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Alien Good Guys vs...

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posted on Jul, 24 2008 @ 08:21 AM
I just read the thread by Sharr about the GFL. A scam, thanks to those who posted it as such. He/she gave herself away with the, if you don't tithe you are "damned for eternity", garbage. BUT! Like any good scam, it must resonate (to use her word) by containing hints of truth, or at least what some hope to be true which brings me to my thought:
I think it may well be possible that there are ET influenced good guys at work in DC, people that are involved in tipping the scales back to something resembling sanity.
I find it interesting that the one guy who is on record as having seen a UFO, former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, is the spear head for impeaching Bush at this time.

Thoughts? And who else do you all think could currently be involved or at least influenced by the good guys in the skies?

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