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Yet another Ouija board question

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 08:45 PM
I know that the majority of people believe that using a Ouija board is nothing but bad news . It is my understanding that this belief is based on the notion that a Ouija board attracts " lower realm " energy forces and that these energy forces will often cause misfortune in the life of anyone that uses this form of spiritual contact .
When one looks at the Ouija board its hard to understand why this simple board obtained such a reputation , specially when one looks at other forms of spiritual communication , such as the Tarot , automatic writing , scrying , the pendulum , or even the dressed up Ouija board , the spirt board .
Why is it this simple board can cause such a strong response from people and dare I say a good percent of these people haven't ever used the board ?
As a teenager I used the Ouija a few times and all in all nothing " bad " ever happened , strange yes but bad no .
Where did this belief originate that the Ouija is nothing but bad news ?
Have you ever used the Ouija ? What was your first hand experience with this form of divination / communication ? If you believe the Ouija board to be nothing but bad news , do you also feel this way about other forms of spiritual contact such as Tarot or automatic writing ?

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:28 PM
I am in no way, shape, form, or function and expert by any means in the above mentioned forms of divination, nor do I condone the use of such things. That being said....

The Ouija board (IMHO) is a gateway for those spirts (mostly evil) to have the ability to enter this existence by the use of an easy portal. Tarot, scribing, and all the other forms of divination requires a certain amout of skill and training. Training that usually will stress what your screwing with.

It's the poor mans portal. It take little to no skill...and depending who you are useing it with...can be seen as a joke.

The Ouija board,IMHO again, should not be screwed with...even though it is made by Parker Brother. There are things about the unknown that we...meaning lay people...should not mess with. Lack of knowledge, lack of skills, and lack of common sence is something that can ruin your day in a hurry.

But thats just me.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:43 PM
I've heard two different opinions on Ouija boards.

1) They attractive lower dimensional demons and/or reptilian spirits.
I don't know about this, since I've never used one, but it's harder to believe than number 2.

2) It's your subconscious mind moving the piece and giving you answers - sometimes not always correct.
IMHO, this seems like the more plausible one, but hey, don't listen to me too seriously, I've never used one and I don't claim they can't attract evil spirits.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:52 PM
I would be cautious about any method of communication with the supernatural. Especially one where the practicioner acts as a "medium" for the communication. As was already said, understanding should preceed opening doors to the strange.

You don't teach your children to open the door for strangers and invite anyone who shows up inside.

Whether you believe in "Spirits" or not, bad things are known to happen when you mess with this stuff. So don't mess with it.

It could simply be more suggestable people freaking themselves out, and not supernatural at all. But bad is bad. You don't need more bad in your life.

I am a real life witness to the bad, not heard about somewhere. I am not talking about some story I read on the internet. It can frighten and torment a person for a very long time. I watched my sister melt down psychologically for almost a year from messing with that infernal board. It both drew her in and abused her psychologically. She would sit there doing it alone, while it threatened her and cursed at her, telling her pretty lies and horrendous lies.

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by Max_TO

The Cassandra Complex.....

I've visited this site for about 2 years now and I always liked the diversity of topics and the knowledge possessed by some of the contributors. I learned about the 9/11 'hocus pocus', Holes in Heaven, The Terra Papers, etc. In all that time I have never started a thread or posted a comment until this one. The Boards.
Flashback 1989 - summer between junior and senior year of high school. I was the commander of an Air Force junior ROTC drill team. Our team was invited to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Championships being held that year in Las Vegas. There were 8 males and 4 girls and myself on the team. One night after we had finished the 2nd of our three hour practice sessions the team all gathered in my room. One of the girls on the team had an Ouija board. It was my first time being in the presence of one. I didn't play with it - I was sitting on the dresser watching as others had their hands n the plastic piece. The question everybody wanted answered is 'would we win' the competition the next afternoon? The board kept showing 1...2...3 over and over - even when another question was asked and there was a pause between 1 question to the next. Needless to say this was blowing me so me and a couple of my guys kept on drinking. The next day at the competition we were all business - this was nothing new to us. Our 5 ROTC drill teams and 3 color guards generated over $25,000 yearly for the school and much more publicity than our sports teams. There were 3 phases to the competition: the inspection, basic drill, and exhibition drill. We performed and watched other schools perform. For the awards presentation all of the teams were in formation facing the stage where the judges were seated. We won 1st place for exhibition drill - what some would call trick drill. We won 2nd place for basic drill and 3rd place for the inspection - surely because of the drinks from the night before. A 1,2,3 trophy. Funny enough no one mentioned it. I don;t know if anyone noticed and didn't say anything or what. A couple weeks after my senior year started, the girl on the team the owned the board offered it to me. Are you serious! I'm on the way! She explained to me how to get it to work - what to say and how to say it. Nothing elaborate really. Simply setting the current time and place where you are. My best friend was with me every day after school. I kid you not...THEY WORK. I have heard many, many theories and reasons on why they work and my opinion is that no one knows how they work. Everyone has an opinion, but no one knows. It got to the point where me and my friend could alternate asking the board questions, but ask the question in your head so that the other guy didn't know what you were asking. Dude, we have asked questions about girls and then run to school the next day to see the results. No, it was not always right, but when asking a fu@k!ng BOARD anything and getting a correct answer about 65-70% of the time is enough for me to admit that 'there is stuff going on that I can't explain'. This happens to be one of them.
I'm not looking for attention. I just saw Ouija board and wanted to share my experience.

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 12:03 AM
Does the subconscious play a part in getting the Ouija to work ? I would say yes it most likely plays a very big part in it , but not the only part . From my personal experience with the Ouija board , when used as a teenager , I can honestly say that real world manipulations did occur . There was nothing as dramatic as floating tables or anything of that sort , but there were a few things that simply can't be ruled out as coincidence .
I , as mentioned , have only limited experience with the Ouija board and the "stories" , mostly bad are what I seem to focus on when I think of the Ouija .
If I had to compare Ouija to one , or two of the other forms of spirit communication in an attempt to some how determine various perceived threat levels , I would have to list automatic writing as a simple comparison and a more elaborate example being ritual magic , the art of the Grimoires .
Based on the research that I have done in this matter I discover that booth Auto writing and Ritual magic both involve some degree of "ritual" protection involved in the build up to and the actual taking part of the act .
Is this what the Ouija board is missing ?

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posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 04:48 AM
I have to add that a couple of the posts here has been almost completely right, even though the people involved have little experience...they've worked it out....thank you.

I have experience of boards, but nothing dramatic, and the biggest problem is that the people using them *tend* to be very inexperienced teenagers who are highly fuelled anyway in terms of energy and hormones making them prime targets for anything that wants to make contact...they also havent had the time and life experience to learn real discrimination. I'm sure Ouija boards can be used safely, but with difficulty, but someone older, more grounded and much more experienced than your typical 16 year old experimenter.

The boards act as a gateway that will allow any type of entity might be fine, it might go almost unnoticed for a while. It might be something really toxic, that will make contact, tell you all kinds of things to convince you it's ok and only much later reveal what it's true agenda is....these entities will lie to you always. In any other form of contact with other dimensions, as has been correctly pointed out, there is a vast amount of training that takes place if the training is done isn't always, but more of that later...this teaching shows the reader how to protect and ground properly, and develop relationships with genuine guides, and most importantly, how to challenge. This is the bit that people new to spirit work and even some "experienced" spirit workers don't realise they need. It's so important to challenge any energy that we make contact with to find out the source and send it back if we don't like it.
It's so easy to do, but for a person new to spirit contact, they are usually so keen to have any kind of conversation, they don'teven bother to learn this. That's when the real problems will start.

As for talking to our collective subconscious, this is also true in my opinion...expecially where card systems are used. We do know all the answers, and accessing these using tarot or other decks is fine...much less likely to invite in spirits simply because we're dealing with our own higher minds, our collective soul, if you like. I have had spirit step in frequently during a reading though, and the energy is very's a very useful combnation to get an accurate reading, but takes practice.

It's not just the uninitiated that make mistakes though, I've had the misfortune to sit in a mediumship circle with a so-called psychic who completey freaked out with what made contact with her, simply because she didn't follow the protection routine the rest of us were doing....she thought she knew better and did it her own way...and the result was terrifying...for her only...the rest of us were just fine.

Please read and re-read Cyberian's post on their sister's experience. This won't happen every time for sure, but it's a very real and scary possibility...and much more common than we realise. Sometimes entities will hang around for years causing trouble at a low level, until one day they get really p*ssed at us. Not worth bothering with when there are alternatives.


posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by caitlinfae

Some excellent points you have brought up . Even though all my direct experience with the Ouija board has come from use during my teenage years I never made the connection that this could be the the greatest age group to use the board , good point . However , if we base the use of any from of spiritual communication on age alone I would think it only fair to assume that the lack of experience and as you mentioned the running wild of hormones could play a big part in the users having a less then desirable experience .
I agree with your assessment of what the Tarot is as I have used the Tarot for a few years now . I have also done many readings for people and I can say that there is a percentage of people that do look to Tarot far to much and will often use it as a crutch allowing it to play a much bigger roll in there life then they should , which can be seen as a dangerous thing as well . In fact any responsible Tarot card reader should have a code of ethics which can be read by the person receiving reading just to let them know what is to be expected .
This brings me back to one of the question that I have about the Ouija board , is it lack of preparation that makes this form of spiritual communication more dangerous then the other forms ? The reputation of the Ouija seems to always come down to "someone's" story .

posted on Jul, 27 2008 @ 11:30 AM

thanks for your reply, and to answer your question, yes, basically in my opinion it is lack of preparation that makes the boards so dangerous. It would take years to properly train and prepare to use one safely from what I can see, and I would never touch one again. One would have to be a very experienced and fairly high level magician or energy worker to do it safely, and even then, I get the distinct feeling that it still wouldn't be completely safe. I don't want to know any more about why they're not ok to to use from my own experience, but maybe there is someone else out there who can teach us that...what kind of portal it is and so on, why it seems to access lower realms so easily.

And kind of spiritual tool can become a crutch, taking away our own free will and responsibility for our own lives...and people do get a very strange idea of what to expect...there is a lot of misinformation out there about what a reading can be in all it's forms. I'm always careful when I do a reading to do as you suggest and make sure the sitter knows exactly what they're in for and what I can and cannot do. It's only fair.


posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by Max_TO

IMO, a ouija board is just a board game and nothing more. I have never gotten an answer that made sense from a ouija board by myself - the plastic thing just skates off to the edge and one leg falls off the board and it stops. When using it with other people the results were either being faked or were equally nonsensical.

I know that it can move by a means I am unable to explain. But I have never had anything even remotely interesting happen in relation to its use. In fact, I have only played a couple times since I was a kid because it was so uninteresting.

Where did this belief originate that the Ouija is nothing but bad news ?

In a word, superstition. I believe that most people who consider themselves Christians fall into this catergory. They think it is being controlled by demons or Satan and is a gateway to hell, etc, etc. You should post this in the 'Conspiracies in Religion' forum and I'm sure they would be more than happy to give you an earfull.

For people outside religion I believe it's just an old superstition that persists into adulthood, like snakes 'looking evil' or some other such thing. It's been repeated so often that it begins to take root in the mind.

posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 03:25 AM
hi there, i use the board from time to time...and maybe its subconsciously that you get answer of your question...i dont know...but some ansers become true....that scares me sometimes...i take it seriously and never make jokes on it like some kiddys do...

i have to say, first i did it alone and it does'nt work...may best mate warned me to do it alone...i smiled at him..nothing bad happend...
then i did it with 3 other ppl..and we had a contact..what was very exciting ...for my case i say ...i believe and it long you did'nt make you live depend on what the board say...

i hope you all understand my bad english..and understand what i mean..

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