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Digital camera owners expected to take half a trillion photos in 2009

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 06:43 AM

"New research from Lyra Research in America suggests that the number of digital images captured world-wide has grown from under 40 billion in 2002 to nearly 200 billion in 2005.

The company believes this number will rocket to close to half a trillion digital images captured by 2009"

This looks like another strong reason to believe that in 2009 we will be getting our hands on some useful UFO footage. Do you not think though that with figures for previous years 50% or more of these photos have been taken during daylight hours and all we have is a handful of blurred / out of focus images. With this amount of digital cameras out there should we not have more evidence already? There shouldnt even be a need to produce fakes!

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