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Will the Black population of the U.S. riot if Obama is not elected?

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posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by Nirujarocks

What's wrong with the question it's completely legitimate and reasonable? A lot of people are wondering the same thing. America is still a very racially divided nation and issues such as this are real - deal with it.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 09:52 PM
honestly everybody should riot if obama isn't elected. personally I'd like to give other countries permission to kick our asses for being stupid enough to vote for mc cain after we somehow moronicly voted in bush twice. Our country can't stand to have another idiot in charge we simply can't afford to elect "another one"

Also out on the streets the onl people I know who want to vote for mc cain are rich people bitching that they are going to get taxed more. ohh boo hoo. you can't go out and buy 3 vacation homes for no good reason anymore and buy your 16 year old kids $100k cars.

posted on Jul, 30 2008 @ 10:19 PM
Do you have any idea that obama has plans on a 50% capital gains tax over 100,000.00 a year


100,000 a year for a family... lets do something called Math

and i'll be conservative

Car payment for 2 cars and Insurance 350 each 700.00 per month
Insurance 100 each per month

Maintainence avg 100.00 per month

Gas 100.00 a week for both (being conservative)

so 2 car household: 1,400.00
House Payment: 1,000.00 median for us, not a fancy house by any means
Food for family of 4 400.00 per month (being conservative as I siad)
Utilities 400.00 per month
Health Insurance 400.00 per month (still being conservative lol)

so that's 3,600.00 in mandatory for survivals as a lower middle class person

now lets add some kinf of a life 50.00 a week per family member that's another 800.00 a month

4,400.00 so far...

4,400.00 x 12 months = 52,800.00

Now lets say you EARN 101,000.00 and Obama taxes your now "rich" ass a 50% Capital gains tax

that leaves you only with 49,500.00

Wait... wait that is... 3,300.00 in DEBT at the end of the year when you make six figure income...

for a family for which I gave

only simple cars to get to work...

No vacations

a 3 bdrm ranch style home with small yeardno basement or 2nd floor or pool

this family doesn't go out to nice restauraunts

I gave them onkly 50.00 each for food or a movie each week... they don't dress nice or live fancy

no private schools, no library no fancy xmas

this family at a 6 figure income is still lower class...

So I ask you genius man... which would do you think wil help you more in life???????

Saving 435.00 on yout taxes when you make 13,000 a year LOL

or once you manage to get a real job, not remaining poor despite your success...

Obama will help absolutely No ONE have more money... he will barely affect at all the super rich in any way shape or form because lets face it 1/2 of 6 Million dollars ayear is 3 Million friggin dollars...

You know what Obama wil do...the poor wil Never, ever as long as they live be able to save money or aquire wealth because the high taxes start at 100,000.00 bucks...

to a poor person that sounds like a rich guy...but really that guy is barely a peck above you at thet tax rate... he earned 10 x the money and gets nothing for it...

That's communism pal... that's a horror...

That's remaining in the Ghetto forever... Obama is the poor mans nightmare because at least now with 2 jobs you have a fighting chhance to escape if you have some discipline...

Right now brothers and whit trash can still buy freedom from slavery...

Under Barack you can never succeede...

and lol... it ain't my problem I'm already there... I'll enjoy my top 5% status forever with that in place, no competition coming up under me to bite my rear end...

Buit you Poor...go vOte for Barack lol... and never figure out why your poor in the first place...but it's right above you there and it's every aspect of life...your NOT THINKING

Take 1/2 of a 600,000 from that leaves me 300,000 that's enough to grow my money every year and get richer and richer forever...

You have to break that 100,000 a year mark aprox right now for your money...not you, your money to start making you money...

you can't ever do that via work...regular work once Obama puts this in place...

and if you think for a second YOU will be getting anything other than some free school lunches of frozen pizza and chocolate Mil in return for all those 'rich peoples tax dollars... Your out of your mind... you won't get squat and lol even if he raises teachers pay 10,000 a that tax bracket they are poorer than they were before the &^%$#@!N Raise...

So use your cocamaime head...

your aboput to vote yourself into a permanent underclass of poverty and guys like me will still be rich...

Know that yopur poor because your not so bright and do something about it... rather than look to see other people suffer... trust me the rich won't... he won't be president an hr if that happens...

it's always the little guy in any system pal

Vote for NO damn taxes from any rebpublican throwing money away... not for high taxes for anyone...

100,000 sound like alot of money to you pal... it's not!

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

oh good lord, a three bedroom ranch home! the horror!

what Plight you are describing!

$100,000 a year is NOT lower middle class.

$50,000 year is closer to the mark.

and also: Capitol Gain Tax has nothing to do with INCOME TAX.

it's a tax on investments, not income.

you've gotten by too long without paying social security tax on all your income.

I have to pay social security tax on ALL my income.

and I'll bet you draw Social Security when the time comes, just like your little friend McCain does.

maybe you'll have to tighten your belt a little for the good of the country, maybe plant a victory garden or collect aluminum or something just to make ends meet, what with that enormous horrible tax keeping you rspending money so low.

oh, I'll bet you never knew that most people never have spending money, not since Bush took over.

I am sorry to insult you, but your post made my belly hurt with laughter.

you'll have to suck it up, pal

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:36 PM

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 03:04 PM
while I can see that some find this racism, I tend to look at history and facts more then racism. When the african-american community feels wrong on the highest level in the past they have rioted. People then say to not be racist you have to reverse the question on whites. I feel we should take a look at one incident in our history to see if we can establish a pattern.

lets look at the 1992 L.A. Riots.

Most know what sparked the riots and that was when the officers were found innocent of the beating of rodney king. Now I know that it might have been the spark but years of Officer abuse was the fuel.

As a "white" american I never condoned their actions but I understood their rage. This is the only forum they felt they had to speak out and they took it. Now lets look at same incident but different crime.

Anyone remember what and where the riot started? It was the viscious beating of reginald denny. In the end 6 people were charged with the crime but the two main defendents were Damian Williams and Henry Watson. Anyone remember what happen in their trials?

After a few jury changes, a hung jury nullified all charges except a felony count of mayhem for Williams, and one misdemeanor assault charge for both Williams and Watson on October 18. Watson was then given credit for time served and was released. As the families of the defendants celebrated the lesser sentences, Denny surprisingly approached Damian Williams' mother Georgina and hugged her. Other family members then exchanged warm embraces and words of reconciliation with him.

Alot of "white" americans were upset to the point of rage over that trial. They tried to kill that man, that is proven on the video. Did "white" america riot? No. Heck even Reginald Denny reached out in a moment of compassion. Why was that? Is "white" americans more compassionate then "black" americans? Are "blacks" more prone to violence?

The resounding answer is NO!

"whites" are no more compassionate then 'blacks" are more violent. The main difference is that "whites'' feel less victimized by the system and have more options when seeking to speak out, thus they feel "inside" the system. The opposite goes for "blacks" , they feel totally and absolutly victimized by system and hence "outside" the system.

So I feel that the OP has put forth a honest and legitmate question and I think some thought should be put into answers before people post. I personaly dont know what will happen but either way November should be an interesting month.

[edit on 31-7-2008 by jwstarry]

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 10:29 PM
Dude I do income taxes for a living the first four months out of the year. anybody making 100K will have a way to get rid of enough taxes to keep out of going into that 3,300 debt your talking about.

1 hour and 15 minutes with me and the govt. would be pissed that they even filed for their personal income taxes that year. sneaky govt. hoping they are going to get paid only to find out that that 1040 states that they owe my client money.

Most of my clients make between 50 to 120k a year. average refund about 15k
hell I got a guy who made only 58K a 22K refund. (and he didn't get audited either in case you were wondering)

Also don't go on assuming Obama voters don't understand anything about money. I am voting for Obama and I have a series 6 license, series 66 license, a bunch of the more basic series licenses that I made obsolete with the series 66, a life insurance license and in a few months i'll be testing for my series 7. I know all about how to make money, and what to do with it once you've gotten it.

My name says Bassplyr, and other than being kick ass at the bass it's still not my day job although it's close, and yes they pay me well for what I do.
I also could care less that you are supposedly rich. But guess what I make a darned good living. been homeless and poor before and wealthy. done the whole shebang. Bet I even make more than you. so why would you assume that everybody voting for obama must be poor.

PS my boss is voting for Obama. she makes 5Million plus a year. She's broke?

I think you really don't get it at all about... well a lot of things. money is one. Why people would want to vote for Obama is obviously the other.

besides you should rethink buying houses if you only make 100K a year. If you've been making that income for a long time and it's not going anywhere than it's a fine long term investment. But, if your income is a little shaky, doesn't have much job security or you are new to making 100K + income than a three bedroom ranch style house isn't a good idea. in fact it's a really really fing stupid idea. at that level your house is one hell of a liability. better hope your neighbor doesn't sell their house for a loss or a bunch of cheap condos don't spring up on your block.

[edit on 31-7-2008 by BASSPLYR]

posted on Aug, 11 2008 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by TrueHusslin

Will there be riots?
No, there will not be riots because Obama will not just lose but will be crushed at the polls.

Will there be Violence on the white populations?
This is a silly question. Do you think that conservatives and moderates do not know how to defend themselves? Remember the second amendment? If there is violence as usual it will be carried out on their own neighborhoods.

What do you think the moral of the Black population will be if Obama is not elected?
The Black activists will continue to mislead them with their cries of foul play and discrimination as usual.

Do you believe the Black population will push for a "re-count?"
It will be a clear loss, not recount needed.

If there is a re-count what side will you take on the matter?
There is no if; there will be no need for a recount.

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by bakednutz

Dear Dip#, Let me refresh your memory. Remember Rodney King. A criminal with a rap sheet a mile long and who led cops on a high-speed chase and who endangered the lives of many innocent people by doing so. Subsequently, he got his ass-kicked for it by a few cops ... and rightfully so ... and then the cops got acquitted ... and all the Negroes in America went ape-# and beat, killed, and raped any White person that was near them - not to mention burning LA to the ground and other cities as well. That's the reality of it. It's not racism; it's reality. And then a few years later, OJ Simpson decapitates his wife and kills her lover and gets off scott-free, because LA didn't want to have another race-riot. That's the reality of it. I will never forget that, because even though OJ was guilty as can be, every Negro in America was jumping for joy over it. Sickening. And then you have the audacity and stupidity to imply that someone is racist for asking if Negroes are going to riot if Obama isn't elected. You can bet your bottom dollar that this will happen. Probably won't be as bad as LA, but there will be some rioting and looting. Wake up!!!

posted on Sep, 17 2008 @ 11:37 PM
No i dont think blacks will riot.But i have warned them through word of mouth to watch out for right wing extremist militias.Dont bother looking on the net im not stupid(the warning is literally spread via word of mouth and not the net).You see there are more than one way to skin a cat.The 2004 election seems like racist robbery to me.Spare me the innocence of the conservatives or liberals.Both extremists elements of both parties are destructive to the united states of america.Both have racists,anti-semites,psychos,and other assorted trash that dont deserve power at all.Now on the positive side,the left have good policies for education,health care,and well being of our fellow human beings.The right have good policy for national security and defence.But military spending must be secondary to the will and needs of the people.
A constitutional militia must be formed.This militia follows the Constitution and has no loyalty to any party or one man.They are untouchable and cant be bribed.Members must take tests to determine their state of mind and any prejudices they may have.Therefore an educated militia ,is a smart militia.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 12:22 AM

Originally posted by MegaTherion
reply to post by mopusvindictus

oh good lord, a three bedroom ranch home! the horror!

what Plight you are describing!

$100,000 a year is NOT lower middle class.

$50,000 year is closer to the mark.

and also: Capitol Gain Tax has nothing to do with INCOME TAX.

it's a tax on investments, not income.

Point taken and agreed with on the capital gains tax vs income tax

But I would disagree whole heartedly with 100,000 not being lower middle class... the poverty line has not changed in what 20-30 years? More? Not sure exactly...

But we use numbers that don't account for inflation and it tricks the poor

50,000 a year is... close to poverty for an industrialized nation... There is almost no room to save or invest.

MY figures were meant as examples... at a glance the reality is obvious to me... Obama is just another Democrat who wishes poor people to think small figure money = having money

a family on 50 G will have a rough time sending kids to school, owning a decent safe vehicle and maintaining a proper standard of living

Genuine breakaway is over 100 G in 2008... this isn't 1968

I would say at least 150,000

and pleeeeeeasssse, that number does not make me rich... I have the start of a life, nothing more

The food you eat affects your LIFE, the home you live in affects your life

Obama would save the poor a few hundred bucks and paint them into a cornor of poverty they can NEVER rise from

Republicans need a Few Million to retire, they Know the reality that 50 G stincks...perhaps you earn enough that you have forgotten this

I belive in Americans being rich... I don't want my people offered petty miniscule tax offers to give them false hopes it will change thier circumstances

you've gotten by too long without paying social security tax on all your income.

I have to pay social security tax on ALL my income.

and I'll bet you draw Social Security when the time comes, just like your little friend McCain does.

maybe you'll have to tighten your belt a little for the good of the country, maybe plant a victory garden or collect aluminum or something just to make ends meet, what with that enormous horrible tax keeping you rspending money so low.

oh, I'll bet you never knew that most people never have spending money, not since Bush took over.

I am sorry to insult you, but your post made my belly hurt with laughter.

you'll have to suck it up, pal

Laughter? why because somewhere you have forgotten what the rise from 50G to 150G is actually like... how hard it really is?

The guys an Idiot and his numbers are WAY too LOW

If he wants to tax the rich Pleeeeeease by all means do... But do it over a few Million a year, to the mega Rich who wont miss it

Obamas numbers hit the middle class

and you and him are utterly wrong

Middle class is 100G - 150 G Upper Middle Class is... 250-500G a year

The problem is we have ACCEPTED poverty and never raised the numbers

I'd say I'm Low end... Middle class right at this moment

You want to know my costs? Avg

Child support 1000.00 p month 12 G per year
Apt in the city for Business 1000 p month 12 G per year
Sm house near my children 1000 p month 12 G per year
Food and utilities 600 p month 7.2 G per year
Car and Gas 500 p month car + gas 8,000 per year

Before I have a thing for myself... 51.2 G

To eat, see my children, pay my expenses for a very ordinary middle class divorced guys life...

the factor in having to date, go out, actually entertain those kids or have ANY luxuries let alone a vacation

After taxes I have to make at least 100 maintain nothing more than a Middle class existence... nothing particularly fancy

so how is 50G Middle Class today?

The guy gives FALSE promises to the poor

I'll get it done with or with out Obama in office because I can... and know what to expect from this dunce...

But his plans leave a normal midle class guy like myself... at risk from not being able to jump to upper middle class...

maybe not having a second car or, actually purchasing a home (i rent both right now) for my kids

A 3 bdrm ranch house?

It's crap... any Man could build better with his hands in a year and a home of that nature is... 250,000 -500,000 in most of america...

and it will be crap, one level, constant noise if you have kids little privacy and made of crap materials...

Tell people who lived in Katrinas wake or Gaveston what a 250 G 3 bdrm Ranch 1 level house is worth in a crisis? What the walls are made of how easy a gunshot goes through into your kids room...

It's crap 750,000 or higher gets you a real house... and middle class does NOT mean paying for it for 30 YEARS or almost the entirety of your Adult life to have it

A person should...any person be able to pay off a house like that in 5 years so they can upscale, because your talking about garbage that is not conducive to healthy home life and a normal house in no more than 10 that would be True Middle class...

To pay a 750,000 house... a house fit for a family in 10 years and to be able to spend time with your kids and spouse after that, work a little less hard you would need:

A Payment of around... 7.0 - 7.5 G a month

And a real House..2 stories and a basement paid in 10-15 20 years max... was MIDDLE CLASS IN the 50's

So Middle class today...closer to 150 G a year smart guy

and Obama goes out and appeals to people in ghettos that he will get them out of 2 bdrm apts lol.. with 3 kids and do this by doing what? Raising minum wage .50 or by saving them 1,000 bucks

It's all utterly out of reality from the FACT

That half of Americans live in desperate poverty as a 1st world nation goes...

I am Not rich... think I'll get there but I'm not stupid either... I KNOW a 6 figure income is nothing more than middle class today and given taxes as Obama proposes them... He is cutting the poor off from making the leap...

handing people minor relief that will last them 1-2 weeks of a year and never get saved or used to make more money because it is simply not enough.

worse he jepordizes the future of all there is of middle class America Black, White or Yellow... by threatening to Label us as rich and it appeals to the desperately poor who's standards have been sunk so low by politicians and media, but they should now where they stand and how much money they really need and DESERVE

Democrats are more full of bull than anyone... running around with Millions and who will suffer at his proposed levels?

The small remaining middle class... not yet Rich, not poor either

and that is exactly what the ELITE want

There actually ARE alot of us bridgeing the gap and Obama would ride into office on a scheme that hands the poor money but makes the divide between Rich and poor that much harder to overcome

Your boss makes 5 Mil... good for Him/her

50% vs 40% wont make a damn bet of difference... let him change his numbers to reflect MILLIONS not 100's of thousands...

Let it actually tax people from a place where the 10% makes no difference

and if he believes that the area for that is 250 G a year

He has lost his mind...

Over 2 MIL Obama, nothing lower

alot of people out there worked 20 years like myself breaking 6 figures and 10 G one way or another can rock the boat... and WE are the ones who make new small business and employ people and innovate the most

and the Middle class has always taken the real hit

The ultra wealthy ...please tax it all... If I make 2 Mil a year and bring home 1 that's fine for GROWTH... it's excess money

making 200 and being brought down to 100 is ruination... nothing left for any growth... 100 - 50 would be Death...back to poverty

You and your Pal Obama need to get a grip on where the line between rich and middle class really is

and stop dumbing down the Poor to believe that because they make 20 G that 50 G is middle class lol

You cant buy a midrange suv from your whole YEARS pay for 50 G

what kind of numbers is this guy playing with and how can any Black man actually walk into a poverty stricken area and tell people with a straight face that 700.00 in freed up tax money for the year will impact thier lives...

CHANGE THE NUMBERS to reflect Inflation and stop BSing Americans and particularly American children and making them set thier sites so damn low

50 G is middle class?

50 G is where I stoped ever having to eat Top Ramen Noodles from time to time and where My electrictity wasn't shut off any more

50 G is... Lower middle class at best...just above poor

A person making 100 and coming home with that DOES NOT, have extra money to invest

and that's what these pricks like...

This man will assure it is that much harder to ever buy your way from Slavery and using the Black vote to do it is a CRIME

Keep your insane figures of what middle class is with Obama and the rest of the Democrats who have been lying to decent people and haven't account for inflation in the standard of poverty or middle class in almost 2 full generations... a Constant utter lie that has people living in 1968 income brackets in the year 2008 and taking corporate and city crap jobs and buying crap dangerous houses because they are ignorant to where the real poverty and middle class lines are really drawn in THIS CENTURY

[edit on 18-9-2008 by mopusvindictus]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 12:46 AM
LOL in his big speech he offered 2,000 dollars to teachers... maybe 1.5 G a year after taxes

woooo hoooo he's the man who will help the Black man because he's Black.. Democrats are for the poor...

He offered Teachers enough money to actually have a Christmas tree and a couple of presents for a year or two until rampant inflation blanks it out again... he's a real man of the people this guy...

Raise the Poverty level to where i belongs from 14 G to 28 G a year, raise minimum wage to 11.00 an hr, Declare middle class at 100 G

show some balls, tell people the truth prepare them young for economic reality

Then maybe I'd trust this guy

Tax the rich...please tax the rich, the really rich

But everyone knows they will still have all the loop holes in the world...

so who pays...the middle class 80 G - 150 G -250 G a year will be sunk like stone, American growth will HALT entirely

The guys a Moron

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 12:48 AM
I think there is a good possibility for violence regardless of who is elected.

People riot at football games, when their team fails to win.

Do you think people take politics less seriously than football?


The really stupid thing -- the people most likely to riot are the exact same people that have no considerations for political issues. They exist on both sides of the political fence, and they love their candidate (but probably never registered to vote!)

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 12:51 AM
If Obama looses because of percieved foul play at the voting booths I could see both whites and blacks raise a little hell, but not riots or violence. If Sarah Palin looses there could be a moose slaughter......Just kidding!

[edit on 18-9-2008 by tommyb98201]

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by BASSPLYR


"you should rethink buying houses if you make only 100 G a year"

Thanks for proving my point!

and yeah you are right... most people who even make it that far...are thinking about money and still have an okay chance to climb no matter what this guy does, myself included

But you said it flat out

"Don't think of buying a house under a 100 G a year"

What is that? 80% of Americans?

So much for the American dream of owning a safe home huh?

I can't help elect Obama when he promises people relief that is non existant via his policies...

EVERY American even those who spend a lifetime working in a Mc Donalds...if they spend a lifetime working shopuld own a home... a Nice one

I see nothing Obama offers that ends this class disparity in any way shape of form.

And... Niether does McCain


He's not the one telling lies to get elected about how he will help Americans financially...Obama is

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 12:57 AM
And people should all riot anyway

Even thinking about the financial truth and level of economic lies pisses me off to a point where I don't half think people should hit the streets already

Just doing the figures... the same house a middle class american would have paid off in 10 years in 1955, would now take a 7.0G a month payment or Over 80,000 a year just to cover the payment alone and do in 10 years and have a family and kids to enjoy...

it's travesty how people refuse to raise the bar on where this economy really is

people paying 1/4 Mil over 30 years on 9.50 an hr income, for a 250,000 home made of chicken wire that KILLS the in a stupid storm


I don't know if Black people will riot if he is not elected... but they darn well might in 4 years wwhen he lets them down as utterly as he is going to after all these bs promises that can never be kept...

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 01:06 AM

Not exclusively! There will be whites and latinos rioting too, if it happens at all!

Yes. That is true.

posted on Sep, 18 2008 @ 03:06 AM
In line with the new political rules the madness stops here

Thread closed.

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