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''Evolution-ism'' is NOT atheist

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posted on Jul, 23 2008 @ 09:41 PM
Evolution = the religion of atheism

Faith is a great way to stay wrong forever and never admit it, even to yourself.

Evolution is easily indicated and evidenced, measured and tested. The evidence must be objective, so it can be verified whether you want to believe in it or not. This is why so many religious and non religious people believe in it.

Most christians accept evolution and some atheists do not, so evolution is NOT atheist. Creationists know its not, but they say it is anyway.

Atheism is NOT a religion.
Evolution is even less religious, it is a branch of biology which explains biodiveristy. As such it doesnt not permit supernatural explanations, has no doctrines, nor dogmas, nor fables with morals, it has no rituals, traditions or holidays, nor either leaders or defenders of the faith because it DOESNT allow faith.

It holds nothing sacred, theres no place of worship, no enchantments, no clergy, no fashion of garb, it neither promotes nor discourages belief in gods and souls, it says nothing about how we should live or what happens after we die. Evolution is therefore NOT a religion, and creationists KNOW it is not, but they say it is anyway.

Taken from:

Question: If we are descendants of adam and eve, doesnt that make evolution true since humans evolved to black, white, asian, tall, short, depending on the conditions in which we live around the globe.

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