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Celebrity Stargazing

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by chrisonabike

Hi Chris.

You look like a simple man, but how complicate is your life!!

It seems you've to justify yourself, whatever you say or not, you do or not.
You've to fight against all those "press".... they don't mind the true. They just want to sell.
I don't envy you.

I think it's easier for people to believe this (your favorite word:@@
press, because that's for them a kind of revenge on a man like you, talented, who succed in his career.

Of course, your interest in UFO is for them a way to say: "look! He's completly crasy!" Even if there's a lot of very serious people who believe in others form of life in universe.

I just also want to say thank you, for all what you are, all what you've given to us, and may be, all what you'll give....
Take care.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by chrisonabike

I think i said it before but no im not worried about my career....I'd rather not have a career than have to mind my P's and q's (metaphorically speaking)...for the rest of my life....

Hi there - I haven't been on ATS for very long, but have been a researcher for over forty years trying to figure out 'why we're here' in the first place, because my earliest feelings as a child were always that there was something wrong, this isn't what life is about. Of course UFOs come into it, and by reading your description of experiences, wondered if you'd considered most of it was terrestrial, in that military (possibly with ets) were looking for something? I say this because in my experience UFOs aren't usually so visible, unless others nearby did NOT see what you saw as that sometimes happens too.

I personally believe there's about everything you can imagine happening everywhere around us - and once we begin to see (whether that's through knowledge, experience, etc.) there's no turning back - the world is full of people who will refuse at all costs to give credibility - which is why I thought Disclosure Project was so great - there's more credibility in groups - if they're credible groups -

I hope you will be comfortable speaking your truth, my experience is the media is not necessarily the best way because they always make a joke of it somehow, someway - most recent example was Larry King having Bill Nye for the 'official' skeptic. Why have a skeptic at all - to ensure it's not taken 'too' seriously. Perhaps consider producing your own filmed statement - or writing a book about it - then you have control over your words and intention.

I also believe there's a movement world wide to disclosure and this in itself is going to create a new kind of 'sorting' of the masses. And there's lots of resources on ATS I find - as there's many super-informed and knowledgeable people here - can get any answer you want by asking

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by kshaund

Thanks for your encouraging post

I think it`s always great to read comments like yours. The media needs stories to sell - no matter if they are true, false, made up, if they hurt or scare people, whatever... so there is no guilty conscience at all.
Best thing to use is a froum this this, where you can discuss your experiences without being treated like a freak.
As for the celebs - its even harder for them, cause all is made up even more, no matter if they are normal people as well...its always the same - the headline sells and its an eyecatcher if they can use a famous name and not Jim, Bob, Carol ...
The worst thing is most sightings are torn into ridicule, no matter who talked about it.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by phanie
Hi guys,
I think its good idea...celebrities talk about aliens, because the people dont talk more about Ufo and the media dont treat seriously this.
but i think, sometimes, more celeb talk about this for own promotion....or another argument, i dont think its the case of chris.

Sure I agree....why a celeb (til one has proof to the contrary is a normaly person)can't talk about aliens or something else in normaly forum like a ordinary person without judge of all members??

Someone said:"I'm not perfect but you don't mind that, do you? I know you're there to pull me through, aren't you?"
love and peace.....

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by secretnasaman

Interesting but not surprising. Those that are still concerned with keeping their career active and watching their image will be less forthcoming about their interests that are non-mainstream like Ufology. It really is a shame that they cannot be free to explore their interests openly, but that is just not the reality of the world we live in.

P.S. thought you were not going to post under this username anymore Martyn?

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:14 AM
Hi Rob.

I'm not english. It is not easy for me to explain my opinion..I hope you will understand and not feel hurt by it .

You are really a genuinely nice guy and the best entertainer in the world but I dont think talking about UFO as a CELEBRITY brought more people to believe in this stuff. Apart from some rubbish articles on stupid tabloids.
While I think to be present at the Soccer Aid in Septempber as "ROBBIE WILLIAMS" would be more important to sell more tickets and raise much money for charity.

This is the best way to use your celebrity !!!!..and I'm sure you know it.

So please join the event...we know you have a problem with your knee but you can take a first class fly and then sit in the bench without play...where is the problem ?

P.S. : about the press ...we all know they write a lot of stupid things...You in love with Lily Allen
... It made me laugh. I dont believe a single word they say.

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 09:16 AM
you don't have to worry about this kind of comments, because at this point you should know better than me that everything you said or done or think of doing always be motive of critics...(by the people that really don't matter...); before being a GREAT singer, you're a human being, so you have the right to do or say wathever you want...all my respect for you and kisses, God blesed you

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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 12:05 PM
I just wanted to add that it's *entirely* because of Chrisonabike's interest that I found ATS at thank you, kind sir. I read about you posting here and thought I would have a look as I'm always up for a decent online forum and discussion...I'm not into the whole UFO thing at all, but I'm totally open minded, considering it extremely unlikely that humans are at the very top of the multiversal food chain. Surely someone or something somewhere is more advanced than we are? I didn't expect to find so much in the way of spiritual writing and all the economic forums here, so it really was a treat...and I'm still looking and reading every day. It's become a big part of my life and has brought me a couple of really good mates...sweet people who are important to me, even if we're not on the same landmass. That on it's own is worth it.

Celebrity does have it's uses....
Thank you again...and keep star gazing.



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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 12:52 PM
Wow, well this one is downright interesting isn't it ? I don't necessarily think that it would either hinder, nor necessarily help for a celebrity to speak about their belief in UFOs or not. So many people see believers as "kooks" or "crazys" regardless of who is saying what they believe. While I have never personally seen a UFO I believe. I cannot remember who one quoted about the size of the universe, and how supremely arrogant it would be to assume we are the only life out there, but I do know that comment stuck with me.

I guess I feel lucky, in the sense that, I have never been like "chum" in a tank full of sharks circling for blood, hunting thier prey. Quite frankly that's what it comes down to now a days for so many celebrities. It's very sad really. After all, are they not human beings and should they not be albe to express an opinion without being criticized and fodder for the media ? I cannot even imagine what's it's like .

but anyhow, I digress, what I wanted to say is that I don't think it necessarily hinders anything, perhaps it might help draw attention to the topic. Either way it's not what got me interested in UFOs many years ago...

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 01:27 PM
i think all those ufo guessing is just another part of understanding life. what is it all about and which concept does it have in general?
i think it is so not important if any celebritys talk about they interest in ufos or not. why should it be? it does not change the dimension of this theme - far from it...everyone (also celebritys!) is so insignificant compared to all that.

i think it is good for every individual in general to think a little deeper than "eating, sleeping, breathing" you know?

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 01:28 PM
Think its always useful for those who have celebrity to lend their weight to raising awareness / interest in different subject matters .... many films such Close Encounters of a Third Kind, War of The Worlds, Taken, The Forgotten (very strange film but good all the same) and all of the other various science fiction films have done a lot to bring the issue of extraterrestrial life to the forefront of people's minds ... fame /celebrity /movie-making is a good thing if it can be productive whether it be a RW radio documentary or a Steven Spielberg film!

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 02:42 PM
hi rob,nice to see you again,
let's come to the point...After your apparition in this site for a lot of days, many things have been said. You said that,maybe, other celebrities could be more credible.
I think every celeb which says what you have said would be a target for tabloids..
well I don't want to tell you as your fan, but I think there are things you must know!
you are disappeared for many times and when you come back you choose this way....
I'll try to be more clear...I have a passion (you're my passion) and i like to tell about you with other persons have a passion and you like to share this...anyone said "you are one of us" and this is true...but you are a celebrity and this is more complicated.
we (your fans) know when the news is "rubbish",because after many years we have learnt to understand who you are...I hope your new ufology friends can learn the same thing,because the celetrity means this..
we want spread your thought and it's ok,and rob(or another celeb) can do it...but this is the prize...THE PRESS!
we read also "the rubbish",but it's ok.we joke with it,so, please, could you do the same?
I don't want to become your counsel for the defence, I just wanted to say that the ATS' members are really lucky to have rob here...
Did you want a celeb? now you have it...Why does someone of you keep on to discourage him instead to take advantage of him?

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

yay!thats brilliant news....Im glad i have been part of your experience here...and thankyou for your kind words....keep on keeping on

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 03:44 PM
it's amazing share own passion with other people.....understand u!!
the aliens is delicate argument and more people are sceptical!!

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 03:58 PM

Originally posted by _Mony_
I just wanted to say that the ATS' members are really lucky to have rob here...

I would also like to suggest it is others good fortune to have some people on ATS who have spent the better part of their lives researching the truths amongst the MOUNTAINS of bs out there and are here on ATS sharing so that many people get to benefit from their time and sweat put in without leaving the comfort of their own home

Being a 'celebrity' is a system creation and left to the media to portray per the agenda (keep it a mockery) - anyone interested in this stuff does so because it strikes a chord in them or to them somehow at sometime and if serious enough will start looking deep into the rabbit hole and if deeply serious risk falling into the rabbit hole never to return - knowledge does that to you.... I find most people don't really want to know - bends the mind too much.

There really is some serious crap coming down all around and more people now than ever (it seems) are open to that big question: "Are we alone. And if not, who are they and who are we?" That there is media squeaking here and there about aliens - and a few? celebrities coming forward - only indicates to me there is a preparation for a more formal introduction to er um, who 'they' are... and its my guess they won't be friendly despite how many people wish it - or expect it - to be so.

The conundrum is benevolent races do not intervene; malevolent races do. If, as Clifford Stone suggests (see his thread to watch his videos - very interesting) there are over 80 documented races visiting here, some of whom were here long before our creation, then I think we're the only ones completely in the dark, like we're living in a bright candle light and cant see beyond its shadow, but everything in that shadow can see us clear as day -

Jackie Gleason historically spoke of being taken to see an extraterrestrial many decades ago - can't recall if it was dead or alive - as far as I recall he is the first celebrity to come out about it.

And the plan is? Perhaps a documentary with celebrities describing their experiences, like "The Secret" only call it "The Message"

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 03:59 PM
hi, robbie i hope really you feel happy in this world, is a dark world i think because no body know really the true, i love because you believe in god and the same time in ufo, is really good, god bless you now and for ever and be happy , some people love to say a lot bad thing, but never see what the people really have inside, you are a good boy and you fans knows this, and i sure is the best for you, you are a celebrity but i think you are here and you are very smart, come on,boy still like you are because you are the best for all you fans, ah robbie i hope one day you sing bodies, but all the words, because iam waiting for the end, god bless you

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 04:02 PM
@Rob / chrisonabike

Do you think you will do anything more in the line (media-wise) with the whole UFO phenomenon?

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by phanie
it's amazing share own passion with other people.....understand u!!
the aliens is delicate argument and more people are sceptical!!

i agree its great to share the own interests with other people...but i made the experience that, if i start to talk about something...paranomal stuff or whatever...first there is sceptic, but if i start to explain my opinion (i talk about friends) they agree...or they think it over...

posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by kshaund

I couldn't agree more with you about this. It's a very difficult line to draw between hype and useful celebrity. And it would be totally fascinating to have more people come out with their stories of ufo's and other experiences to share with us. The problem is how though...

I would love to hear more about Chrisonabike's experience here, for instance, and I'm sure there must be other famous people in this situation too who *maybe* would post if they could, but the whole thread would have to be moderated to death to keep it manageable...only then would I know that what I was reading was the truth and not some tabloid invention. I'm sure there must be other celebs who have had experiences but don't talk for fear of being reported badly...but for us outside the celebrity world, it's reassuring to hear similar experiences to our own from someone who's background we know a little about and feel comfortable with...we have an awareness of who they are and can trust that to a degree, instead of some totally anonymous name on a board who could be anyone...

If contact is increasing, and I'm not sure about only malevolent beings making contact...then the number of celebs having this kind of experience must also be what or where is the ideal forum for them to talk without being crucified for it, and judged to be a nutter? Maybe ATS is the closest we will ever get to that, for all it's faults. I do know that the more we talk about it and the more "mainstream" it becomes, the easier it will be for everyone to talk about it...until the stigma goes completely. Maybe a closed thread, or invitation only thread...simply to avoid having to moderate so much and probably remove every second post....I'm thinking out loud here, so don't flame me please?


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posted on Jul, 26 2008 @ 04:23 PM

Originally posted by kshaund

Being a 'celebrity' is a system creation and left to the media to portray per the agenda (keep it a mockery) - anyone interested in this stuff does so because it strikes a chord in them or to them somehow at sometime and if serious enough will start looking deep into the rabbit hole and if deeply serious risk falling into the rabbit hole never to return - knowledge does that to you.... I find most people don't really want to know - bends the mind too much.

this leads me to the question whether the celebs are created by media or by the system
and the system can only be a synonym for societey

so if it is society who demands celebs as kind of hero, kind of replacement of what ever -
a replacement which they hate and love and trust and distrust

so the celeb is maybe in a role where he/she doesn't want to be, but has greater advantage to reach the public with information and knowledge

thinking of hereos it might open the mind of society for subjects which they are not familiar with!
just my 2 cents

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