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I remember life before I was born

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posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: Anonymous ATS
your story is actually very unique and interesting to me; i'd really really REALLY like to talk to you if you ever see this

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 09:45 PM
a reply to: dunwichwitch

I don't think incarnations are linear. When I was about five I had a dream that I can recall with clarity to this day. It involved fighting outside a temple structure, with Doric columns, with short swords and Greek type helmets. The adversaries came out of some undergrowth, after a long fight I got a spear in my right kidney area. A lot later I noticed a brown mark that looked like what the wound would have looked like, its still there. Birth marks should be named, pre life death marks.

posted on Feb, 12 2015 @ 08:44 AM
Cool thread.

Couple things to throw out there. First, I remember that my mother says while I was in utero, about 6 months into it, she saw a red/orange "fireball" appear out of nowhere, roll across the front porch of our home, in through the front door, and then toward her stomach. She told my dad about it, and they both agreed that it must have been my soul entering my body.

On a thread on another forum, I came across numerous accounts of the exact same phenomenon: pregnant women seeing orbs or glowing energy balls heading toward their stomachs/wombs.

On another note, my father recalls very clearly, when he was a young boy, taking a nap in his parents' home. He woke up to a very strange sensation: he couldn't recall whether he was a young boy at home with his mother or whether he was a grown man on the deck of an ocean-faring ship. His solution was to call out "hello" very loudly and if a gruff sailor answered, he knew he was on the ship, but if a sweet lady answered, he knew he was a young boy at home. Of course his mother answered, and he instantly knew he was the young boy at home...the sensation never returned.

Curiously, many years later a self-professed "psychic" told him he was a sailor in a past life.

posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 03:53 AM
I'll add to this thread even though I don't believe my own mind about it at all.

I somehow recall being in a dark tunnel like path, I was traveling very fast at first but at different intervals I would hit thick unseen substances, there was also no air or oxygen. I felt suffocated and the trip through all the different media textures made me feel like I was going to perish before I could escape it or find an end. I would speed up through the thin textures and get slowed down and suffocated feelings going through the thick textures. I was not human but very small and felt bullet, elongated or spear shaped.

I often wonder if this was some kind of weird memory of the trek of spermatozoa.
I know it sounds super freaky and I am a female too but am I the only one that remembers this?

I also recall some odd memory about being able to view my mom before I picked her, I was high up viewing down and there was some kind of other person there as a guide/helper.

I don't recall my birth at all or the womb like many others claim.

My next earliest memory was that of a very small toddler. just learning to stand. I do not have kids so I do not know what age this would be, but I remember clearly that when I stood up it just happened to be beside a piano in one of my mom's female friends front living room. The ladies came running in to see what I had done and they made a huge deal about me and my hitting the piano keys. I remember they had flare skirts on ( like those poodle skirts almost) and flat shoes, but I was on the floor so the flowing skirts and shoes & bobbi socks is what would have been at my eye level.

I also remember getting bathed in the kitchen sink a lot, I had a horrible fear of garbage disposals. I think if i ever made a pooh in the bathwater mom might have been turning it on as she lifted me out of the water. I still do not like them as an adult.
Pretty weird huh?
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posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 08:47 AM
a reply to: cbass
I have kept my previous life experience out of sight, because when i was a child I took it for granted and i didn't think it was necessary to talk about it. I didn't even realize it is so fundamental, because i was busy with my life. Now, for a moment i have stopped in this rat-race world, because someone told me about her experience about being a body and a soul.
I have just realized that i should share my experience, maybe there are other people like me somewhere. The other reason is that, maybe this memory is false and someone can explain it to me how it has ended up in my brain. I have two strange experiences that i cannot explain: one is before i was born the other one when i was a child 4-5 years old.
Before I was born I had an opportunity to choose what kind of family-social-welfare environment i want to be put in. It wasn't asked to me in a form of words, but rather an experience, instant signal like a thought in a presence of a feeling that i cannot describe, but i felt content and a part of everything. I knew that i can choose whatever i like, be poor or rich but i have chosen to live in a moderate environment, so I have been sent to a small town in Poland, into a boy-child in a typical polish family.
I can remember this memory even before I was born, it is very strange, but yet It is there, it doesn't bother me, only makes me ask questions why am I here, sometimes. Through the years I wasn't bothered about it at all, I have only told about it to one friend, that i have trusted and I was sure he won't spread it elsewhere(I am not even sure he remembers it, because we were drinking and i have never had a courage to mention it again), or call me a liar or a lunatic.
The other "out of body experience" was when I was a little child and my soul sort of flew away, I met with a being, and again same feeling of being complex and happy and understanding was felt. I think that being was the same being that sent me on this planet.
I am living my life happily I have a job, I study I have a wife and a little child, but sometimes I ask myself, is there a purpose I have been sent on this planet, or is it some kind of false memories in my brain playing me up? If I was sent here, why? Sometimes I struggle because of this, as a child I knew it's real, but as I grew up I have learnt about psychological problems and now I am not sure, what is it, for years i thought it may be some kind of false memory, now when my friend mentioned she is sure she is a soul in a body, i thought about it again and realized It may be very fundamental to me.

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posted on Mar, 5 2016 @ 12:15 PM
Ok, i have been carrying this since i was born, i knew i was going to be born, how crazy does this sound ?The only person i talked to about this was my son once when i was drunk, probably not the best thing to do or say to your child, well he was 21, im as sure of this, as i am that i am here alive and breathing, i am 49 now and and preparing myself in a few more years, when i die that i hope that i haven't lost faith and belief in what happened to me before, i have been so sure of what happened before i was born, that im sort scared that am i wrong? but know what has happened for a fact, Ok here's what i remember before death, there were two of us, both in the back of a car, in a lay by, cut into like a hill on a very dark road, i was in the back of the car, and there were four or five of us, my best friend i think? was in the back but on the opposite side, i was stabbed in the stomach, and am sure my friend was stabbed or killed to, all i remember is being on the back seat and other people being there but not their faces, and where we were, and what happened, when i was dead, i could here talking like they were choosing lots of things about me, i chose weather i wanted to be a boy or girl, they were either talking in English or a language that i could understand,but i would say English, the voices were not harsh in anyway or male or female, there wasn't any choice on being born it was already a done deal, i was on my way, i remember understanding my parents and what they said, i remember a long way back in my life, toys, being bottle fed, smells, i grew up with a big fear of knives, but had an earge to go back to where i was murdered and was sure it was in the USA, there was a program on tv when i was a kid, called Arthur of the Britons when somebody was stabbed, or killed with a saword, it went right through me like reliving the experience, im sure that i was killed in the USA but i live in the Uk now, as a child i always wanted to go to america and maybe even try and find the place where i was murdered, im 100% sure thats where i was from, as a kid growing up it felt like that i had invaded somebodies body, and it dint belong to me, it pretty much feels like the same today, when i look in the mirror it like i dont know who is staring back, obviously i know who i am im not insane, been living with this for 49 years now and before always felt like to say it out loud people would think im a loony, am i? this is my belief of what has happened to me, why i dont know? i would love to here any stories that are the same.

posted on Nov, 14 2016 @ 02:47 PM
I do not recall picking my family or wealth but, I feel like I did but I just can't remember. What I do remember before just living the spirit world or what ever you would like to call It I kept telling myself that I would remember, I would remember this experience and everything else. To this day I cant remember what everything else was but I hope one day I will. Also Keep this thread alive guys. I am interested and I want to hear some more stories.

posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: icecore36

I remember being called out of a darkness. I was in spirit form as well as this other spirit. It was in a masculine form. He said I was about to leave. I said no, I don't want to go. He said that he was going to give me loving parents. I remember thinking about what he said and in a flash i was gone. I knew I was in a different place. I remember being born. It was cold, cold, very bright and loud. All I knew is I wanted to go back to the warmth. My mother told me when I was born my grandmother was laughing and shouting its a girl! It's a girl!

posted on Apr, 26 2017 @ 08:20 AM
This is why im not afraid to die, the other side must be the better side if we do not want to live in these earthsuites. I do understand that we are all here for a purpose no matter how big or small it is and we need to live our lives the best we can, with that said...I am not suicidal.

However, knowing there is an "other side" or "heaven" as some might call it (then that means earth is hell) makes me live my life different, better.


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