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Crowds at German Rally A Farce

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:15 PM
What the news media hasn't told is that in order to get tens of thousands in attendance in Germany, the Obama camp had a free rock concert, which also provided free beer and bratwursts.


Anyway, that aside, how is what the Europeans think about America important at all? For that matter, we as Americans are known historically for not caring what the rest of the world thinks, as we have historically answered to ourselves and a higher power, to our Creator.

I know this isn't the 1700's, but the majority of Americans of today still have the "screw you" attitude towards the "global community," as it's called. I don't give a damn what any other people group or region thinks about my country, it's ways, and our policies. It's like those who hate being American for some reason want to give up our freedoms to join this freaking community of the world for one world government with no freedoms.

That said, why the hell should Obama in his speech in Germany basically apologize for America and it's ways to the Germans? We had to lose two generations of young men because the Germans thought that a one world government would be a great idea. Obama's bowing to these Germans makes me mad to no end.

I admit that while forgiveness toward Germany is necessary, I am not sorry for my country's actions at all in the past, with the omission of slavery and civil war. After those two mistakes, America has been the land of freedom and opportunity...up until our politicians all have gone to the same mindset as Obama.

Anyway, why the hell should we care what the world thinks? Between us and our allies, they can't do anything, so I say "screw you" to what the do-gooders of the world think about America and it's liberties and ways.

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