row at the exactly the same time wierd??

my daughter has a very distint birth mark on her head like a v between her eyes? i dont know waht this means?

3rd encounter--at my house in my bedroom i wake up to a dark object that looks like the grim reaper..only to find myself walking with this being on another planet that is very volcanic and being told that the beings have
been on the planet for thousands of years.??

4th encounter-- this was a very scary encounter..waking from my sleep to open the front door and feel that someting was there i run down the stairs to see a blue coloured yeti outside the front door i run and kick it it runs down the road i realise what i have done and run back in and up the stairs i open the window and start screaming at it in this wierd language i do not understand..its back is turned to me till i start scraeming at it turns back and looks at me i then find my

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 07:16 AM
i then find myself waking up????

5th encounter--last year at a local park i see these silver orbs at a place called hylands park i see two silver orbs stationary there for abot 30mins they where quite big no noise...i get the a few people to have a look none of us had cameras the orbs just sat there..i have not found any information about any orbs in or around dhelmsford around that time..

6th encounter--my girlfrends brother and myself vistited hylands again in the same week and we where we would fly our power kites i mentioned about silver orbs that i had seen we look out over chelmsford and see one one of these orbs hover over chelmsford (writtle end) and fly up in to a black storm cloud we did not see it again..

7th encounter-- putting diesel in the van at work i had strange sensation that i was being watched...i look up and see a man in a dark suit with white shirt there was something strainge with his eyes when i looked at him he jumped down like he was going to hunt/me come running at me i felt very threatend ..he run out of sight towards the building (With no doors!!) i run around the building he was gone ??? i ran into the buliding and told my manager he must of thaught i was nuts..there is a camera pointing out to where he would of been but i have not told anyone else they would think iwas nuts how would i report this??? i do work for goverment.

please could someone offer there advice/comments...on these encounters..thanks

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 07:41 AM
Very interesting experiences you have posted there.
Some are possibly just dreams.Others hallucinations.
Millions of people have hallucinations every day and there is nothing wrong with them.
Do you take any illegal drugs?Or are you on any medications?
Have you been going through alot of stress?

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 08:17 AM
did u had something bad happend to u latley?
something that u can't let past?
u know i'm mean are u traumatised lateley?
it can be ur state of mind that is playing tricks on u.

it can be that or neither hallucinations or maybe ur mental ill.

no offence meant but it is a posibility.

greets Steve
edited for spelling

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posted on Aug, 26 2008 @ 07:39 AM
Your first four sound as though you were dreaming, albiet some very vivid dreams. It is quite possible that you suffer from sleep paralysis. This condition causes one to experience hallucinations and remain paralized for a short amount of time. Also your three encounters could be stress and/or drug induced hallucinations. Mind you there will always be things that physics and other fields of science can not solve. The orbs may have been caused by a natural phenomenon or something as simple a silver balloon reflecting light. The strange man in your last encounter could very well be the fabled (Men in Black) lol sorry just kidding. It was probably some wise ass play a prank on you. Remember that none of the planets, (earth excluded), have life on them. The nearest planet out side of our solar system is 10.5 light years away. Remember too, that nothing can travel at or above the speed of light. Therefore it would take 10.5 years for light to reach us. If an advanced alien race did in fact have access to technology that allowed for light speed travel why are they only picking on people for short periods of time and leaving? Would you not want to do something things on this new and unusual planet after traveling for 10+ years. There is a small chance that life could intergalactically travel through what is called a wormhole, (a blackhole that leads to another black hole somewhere else in the universe). The problem with this theory and reaching earth from it is that the wormhole would have to be the black hole " V 4641" which is 1600 light years away. Two, it's tiny, technically speaking, and a spacecraft could not make its way through without crushing its in habitants. I hope this helped.

posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 04:27 AM

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