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The Obama voters - it's a matter of EGO!

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 12:43 PM
I think I've figured out what's driving people who seem to be intelligent on the surface to follow Barack Obama, even when he's caught in a lie or changing his mind on the issues.

The majority of it is ego! These people, like Obama himself, cannot, simply will not admit when they are wrong. When the ground drops away beneath them, they scramble for any ledge to stand on instead of taking the fall with any dignity. Here's how I back this up:

Barack Obama was clearly wrong on the Iraq troop surge. No doubt about it. The troop surge reduced casualties by over 90% from one year to the next. But when questioned by reporters, does the messiah admit he was wrong? Of course not! To do so would be a weakness! No, he twisted the facts and the story and came up with a BS alternative answer. You could picture his voters, his followers, sweating, whispering among themselves -'OMG, he's not going to say he was wrong is he? What are we going to do if he does?' Not to worry, little fish. He constructed a very flimsy house of an explanation which his followers flocked to like sheep. Nevermind that even Katy Couric didn't buy his story when she was interviewing him and the military blew his accounting of the facts out of the water within minutes.

FISA. OH YES! THAT EVIL BILL THAT GEORGE W BUSH forged from the depths of HELL just to take your rights away! The clear agenda for FISA is to spy on your phone calls and emails so your most recent night out with your girlfriend ends up in on tapes underneath the Pentagon in Bush's own personal "Best of ..." category! It's vitally important that he knows how you got screwed into paying too much for those french fries dammit!!!

Oh wait, Obama voted for FISA too. Obama followers blinked their eyes in disbelief for a few seconds and then pulled out the rose colored glasses. It didn't really happen, did it? Nah. We'll just forget about it. Give the man a pass.

Head of the Senate Banking Committee? Oh that was a slip of the tongue. Yeah, sure. He wasn't trying to impress anyone overseas with a little white lie. After all, Americans know that's not true, but it won't matter - his followers will still support him anyway.

Obama says Iran must not get a nuclear weapon. He could cast a vote for invasion of Iran and the Obama supporters would be hunky-dory with that. Obama could press the button to nuke the country himself and his supporters would be okay with it. It's all about ego.

You know it. I know it. Now go cast your vote for this evil man like the good little sheep you've been told to be. And don't even dare think about not voting or writing in Ron Paul - because you wouldn't want to be A RACIST UNAMERICAN now would you?

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 01:24 PM
i agree actually, but this isnt just about Obama

this is about ALL Politicians from both sides. Their blind followers ignore the Facts and pretend that their canidate is infallible, that their agenda is perfect and contains no critical mistakes of judgement.

This is how things have always been. People ignore facts that oppose their point of view. And they go on pretending , beliving in the fantasy that the media created for them.

I guess you could call them idealistic fools, whom are walking off a cliff into the abyss of ignorance and desolation.

Thats why our political system is a Sham and we need to dismantle it and create and entirely new, fair system.

Like maybe a Virtual Democracy instead of this Corporate Republic that exists today.

posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 05:09 PM
I really think people believe it is because of Bush. Every time something goes bad, the media blames it on Bush. Most people don't understand how our political system works and quickly agree with this incorrectness. As a result you have a lot of people blaming the President for everything that is wrong with the US. Add the internet rumors and the problem multiplies itself big time.

People are not willing to do research to see what exactly is causing the dollar to drop, what the problems is between our nation and other nations, why gas prices are so high, why social security is really collapsing, or any other problem that America is facing. It is a lot easier to blame one guy and the people who surround him. I find it funny that Obama blames Bush for many things that Congress itself authorized. A Congress that Obama and McCain are a part of.

To fix a problem you have to be part of the solution. Obama and McCain were part of the solution in the Senate. They didn't fix anything then, don't expect either to fix much if elected.

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